Justice - Viewpoints Collector_Cave_Guy

July 12, 2016

I adore this album because it was so different. As a consequence it sounds more relevant than ever. Superb from start to finish.

Justice - Viewpoints as reviewed by imamime

February 10, 2008
Dont know why this album has such a low rating. Its really nice downtempo drum n bass, funky rolling beats interspersed with squelchy interludes and simple melodies. I've played this album a lot over the years and it gets better each time I hear it. Great for winding down on a wet Sunday afternoon.

According to the promo info Tony Bowles AKA Justice hails from Luton and has been played by the likes of Fabio, Hype, Lavelle and Goldie.

Justice - Viewpoints olivieille

June 13, 2017
Perhaps some guys thought it was the shitty electro duo...