VariousPandemic Response Division

Label:Spectral Electric – SE no. 0011
Memory Stick, MP3, WAV, Compilation
Style:Experimental, Ambient


1Carsten Aniksdal & Michael EspositoYersinia5:49
2Chandra Shukla & Michael EspositoThe Mantoux (Phase 1)6:16
3Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael EspositoPandemic Exorcism10:03
4Chandra Shukla & Michael EspositoIn Sanitarium10:16
5Chandra Shukla & Michael EspositoThe Mantoux (Phase 2)6:16
6John Duncan & Michael EspositoHiss Through The Window4:03
7Chandra Shukla & Michael EspositoThe Mantoux Type IV Reaction6:06
8Vanessa Sinclair, Carl Abrahamsson & Michael EspositoWe Crossed Over3:46
9Mykel Boyd & Michael EspositoSpores Dampen In The Void4:42
10Rainier Lericolais & Michael EspositoExprés Du Déesses3:10
11Schneider TM & Michael EspositoHis Spirits Talking8:15
12Edward Quist, Embryoroom & Michael EspositoVoidoc.10:29
13Ruisch & Michael EspositoEvery Door Out Is A Way In (Insanetorium Dub)4:31
14Scanner & Michael EspositoThis Is My Room, Doctor6:00
15Christian Stadsgaard, Linn Hvid & Michael EspositoRedundans 6:03
16Schneider TM & Michael EspositoHow Could She Get Out5:42
17Carsten Aniksdal & Michael EspositoEschatology5:04
18Eraldo Bernocchi & Michael EspositoThrough The Window6:17
19Coagulant & Michael EspositoThe Typhonian Experiments.Transmissions And Communications For Outer Space With The Purpose Of Opening Gateways20:20
20Per Svensson & Michael EspositoVoices Ghosts Objects Of Our Senses 2:15
21France Jobin & Michael Espositod_void6:44
22Scot Jenerik & Michael EspositoAmbiguity4:55
23Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Michael EspositoSqueeze Me In9:22
24Daniel Menche & Michael EspositoGhost Trails16:12
25Chra & Michael EspositoGhostlaboratory1:23
26The Dead MauriacsAître Magnétique (The Orchid And The Dead Cat)3:12
27Tony Wakeford, Simone Skeleton, Risa Hara & Michael EspositoYou See Flowers3:51
28Francisco Meirino & Michael EspositoA Host6:52
29The Closets & Michael EspositoTyposATooB4:11
30Jochen Arbeit & Michael EspositoDoctor, Doctor3:04
31Jan Warnke & Michael EspositoFinest Crystal Needles7:50
32Andy Ortmann & Michael EspositoParanormal Underground5:40
33Marja-leena Sillanpää & Michael EspositoFind The Bleeding3:24
34Marja-leena Sillanpää & Michael EspositoAfter The Bleeding4:53
35Phil Puleo & Michael EspositoWhat Is In Place Is There6:10
36Leif Elggren & Michael EspositoWe Love You!6:18
37Soriah & Michael EspositoMictlán4:49
38Whalewiper & Michael EspositoKeuhkot
39Jon Mueller & Michael EspositoI Am With You6:57
40Susana López & Michael EspositoYou're A Ghost6:43
41Peter Rehberg & Michael EspositoHow They Bleed Part 24:46
42Francisco Lópezuntitled#38517:11
43Druuna Jaguar & Michael EspositoSpectral Extraction11:20
44The Dead Mauriacs & Michael EspositoFantômes Américains3:22
45Robert Poss & Michael EspositoAtmospirit Density5:41
46Radio Mulot & Michael EspositoEpic Vortex Phenomena3:45
47Thomas Dimuzio & Michael EspositoMichael (Hold Your Head)8:43
48Thomas Bey William Bailey & Michael EspositoGhost In My Throat (Nocturne)10:46
49TEZ & Michael EspositoShe's Mine4:43
50AUME & Michael EspositoThe Mythology Of Intercessory Petitions
51Scott Arford & Michael EspositoPraise4:18
52Amanda Haswell & Michael EspositoAmbulatory4:04
53Tomasz Misiak, Marcin Olejniczak & Michael EspositoWaverly Hills Sanitorium3:30
54Schneider TM & Michael EspositoKraut Dub Version5:07
55Andrews Wax & Michael EspositoNumber 23-23.4:04
