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Prince CharmingPsychotropical Heatwave

Label:WordSound – WSCD013
CD, Album
Style:Leftfield, Dub, Trip Hop


1Stroboscopic Searchlights Sweeping Tide Pools Of Parasites4:09
2Crews Of Crazed Contortionists Infected Egypyologists Absorbed In Photo Synthesis Under The Broken Obelisks4:08
3Eclipsed By Sadness Sitting By Myself In The Park Introspectively A Bullet-proof Plexi-glass Bubble Canopy Protects Me As Angry April Angelfish Meteor Showers Of Comets Of Question Mark Krill Spill Past Spiraling Fictitious Megalithic Alien Orbs Absorbing3:31
4Like A Flickering Celluloid Moonbeam On The View Screen3:06
5Eating Sweetheart Valentine Candy-gram Vertebrae2:37
6Spider Monkey Snuff Flicks Of Black Magic Projectionists4:23
7Jump Cut To: Synchronously Swimming Sleek, Glistening Jellyfish Prostitutes Undulating To The Savage Pagan Bongo Rythms Of A Hotel Extravaganza Of Break-dancing Bornean Head-hunting Gangbangers Out On Parole For Smoking Crystalline Blue Frog Eggs In The M4:25
8Juke Joint Pipe Dreams Of Ominous Unkempt Sinister Landscapes Of Slithering Shadows Of Strung Out Side Show Sirens Chronological Swamp Current Carrier Waves Rewinding3:42
9Shrouded Wraith-like Rain Cloud Sentinel Dragon Lobster Sky Demon Phantom Flyers Losing Altitude In Jaded Jade Aquariums Criss-crossing Emotional Oceans Ill-illusions Crab-like Equipment Escapes In The Confusion Burning Manuscripts Of Recent Observations4:28
10Everything Goes When The Whistle Blows (War Of Phantom Satellites Panther Girl Prototypes Kleptomaniac First Strike You're All Fucking Suspect Exhibit A: Gold Tooth Ceremonial Peep Booth Licking Mangled Memories Of Humanoid Prostitutes)4:02
11Hot Dripping Zippers Unzipping Lost In The Clouds Of Billowing Aphrodisiac Nerve Gas In The Heat Chambers Strapped With Strap On Millipedes Spider Rapist Assault Tag Teams Teach Savage Ravishing Rhapsodies Shapely Slips Slither To The Floor In Pools Of D5:33

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enfantterrible's profile picture
Well, this one took me by surprise. This is what I could call Voodoo music in an almost literal sense of the word, a subconscious introitus or a peripheral exploration of the psyche via aural manifestation.
Lets start by saying that this is music made for the night, equally applicable for the night that sneaks in the alleys from gigantic cities as well as the night from the inside the jungles, perhaps this similarity its so explicit because it calls for a very primeval state of the senses and the mind, the night inside the human, the cave in which we all reside and barely recognise its entry anymore as result of the flamboyant display from the light from reason and electricity.

The murky sonorities from the rhythms along with the organic bassy sounds resemble the uproar from animalistic instincts crawling with each thump from the drums, and each unnoticed progression always remit to an even more mesmeric scenario where theres new enigmas and puzzles to be solved.
The absorbtion is complete since the very begining, it plays with something basic, very primitive buried within and resurrects it with the impetu granted by a mysterious source. Even though theres certainly a part of horror into this music, theres something bigger than it for most of it, some impulse that breaks the boundaries of fear. Its almost ritual excursion centers all its fire on the strange atmospheres suggested and the soft but certainly magnetic rhythmic drums.

It was so curious also to discover the exemplar manipulation of samplers and loops with this display of mastership, the perfect synchronization of rhythm and atmosphere, detail and progression, sort of child born from the mathematic coeficient from the best Prog-Rock acts but proceeding to tell the story with electronic toys- It is equally fascination the mind bugging finality conceived as concept as much as the succulent specimens choosen for sampler entertainment, certainly the doer had knowledge on Exotica music.
Recommended but you must proceed with caution.
sickwishes's profile picture
Edited 10 years ago
Absolutely genius in being able to create a sound that is difficult to place in time. The usage of the full audible spectrum hints at production later than the 50's however the compositions feel timeless. Elements seem to range from surf rock and exotica to easy listening. A monumental task to bring all these elements into a cohesive structure.
Consider yourself lucky for the conversion to digital. I would have only shared this with those that I knew would appreciate it. This isn't leaving my collection anytime soon.