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CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
DVD, DVD-Video, Reissue
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John Foxx - Tiny Colour Movies
CD1-1 John Foxx Stray Sinatra Neurone 3:35
CD1-2 John Foxx Lost New York 2:54
CD1-3 John Foxx Kurfürstendamm 7:22
CD1-4 John Foxx Skyscraper 4:22
CD1-5 John Foxx The Projectionist 2:50
CD1-6 John Foxx Looped Los Angeles 6:01
CD1-7 John Foxx Points Of Departure 0:56
CD1-8 John Foxx X-Ray Vision 2:58
CD1-9 John Foxx Smokescreen 2:26
CD1-10 John Foxx Underwater Automobiles 2:49
CD1-11 John Foxx A Peripheral Character 2:33
CD1-12 John Foxx Shadow City 2:21
CD1-13 John Foxx Interlude 0:42
CD1-14 John Foxx Thought Experiment 2:17
CD1-15 John Foxx Hand-Held Skies 3:35
Nation 12 - Electrofear
CD-2-1 Nation 12 Nation 12 5:27
CD-2-2 Nation 12 She Was 5:43
CD-2-3 Nation 12 Shadow Dancing 4:42
CD-2-4 Nation 12 Florian 3:46
CD-2-5 Nation 12 Electrofear 3:56
CD-2-6 Nation 12 Listen To The Drummer 4:54
CD-2-7 Nation 12 Leaving 4:41
CD-2-8 Nation 12 Into The Wonderful 4:41
CD-2-9 Nation 12 Cities Of Light 1 5:18
CD-2-10 Nation 12 Your Kisses Burn 4:51
CD-2-11 Nation 12 Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible 3:10
CD-2-12 Nation 12 Remember 5:37
CD-2-13 Nation 12 Invisible Women 6:47
Bonus Tracks
CD-2-14 Nation 12 Electrofear (Alternative Mix) 4:19
CD-2-15 Nation 12 Invisible Women (Electronic Mix) 4:59
CD-2-16 Nation 12 Remember (Sub Dub Mix) 4:21
John Foxx - Cathedral Oceans III
CD-3-1 John Foxx Oceanic 4:10
CD-3-2 John Foxx Through Gardens Overgrown 2:40
CD-3-3 John Foxx Spiral Overture 5:48
CD-3-4 John Foxx The Shadow Of A Woman's Hand 5:01
CD-3-5 John Foxx Radial Harmonics 0:35
CD-3-6 John Foxx Serene Velocity 4:31
CD-3-7 John Foxx Fog Structures 4:04
CD-3-8 John Foxx Eternity Sunrise 4:20
CD-3-9 John Foxx Harmonia Mundi 4:45
CD-3-10 John Foxx City Of Endless Stairways 4:48
CD-3-11 John Foxx In Rising Light 6:54
CD-3-12 John Foxx Metanym 6:36
John Foxx & Louis Gordon - From Trash
CD-4- John Foxx & Louis Gordon From Trash 4:34
CD-4-2 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Freeze Frame 3:57
CD-4-3 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Your Kisses Burn V2 5:01
CD-4-4 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Another You 3:47
CD-4-5 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Impossible 5:29
CD-4-6 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Never Let Me Go 3:15
CD-4-7 John Foxx & Louis Gordon A Room As Big As A City 4:40
CD-4-8 John Foxx & Louis Gordon A Million Cars 6:23
CD-4-9 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Friendly Fire 4:59
CD-4-10 John Foxx & Louis Gordon The One Who Walks Through You 4:05
John Foxx & Louis Gordon - Crash And Burn
CD-5-1 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Drive 6:55
CD-5-2 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Cinema 5:09
CD-5-3 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Broken Furniture 5:25
CD-5-4 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Crash And Burn 4:03
CD-5-5 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Once In A While 4:10
CD-5-6 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Sex Video 5:00
CD-5-7 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Sidewalking 6:12
CD-5-8 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Ultraviolet / Infrared 5:14
CD-5-9 John Foxx & Louis Gordon She Robot 4:46
CD-5-10 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Dust And Light 6:45
CD-5-11 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Ray 1 / Ray 2 5:10
CD-5-12 John Foxx & Louis Gordon Smoke 7:11
John Foxx - Cathedral Oceans
DVD-1 John Foxx Oceanic
DVD-2 John Foxx Through Gardens Overgrown
DVD-3 John Foxx Spiral Overture
DVD-4 John Foxx The Shadow Of A Woman's Hand
DVD-5 John Foxx Radial Harmonics
DVD-6 John Foxx Serene Velocity
DVD-7 John Foxx Fog Structures
DVD-8 John Foxx Eternity Sunrise
DVD-9 John Foxx Harmonia Mundi
DVD-10 John Foxx City Of Endless Stairways
DVD-11 John Foxx In Rising Light
DVD-12 John Foxx Metanym

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'Cinemascope' is the first box set of John Foxx's 30 year career and includes five critically acclaimed albums
- 'Crash and Burn' (2003),
- 'Electrofear' (2005),
- 'Cathedral Oceans III' (2005),
- 'Tiny Colour Movies' (2006) and
- 'From Trash' (2006),
plus the full
- 'Cathedral Oceans' DVD.
The box also contains six small art prints of Foxx's work.
All the albums are now housed in wallets, featuring new artwork created out of images taken from the original releases.
**Cinemascope is limited to only 1000 copies**

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