56BJ Nilsen* & Michael EspositoWaverly TBC Sanitarium4:12
57Robert Poss & Michael EspositoReaching Out3:40
58Carsten Aniksdal & Michael EspositoGround State4:45
59Earthmonkey & Michael EspositoMoonlight Cannon Ambush5:29
60Norman Westberg & Michael EspositoBent Low4:03
61Thomas Bey William Bailey & Michael EspositoGhost In My Throat (Etude)6:48
62Earthmonkey & Michael EspositoMandala Master5:35
63Drekka & Michael EspositoHome (We Want To Go)7:00
64Ricky Reed & Michael EspositoUncle, If You Can Hear Me, Please Knock, Tell Me Where Your Will Is4:50
65Maile Colbert & Michael EspositoA Touch Of Refraction4:22
66Malocculsion & Michael EspositoVoice In The Wall3:39
67Kent Tankred & Michael EspositoThe Elevator Through The Window5:44
68Jon Claude Bieschke & Michael EspositoCloppity5:27
69Thierry Charollais & Michael EspositoAgony19:29
70Pronoia & Michael EspositoAural Ectoplasticity6:59
71Earthmonkey & Michael EspositoMandala Master
Mastered ByPronoia
72Farabi Toshiyuki Suzuki & Michael EspositoKnowledge Of Life4:04
73Robin Storey, Rapoon & Michael EspositoA Voice Beguiled5:13
74Earthmonkey & Michael EspositoShapeshifter3:50
75Qvorg & Michael EspositoDark Island4:04
76Adi Newton & Michael EspositoPathogen5:08
77Antonella EYE Porcelluzzi & Michael EspositoMaybe You Are Not Ill2:54
78Earthmonkey & Michael EspositoShapeshifter
Mastered ByPronoia
79The Closets & Michael Esposito(A Medically Induced) Coma
Mastered ByDenis Blackham
80Brent Fariss & Michael EspositoWhere'd You Find Me8:47
81Earthmonkey & Michael EspositoVelvet Shadow Magnet
Mastered ByPronoia
82Alex Keller & Michael EspositoAsh12:57
83Earthmonkey, Oshi & Michael EspositoUnwanted World6:16
84Tara Bhattacharya* & Michael EspositoA Masking3:39
85Thelmo Cristovam & Michael EspositoInexoravel Crescimento De Tuberculos7:02
86irr. app. (ext.) & Michael Esposito I Hiss Through The Bleeding Man, Nobody Cares6:10
87Terran Wretch & Michael EspositoBleeding3:40
88Gen Ken Montgomery & Michael EspositoEnjoy It O.K..4:47
89Dead Voices On Air & Michael EspositoGhohst Stories5:14
90Pronoia & Michael EspositoHold Your Head Up High (Transdimensional Positivity Mix)13:08
91Kristof Hahn & Michael EspositoSlow Crawl4:32
92Pronoia & Michael EspositoHold Your Head Up High (Transdimensional Positivity Mix) (short Vers)6:18
93Austin Davis & Michael EspositoThey Hurt Him, Now They Want To Hurt All Of Us7:10
94GX Jupitter-Larsen & Michael Esposito with Little Fyodor & Zo GuthrieMeasuring Social Distancing (Pump-Powered Permawave Mix)3:45
95Matthew Azevedo & Michael EspositoRetribution Body- I'm Bleeding7:03
96Earthmonkey, Pete Bradley & Michael EspositoHammerhead
Mastered ByPronoia
97Brent Gutzeit & Michael EspositoPrecious And Few2:54
98Chandra Shukla & Michael EspositoThe Mantoux (Phase 2)6:16
99Claudia Schumann & Michael EspositoIstesderdruckderkoerper 20:57
100Don Haugen & Michael EspositoKeep Praise A Doctor8:11
101Justice Yeldham And The Dynamic Ribbon Device & Michael EspositoPlasticated5:03
102MentalDrift & Michael EspositoSecretarian12:24
103Earthmonkey, Pete Bradley & Michael EspositoSuper Raw Soother
Mastered ByPronoia
104Patrick Esposito & Michael EspositoWitches, Gypsies And Jews
Mastered ByDenis Blackham
105Pronoia & Michael EspositoHypertension (Astral Chant Mix)6:39
106Pronoia & Michael EspositoWhere Angels Fly8:51
107Thomas Carnacki & Michael EspositoThe Whistling Room3:34
108Jacob Kirkegaard & Michael EspositoPraise Me5:30
109Christopher Chaplin & Michael EspositoCapstone2:08


