C2C4Specimen 1 & 2

Label:Moxie – MX003
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Style:Leftfield, Disco


ASpecimen 17:25
BSpecimen 27:05


Specimen 1 is a re-edit of Gino Soccio - There's a Woman.
Specimen 2 is a re-edit of Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime.


  • HomerHossa's avatar
    Exactly thàt Soccio track was a big influence on Carl Craig, it's nice to see him pay tribute.
    • esphoto's avatar
      Nowadays of course you just hook up the Tractor and make your own TH edit! Hours of fun if you've had too much to drink!
      • Hengine's avatar
        Edited 11 years ago
        Talking Heads edit involves loops of the original of different numbers of bars, so does not play at a completely consistent number of BPMs all the way through. However, the extended intro is consistent and fairly easy to mix.
        • thomas_smith's avatar
          Awesome record. A staple in my crate. Can't imagine not being able to play the talking heads edit, works like a gem for me. Really great the way the intro is extended wayyyy out and probably my all time favorite craig affiliated rework.

          The gino soccio edit was the one I had trouble mixing, but only because of my own lack of skill!

          A great dance record!

          Now all I wonder is how many more words I have to...

          • bedhed3000's avatar
            Edited 16 years ago
            These are fantastic re-edits. The Gino Soccio track is supremely psychadelic and the Talking Heads track is extra funky. I personally love the way he cuts in the bass slide. If you pay attention, you will notice that the slide comes in at decreasing intervals as the intro goes on, creating tension until the vocal bursts in. Quite clever, I think.
            • jackseismic's avatar
              Edited 16 years ago
              Specimen 1 & 2 is by far my favourite release in the Moxie series. I must say I’ve never had trouble mixing the Once In A Lifetime re-edit, and it works really well if played in the right environment.
              • bluemonday's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                As much as i like what Carl tried to do to Once in a Lifetime... the re-edit ultimately fails for working DJs because the record is pathetically out of time.. a nightmare to mix and no care was taken during editing to true it up to a grid or keep it in time/sequence. Raw energy, yes.. but the great thing about re-editing what was essentially a rock track like this is to KEEP IT IN TIME so DJ's can mix it with ease and have some fun with it. Instead this is a terror to mix with it and, come on, it's not that hard to do a re-edit so it stays in time folks... it's not just little off, it's all over the place people.. still slammin', but yikes, drop it in and beware.
                • P.M.'s avatar
                  The Talking Heads re-edit does it for me the most here. The groove is extended for twothirds of the track before the vocals drop, a real floor teaser (assuming your audience old enough remember the original in its true context that is). Classy.


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