D.J. Shadow* - Q-Bert Mix (Live!!) as reviewed by pong9

March 10, 2006
edited over 11 years ago

The cover of this release is actually a copy of Afika Bambaataa's famous "Death Mix" record. This includes some rather funky details, like a little rework of the Mo Wax Logo to make it look more like the one of Paul Winley Records (who released Death Mix). The liner notes too, are a take an Paul Winley's original words on the back of Death Mix.

D.J. Shadow* - Q-Bert Mix (Live!!) as reviewed by DJPASQUEZ

April 10, 2002
Ahem.... 2,5 hours of downloading time and after all i found out I already owned this item. Well in the future i´ll take a closer look on 21 MByte downloads.
Nevertheless this record is an essential overview on DJ Shadows work and features most of the trax appearing later on "Entroducing..." . Also this item is mixed by the fabulous DJ Q-Bert of the Invisible Scratch Picklz. Backspins, Transformer Scratches, Hydroplanes etc. are raising here out of boring turntablism theory due to the deep and soulful beatz from DJ Shadow.
For those who find the X-ecutioners or Mixmaster Mike theoretical and nerdy it is recommended to pay the expensive collectors price for this 12".
Free your mind.... and the snare will follow…