Ashtray Navigations ‎– Greatest Imaginary Hits

VHF Records ‎– VHF148
Vinyl, LP
4 × CD, Compilation


A1 Reg Presley Singing 10:30
A2 Mystery Beatbox 5:07
A3 What Next? 5:08
B1 Mushfinger Cadaver 6:12
B2 The Ultimate Mechanical Abrasion 6:13
B3 Comic Lever 5:35
CD1-1 Irons 0:25
CD1-2 You'd Look Good As A 5 Pound Note 11:49
CD1-3 Deflection Music For Warheads 3:25
CD1-4 There Is A Ditch And There Is A Pit 8:06
CD1-5 Laminated Flower Like A Hardon 2:44
CD1-6 Cinderella Stamps Outside Air 9:59
CD1-7 Bottletrade Blues 11:08
CD1-8 Just Another Wave Of Sayonara 2:32
CD1-9 Insect Descent Trajectory 12:01
CD1-10 The Final Hit 11:22
CD1-11 Sleeping Womb 1:58
CD2-1 Tapwater Locomotive Pt.3 8:28
CD2-2 Incorporation Pop 6:55
CD2-3 Licking Plastic Trees 6:03
CD2-4 Bitter Lemon Licks 3:16
CD2-5 Two Chimes For Tuesday 6:54
CD2-6 Chalk Rock 5:20
CD2-7 The Creamwheel Pt.5 3:46
CD2-8 One Year Medicine Head 4:29
CD2-9 Whistling Tube 3:57
CD2-10 Their Heads Are Green And Their Hands Are Blue 6:27
CD2-11 Bomb As A Foldout 4:07
CD2-12 The Magic Legard 6:48
CD2-13 Black Rabbit 4:38
CD2-14 Swinging Knives 5:14
CD2-15 History Of Psychedelia 3:00
CD3-1 Sanity Bubble 0:39
CD3-2 The Awful Backlash 8:45
CD3-3 Thursday 1:04
CD3-4 Deader Neptune Thunder Creating West B 9:39
CD3-5 Blues For Black Afternoon Pt.2 6:29
CD3-6 A Slot In The Bear's Head 2:07
CD3-7 Loud Canary Tea 10:34
CD3-8 Put His Head In The Toilet 9:14
CD3-9 Who's Been Rocking My Dreamboat Pt.2 6:25
CD3-10 Manifesto 10:18
CD3-11 Sponge 5:18
CD3-12 Drain'd 5:22
CD3-13 Insanity Bubble 0:33
CD4-1 Detox Mr. Mustard 4:31
CD4-2 Veins Beneath The Soul 5:48
CD4-3 Trashcan Antidote #1 19:27
CD4-4 Words From A Whispering Dragon Puppet 1:10
CD4-5 Trashcan Antidote #2 20:59
CD4-6 Canaryland 2:52
CD4-7 Trashcan Antidote #3 24:52

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Performed by Phil Todd & Melanie O'Dubshlaine
Expertly Recorded by Dominic Clare at Declared Sounds Aug 2019
Some Overdubs and all Underdogs Taped at Ashtray HQ

27th Anniversary set for the multi-dimensional UK crew, led by Phil Todd and Melanie O'Dubhslaine. Nearly 6 hours of cosmic, psychedelic, mind-boggling sounds, featuring a newly recorded LP plus 4 max-length CDs curated by AshNav connoisseurs Rob Hayler, Henry Rollins, Pete Coward, and Neil Campbell. The CD's are drawn from AshNav's massive back catalog of mostly small run/private releases, covering activity dating back to 1994. Mining a deep well of thousand-yard stare psychedelia, Ashtray Navigations possess of one of the most exciting outre’ music catalogs of the contemporary era, matching the classics from any era in originality and straight-up bonkers fun. This epic release includes a full range of hypnotic jams, including sequencer-led cosmic workouts, drifty ambience, and a heavy dose of Phil Todd’s ripping, laser guitar leads. The gatefold LP also includes pithy liner notes from Matt Valentine, Henry Rollins, Jon Dale, and more.

“Enter the world of Ashtray Navigations, and things flip over and out pretty quickly. A languorous swoon for tabla and guitar swiftly jolts, by way of a brutish edit, into overamped squall; electronics pile up like rubble around crashing, descending sheets of copper; the four-track leaks bongwater and brown muck, while ferric oxide, chrome dioxide and cobalt fight a losing battle. An echoplex sweats it out in the corner of the room as Todd tears unruly tattoos from a dosed guitar, the amp huffing and heaving in protest. I still can't quite figure out exactly how Todd does what he does, and while I'm aware of some of the reference points, there's both magic and graft in the way he's piecing it all together. But you know what? I'm pretty sure Fritz Pfleumer never had this in mind.” - Jon Dale

"Phil. Well I am glad you're finally back from your place in Monaco and getting to work. The pictures of you with the polo mallet and the horses you sent were impressive, sure but when you sell yourself as an artist type and then are seen cavorting with those over tanned Euro trustfunders, it is alienating to your audience. You are, however, the only person I have ever met who has actually cavorted and that's why you will always be a mid-level god to me" - Henry Rollins

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  • Matrix / Runout: 204868E1/A
  • Matrix / Runout: 204868E2/A


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July 21, 2020
This is actually an LP and 4xCD set - a lot more than six tracks!