Based on EVPs and Field recordings taken from a variety of pandemic related sites. Contributions from artists will be uploaded to album as they come available. When album is finished they will be released on a limited edition fully printed USB card. All contributions will be collected and sent to a COVID - 19 relief effort.

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Pandemic Response Division (109×File, MP3, Stereo, 320 kbps)Spectral ElectricnoneWorldwide2020


  • Spirithorn's avatar
    Number 1260
    Week 48
    PANDEMIC RESPONSE DIVISION (USB compilation by Spectral Electric)

    When the pandemic started to hit hard, March and April earlier this year, many people started initiatives to 'do something', as concerts were no longer possible. Degem, which stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Elektroakustische Musik release annually a compilation around a theme and this year the theme is '2020' (by which they don't mean the 'vision'), which was easy I guess, with the pandemic and all that. As always there is a booklet with information about the individual pieces, but I decided to have a look at that when I would be playing the CD for a second time; you know, have a fresh approach. Throughout I would think that these composers use the laptop/computer to create their pieces and
    looking at the titles, listening to the music, I am not sure what the message is, or how I should feel; more in particular, of course, about this year. Privately I have mixed feelings anyway about this year (not bad actually), but I realize my life isn't a regular one anyway. The music was, save for some minor differences, very much alike. Thoughtful collages of heavily processed sounds most of the time, all dealing (I think) with field recordings or electronic sounds (or even an old modem in Peter Kiefer's 'Data Flow web 1.0/4.0'). Sometimes a very classic approach (Ralf Hoyer), but also working with the lo-fi drone and ambient sounds (Gerald Fiebig). The only one that was very much different was by Maximilian Marcoll, 'Our Daily Bread I: "Beautiful Dirty Rich" - Lady Gaga', which was a cut-up collage of said song by Lady Gaga, and this was the first I looked up to see what that was all about and which I can’t repeat in a few words. Which is something that can be said of many of
    these pieces. Some of these make perfect sense, given the concept, and some just seem to elude me, even when it was a particularly interesting read.
    Something entirely different but also a result of the pandemic was organized by Michael Esposito, who should be best known for recording Electronic Voice Phenomena, also sometimes known as voices from the 'other side'. To everybody who asked he mailed a bunch and asked it to incorporate into new music. Sometimes this is very clear, and sometimes not at all. That resulted into an album of 109 tracks, with various people delivering a few pieces; the nine tracks by Earthmonkey (some with guests) is almost an album by itself. So, here we have almost 100 artists and that results into eleven hours, twenty-seven minutes and fifty-eight seconds of music, with the shortest being fifty-seven seconds and the longest a still modest twenty-one minutes and forty-nine seconds. Many of the artists are from the world of electronic music, be it
    ambient, dance, microsound, glitch but a small section also with guitars and drums (Earthmonkey again, but also The Closets) and some crazy drum computer and even crazier guitar solos (Pronoia). Over the past months, as tracks come in and were posted on Bandcamp, I heard a few already and I very much enjoy the many approaches, but after the many ambient/microsound/drone variations, I enjoyed mostly the ones that offered a lot of extra sounds, rhythms (Adi Netwon, TeZ, Ruisch, Carsten Aniksdal, for instance), the fine Fender Rhodes piano of Rapoon or something very different altogether (Tony Wakeford, Earthmonkey, Kristof Hahn, Pronoia). It is a who's who in the world of experimental music, and there are lots to discover. Comes with hand sanitizer and a patch! The ultimate gift for Christmas. (FdW)
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