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Midi Network / SnowdomeTwisted Systems Vol. 1

Label:Abstract Records (2) – AR 001, Twisted Systems – AR 001
Series:Twisted Systems – Vol. 1
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Trance, Techno


A1Midi NetworkHeaven & Hell
Written-By, Mixed By, ProducerAndy G.*
A2SnowdomeMurdoch Most Foul (One Way System Remix)
RemixDJ Spatts
Written-ByS. Martin (4)
B1SnowdomeMurdoch Most Foul
Written-By, Mixed By, ProducerS. Martin (4)

Companies, etc.


94 Abstract Records ©
Both Sides: 33 ⅓ RPM
RPM not mentioned on vinyl

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Run-out side A): AR 001 A-1-1-1
  • Matrix / Runout (Run-out side B): AR 001 B-1-1-1

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Twisted Systems Vol. 1 (12", White Label)Abstract Records (2)AR 001UK1994


DJPaulKatz's avatar
More than twenty years later, 'Murdoch Most Foul' is still one of the best hardtrance/trance tracks ever made.
Edited 6 years ago
Press "Add To Collection" Sighs "ahhh the memories"

1992. Brisbane. Visiting my hometown, having spent a year living in the UK. DJ Dag plays for first time in Australia. 8am next day. Lying on the dance floor annihilated!

1994, Home in Sheffield. Walking home from W.A.R.P. Records with an armful of Harthouse/Eye Q/UR/DUM/FAX/Rising High/R&S wax. So F%$ing Cold! Walk past a small boutique shop and notice a box of bootleg mixtapes. Buy six tapes. 3 Dj Dag and 3 Sven Vath tapes. Trot off Home. Every tape is a revelation, but one track in particular on Sven's B Side Mix off DJ Dag vs. Sven Vath (Live at The Hessentag) has just gone full retard! For the next 6 months I am losing ALL my shit to this track. Don't know the name of track. Don't know the artist.

1995. Frankfurt. Sunday 2pm Frankensteiner Platz. Sunny day. Tell Girlfriend I am taking a walk over to The Omen. Get to the address and I am standing in front of the hallowed club. Suddenly surrounded by a dozen Moroccans. Knife produced by midget leader. A Moroccan behind him motions to me, by spinning his finger to his forehead and raising his eyebrows, that this midget in front of him is insane. Not able to speak their language and having left my wallet back at the Backpacker Hostel, I produced thirty fenning I had in my pocket and laughed. Midget not happy. I'm a 6'7" Ex - Royal Australian Regiment Airborne Ranger. Tell them all to "Fuck off" producing my Dogtags and politely informing them that "One of you will be digesting these for the next 2 months". They leave me be.. eventually.

1995. Frankfurt. Sunday 2.30pm. Still standing in front of The Omen. A little angry at being accosted. 3 German maniacs in full battle dress emerge from a Mini, that has been parked up a side street since I got here. What the F&^k! Multi coloured Bike leathers/boots, no shirts, tattoos, I think one them has got a target sign for hair, he f&*%$ing does have a Red Target haircut. Holeeey Shit! The Moroccans flee. This just keeps getting better. They motion for me to approach them as they leave the little car. I Walk over. They've been hot-boxing weed in the Mini for the last hour, waiting for The Omen to open. I join them by sitting on the gutter and introducing myself through the smoke, explain that I was just walking by to take a look at this infamous address and heading home to girlfriend back at the Hostel. Turns out Bhudda, Bad and Burn (don't remember their names anymore) work at "The Omen" and ask that I should stay and party with them. I politely decline, explaining myself and saying I had no money on me anyway, but thank them for their herbal assistance. Enough excitement for one day I think to myself. They refuse. I'm really stoned now. I don't refuse. I don't know it, but I will soon hear "That Track" again.

1995. Tuesday 7am. The Omen. What in the blue f%ck just happened! I just got comped to The Omen. Free Entry and Drinks all night (Still have The Omen punch-card they used as money in the club) I danced with complete strangers at Frank Lorber's Birthday Party with Dag, Vath etc (Still have the invisible flyer) . Dag played the track but he refused to tell me the name. Cheeky Fucker!, Lucky I think he's the shit, and leave him to work. Get wasted and I dance for a day and half it feels like, to my bones. Walking home in a deserted Frankfurt, concrete everywhere around The Omen. No shirt on (it's soaking wet from dancing all night) Clever Germans, FUCK ZE SHIRT, ZIS WILL NOT HELP YOU HERE OSSIE BOY!!!!!!. I walk home to the Hostel in a state of heightened bliss through thick fog, rueing the fact that I didn't ask around my new friends (everyone at the club that night) or press Dag further for "That Track". Well that was f*(king epic!

2006.Brisbane Australia. Discogs. Searching for original Trance from my youth and stumble upon a DJ Dag setlist and there it is...................Oh My God!

2015. Christmas. F$ck It! I am buying a copy of Murdoch Most Foul by Snowdome.

That's how good this track is, 20 years after hearing it, 19 years after Trance died, 10 years knowing this gem's name and I still need it, still plan to unleash it in 2016.

Murdoch Most Foul is a full blown trance inducing nightmare of the very highest order, back when that meant something!.

Moral of the story: Murdoch Most Foul will get you f*&^ing stabbed. Especially if you don't know what the f$#k you are talking about. Buyer Beware!
Westpfalz-Johnny's avatar
Edited 17 years ago
If anybody has to name a track, that brings the 100%-positive energy of the feeling, that took place during the german techno-acid-house-trance-time in the 90's, on the point, he should take 'Murdoch Most Foul' from this EP. This one is such a classic and although the rest of the Twisted-Systems-series wasn´t very interesting, this track has deserved a place in the holy hall between all these released from famous producers like luke slater, richie hawtin a.s.o....
Sven Väth has been playing this track up and down in 1994 and still a lot of people remember it as motha`f%%§$# great hit from this time. It´s really sad, that too much releases from today are only small modifications of the same shit we listen to now for 6 or 7 years - quite boring and nothing really new. I don´t know if 'Murdoch Most Foul' was a brandnew thing considering the instruments and sounds the people used during that time - but the construction and the feeling of this track are so unbelievable great - it´s really hard to find such a thing today again...