Gerostenkorp & Neonrain*Io Non Ho Paura

Label:OPN – OPNCD009
CD, Album, Limited Edition
Style:Dark Ambient, Industrial


1Neonrain*Profondo Giallo
Composed ByNeonrain*
2GerostenkorpVelluto Grigio
Composed ByGerostenkorp



2 tracks dedicated to Dario Argento's works and Giallo movies.

Limited edition of 500 copies housed in a slim DVD case with full "Giallo" colour artwork.

Track titles are inverted on the release.



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    Daniel / Gerostenkorp :

    Le split avec Serge (Neon Rain) est un projet de longue date! L'idée court depuis 2005, laissée de côté à de nombreuses reprises pour de multiples raisons, au final le voici! Cela aurait été effectivement dommage que nous n'arrivions pas à bout de ce projet. Quoiqu'il en soit, celà nous a permis de prendre suffisamment de recul afin d'être sûr de ce que nous voulions transposer chacun.
    J'avoue très honnêtement ne pas être un fin connaisseur de Giallo, j'ai quand même bien voulu donner ma vision. Je n'ai pas spécialement été intéressé par la reproduction-type d'une BO « à la » Argento, très appuyée. J'étais plutôt dans la perspective du drame lancinant, une lente progression funèbre à travers le monde moderne. Ca fut aussi très instantané, enregistré quasiment "live".

    Serge / Neon Rain :

    "Avec Profondo Giallo j'ai voulu rendre hommage au travail de Dario Argento, plus précisément ses films Profondo Rosso, Suspiria et Inferno, et ainsi tisser une nouvelle approche sonore cohérente avec l'idée que j'avais de ces films et cohérente avec l'univers sonore de Neon Rain.
    Et c'est avec modestie et respect que j'ai essayé de mettre en musique ces visions de mains gantées, de lames effilées, d'ombres inquiétantes, de demeures massives et sinistres aux couleurs vives comme le sang qui se répand sur leur sol.

    Au final, évoquer la flamboyance du Giallo avec la froideur et la dureté de la musique industrielle."
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      "This is a real joy – a split album dedicated to the work of Dario Argento and Giallo films in general. Just under an hour over two tracks of darkly sinister atmospherics from two French musicians. To match the filmic theme the CD is presented in a slim DVD case with lurid Gialloesque cover art; a very nice touch on an overall very considered and well-produced release.

      Gerostenkorp comes first; this piece is a slowly evolving electro composition, at first atmospheric and dark, then abstract and frightening, then slinkily rhythmic and eventually percussive and aggressive. It has all of the elements of a great horror movie. The title “Velluto Grigio” refers to 1971 Argento film “4 Flies on Grey Velvet”, in which a musician is stalked and framed for a string of murders. The first half of this piece is slow-moving and dark, a little analogue synth meandering in and out of atmospheric rain and then descending to sinister quiet, as an ominous and thrilling bass drone underpins a wonderfully spooky ambient section. Then the analogue synthesizer returns and builds very slowly over the next few minutes into a slow rhythm, which all of a sudden is met with an insistent electro beat. This half of the track is less enjoyable than the first as it does seem to go on for slightly too long, but this is a small complaint.

      Neonrain’s “Profondo Giallo” is in many ways a much stranger piece. It doesn’t build in the same way as Gerostenkorp’s, but does seem to become more and more intense over the course of its 28 minutes. This piece is in no hurry, and its glacial pacing is matched by its cold sounds and chilling atmosphere. It somehow reminds me of incidental music from a jazz-age hard-boiled detective movie, slowed almost to a standstill, then given an ethereal mood with synthetic sighing voices. That may sound a little prosaic but this track is quite pretty in its own way. I’m not sure exactly what relation this piece has to Dario Argento, Giallo films or Argento’s “Profondo Rosso”, but it certainly works as a coolly atmospheric composition, although it too feels like it goes on for a while too long.

      This is a neat split album with a good concept and it’s presented very nicely. However I do wonder about the point of having two half-hour tracks, particularly as both of them seem a little long. There is a certain feeling of filling up space on the CD; perhaps if each of these tracks had kept to around twenty minutes they would not have felt like they were dragging. But as I said before, it’s a small complaint. The music from both acts is good, atmospheric and well-produced, and I do love the concept and the inspiration for this release."

      By Unaesthetic for HEATHEN HARVEST


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