Internal AffairsIn My Soul / Hands To Heaven

Label:Reinforced Records – RIVET 1246
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Breakbeat, Hardcore, Jungle


Other Side
AiIn My Soul
AiiFind A Way
This Side
AAiHands To Heaven
AAiiShinin' Down On Me

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"The urban jungle is becoming more and more dense, more complex,,,The branches on the tree are becoming more and more integrated,,,and socially, the way I'm livin' is being effected by this systems change. Our music, to me, is a reflection of this, a way of confessing how we really feel,,,Our moods, our soul, and our memories of still being young. Internal Affairs is our way of keeping us in check, Looking towards ourselves in the hope that we'll find a way."
Goldie/Rufige Kru

"It's now the 1990's where science and technology are forever moving forward and so should the London hardcore scene. Progress to new and higher levels. With so many people releasing records nowadays it is essential to sound different in some way or another. Internal Affairs is for the more mature music listener who can appreciate the smallest of details placed in a track. This is disciplined production in no hurry whatsoever. We've always tried to keep up a high standard and shift to a next gear up, remember anyone can make a record but not everyone can make one well.
This goes out to all the narrow minded people who think that hardcore is about 180bpm kids with no musical knowledge whatsoever. We've paid our dues. So respect dat."

"An affair between three artists. A project with internal sound... a sound with body, soul and shadow... a new dimension music.... an internal affair. If music has feeling it will last forever, whatever music. Whatever label people give it, it will last all time..."

Track Ai samples:
Vocal from Tramaine - Fall Down (Spirit Of Love)

Track Aii samples:
Vocal from Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation

Track AAi samples:
Vocal from David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 5 021260 124669 >
  • Barcode: 5021260124669
  • Matrix / Runout (side A, etched): *-J.T.S. -* RIVET 1246 A
  • Matrix / Runout (side AA, etched): *- J.T.S.- * RIVET 1246-AA


  • devin306's avatar
    Absolutely needs a repress.. I can't afford this shit man.
    • jdont's avatar
      perfect record in so many ways. but what has happened to the pricing on here??? £30 record max, plenty of copies out there! this record was 20 for years on here. people, don’t feed da sharks!
      • thelaw84's avatar
        No debate for me... i think this is the best four tracker in hardcore / jungle / D&B history. Every single track is a classic as well as a prototype for Metalheadz and forward thinking D&B as a whole. Amazing work
        • Collector_Cave_Guy's avatar
          Edited 6 years ago
          Considering its age, this release illustrates just how good these producers where, not just technically, but in terms of their ideas so early in the D&B scene. The pace is a little slower than other Jungle belters that had already drooped before them, and this along with the diverse choice of sounds, beat construction and arrangement made these tracks shine. For me side B features the two stand out tracks, with Shinin' Down On Me showcasing how good the music was going to get in just a few short years. Sublime stuff.
          • Jakhutchins's avatar
            Hands to heaven has to be my all time favourite which is hard as there's so much out there. For me this track is done perfectly from start to finish. Pure Bliss
            • Wickedmarkonwax's avatar
              Shinin' down on me an absolute classic , haunting dark sounds , a trip heads dream :-)
              • junglist1976's avatar
                Edited 12 years ago
                The record that (for me) changed it all. If you have heard Goldies Timeless LP, this record is the prototype. Absolutely stunning.
                • steve_j
                  Edited 13 years ago
                  It's been written a number of times that Marc Mac and Dego (aka 4 Hero), along with Goldie (aka Metalheadz) wrote the blueprint for drum'n'bass. This record must surely be regarded as one of the critical tunes that paved the way for the development of the sound. Floating about as early as late summer of 93, this EP was, and still is incredibly ahead of its time - two years before Inner City Life, one year before Parallel Universe.

                  The lead track 'In My Soul' with its twisting vocal refrain, lush drops, and bending sounds. 'Find A Way' is more a nod to the classic hardcore sound that had precursed this release, with its stabby sounds, grinding breakbeat, and screeching vocal, but at the same time still retains an air of sophistication of the music to come.

                  On the flip, 'Hands To Heaven', is a mellower, laid-back affair, with its at times pitch-shifting break, lush synth washes, as well as all manner of other sounds and vocal samples. Finally, 'Shinin' Down On Me', is my stand-out track, starting off quite dark and menacing, with more pitch-shifting breaks crunching away. However, as it progresses, a lush synth sound and 'You take my breath away' female vocal and the most subtle of twisting mentasm sounds really give it a laid-back vibe. And not forgetting the most sublime of drops about a third into the track, where the title vocal is layered over the most uplifting chord riff.


                  • Record_Claw's avatar
                    Edited 12 years ago
                    I am amazed to be the first person writing a review on this ultra rare seminal release from the most innovative label in the history of Hardcore / Drum and Bass. This is a four track EP produced by Manix, Tek 9 and Goldie in collaboration, and the results will not disappoint. All the usual classic reinforced synths and strings are present but where these tracks really stood out was in their tempo. Heard within any mix at the time (see Doc Scott at Wedding Anniversary 2, and Peshay virtually anywhere) these tunes hit you with a seemingly down tempo vibe, although this is more to do with the drum programming, and real time vocals. Although more twisted vocals do appear on 'In My Soul'!. The vocals on 'Hands to Heaven' and 'Find a Way' are stunning as is the production, and paved the way for a more laid back, mellow drum and bass sound. These tunes were years ahead of their time, and still stand alone as great tracks just to listen to to this day.

                    This is without doubt one of my favourite releases of all time, and I would recommend all Headz to buy on sight!


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