Porno Squad Car ‎– Porno Squad Car

Cassette, Album, Partially Unofficial, Limited Edition


A1 Porno Squad Car Fucking Bomb 2:23
A2 Porno Squad Car I Like Banana's 1:39
A3 Porno Squad Car Introduction For The Third World Revolution Against School 1:43
A4 Porno Squad Car My Penis Is Radio Active (Extended Version) 3:37
A5 Alien Sex Fiend Attack!!!!!!!!! 6:20
A6 The Sean Not Prepared 4:39
A7 Bauhaus Double Dare 4:54
A8 Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria 4:02
B1 Alien Sex Fiend Wish I Woz A Dog 6:38
B2 Front 242 Commando 5:00
B3 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Chance 5:18
B4 Virgin Prunes Baby Turns Blue 3:39
B5 The Three Johns Death Of European 4:05
B6 Coil Panic 7:38



From The Accompagning Sheet With SLF012:

"While checking the dustbins Jamez Dean found a dirty old cassette by PORNO SQUAD CAR. After some research Jamez Dean discovered that PORNO SQUAD CAR used to be two bro's from the West Coast of Belgium. Being born on Feb 29 dreadly gives away the fact that the two KK bro's are absolutely the contrary from normal.

This is of course also the characteristic of their songs. The nicest thing about the cassette is that it contains lot's of tracks by other artists (Alien Sex Fiend, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Virgin Prunes, Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, Bauhaus,...).
Apparently the two KK brothers saw themselves in a tradition of this bands.
As it goes with almost every promising young band PORNO SQUAD CAR sold their souls to the highest bid (= well earning jobs and wives and children), so after 4 songs they split up.

SLF012 is the exact reproduction of the orginal (found)Porno Squad Car cassette so it also includes all the other tracks from various artist on it."