Ben Klock - Before One EP benjaminstapleton

November 19, 2015

Available on ostgut website and at hardwax!

Ben Klock - Before One EP donalddarker

August 16, 2015
some of his best work without a doubt

Ben Klock - Before One EP maroko

February 27, 2014
For all those interested, still available at both, the Ostgut Ton on-line shop and at Juno Records!

Ben Klock - Before One EP szlok

May 17, 2013
repress available @

Ben Klock - Before One EP krasch

November 21, 2012
I remember picking this up a cold struck late evening half an hour before Hard Wax closed, it was really the sound of the times back then. Now, I'm giving it for free to a friend who loves it more than me.

Ben Klock - Before One EP Gregor_Schlensog

January 11, 2013
hi there, i like subzero.. more than you? perhaps..

Ben Klock - Before One EP SleepyDino

August 16, 2012
Subzero is legendary track. I'm so happy to have this one in my vinyl collection ...

Ben Klock - Before One EP Micx

August 4, 2012
Subzero describes the feeling of Berghain. One of my favorite Ostgut Ton tracks. Already a classic!

Ben Klock - Before One EP sgarelli1

May 21, 2014
You can just imagine walking in the place, with all the gay fetishists with the rings on their dicks, and then listening to this, on the FunktionOne Sound system

Ben Klock - Before One EP CopeLtda

February 15, 2012

I read this comment once, and never forgot it since then: ''There are tracks of Techno, and Subzero.''

Ben Klock - Before One EP LBG1005

February 9, 2010
edited over 6 years ago

A really underrated release. All round excellent. I'd consider this one of my all time favourites, subzero is unbelievable. 5 *****