Black SabbathParanoid Super Deluxe

Label:BMG – BMGCAT401BOX, BMG – R1 556692
Box Set, Album, Deluxe Edition
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
3 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Style:Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


Original Album (1970 / 1971) (2012 - Remaster)
A1War Pigs / Luke’s Wall7:54
A3Planet Caravan4:29
A4Iron Man5:54
B1Electric Funeral4:49
B2Hand Of Doom7:08
B3Rat Salad2:29
B4Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots6:13
Paranoid (Quad In Stereo) - 1974 Quadradisc Mix In Stereo
Quadradisc Mix In Stereo (1974)
C1War Pigs / Luke’s Wall7:58
C2Paranoid 2:53
C3Planet Caravan4:48
C4Iron Man5:53
D1Electric Funeral4:56
D2Hand Of Doom7:05
D3Rat Salad2:33
D4Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots6:03
Live In Europe 1970 (Montreux Brussels)
Live In Montreux 1970 (Part One)
E4Behind The Wall Of Sleep5:20
F1Iron Man6:56
F2War Pigs7:55
Live In Montreux 1970 (Part Two)
G1Fairies Wear Boots 8:41
G2Hand Of Doom8:40
Live In Brussels 1970 (Part One)
H2Hand Of Doom 7:00
H3Rat Salad 1:29
H4Iron Man 6:31
Live In Brussels 1970 (Part Two)
I1Black Sabbath9:33
J1Behind The Wall Of Sleep5:27
J2War Pigs 8:03
J3Fairies Wear Boots6:57

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The Ultimate Black Sabbath Package
50th Anniversary 5LP Paranoid Super Deluxe Edition
• Original Album Remastered
• 1974 Quadradisc Mix in Stereo On LP For The First Time
• Live In Europe 3LP Collection Featuring Two Concerts Previously Unreleased On Vinyl: Live In Montreux 1970 & Live In Brussels 1970
• 1971 Paranoid Tour Book
• 40-Page Book With Photos, Artwork & Liner Notes
• Colour Poster

Additional info on hype sticker:
BMGCAT401BOX • R1 556692

Gatefold sleeve with the records housed in black die-cut polylined inner sleeves.
Originally released September 1970 (UK) & January 1971 (USA)

Paranoid Quad In Stereo
Gatefold sleeve with the records housed in black die-cut polylined inner sleeves.
1974 Remix by Mike Butcher at Morgan Studios on 22nd November 1973
Stereo version previously unreleased on LP

LP3 / LP4 / LP5:
Live In Europe 1970 Montreux Brussels
Trifold sleeve with the records housed in black die-cut polylined inner sleeves.

Live In Montreux 1970
Recorded at Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland on 31st August 1970
Previously unreleased on LP

Live In Brussels 1970
Recorded by RTBF ...
Recorded for television at Théâtre 140, 140 Avenue Plasky, 1040 Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium on 3rd October 1970
First broadcast in Belgium on 21st January 1971 (part one) and 4th April 1971 (part two)
Previously unreleased on LP

Mastered 2016 ...
Vinyl Cut 2020 ...

Manufactured In The E.U.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text on the box back sheet): 4 050538 619638
  • Label Code (Text on the box back sheet): LC19813
  • Label Code (Labels rim text): LC-06448
  • Rights Society (Labels): mcps
  • Other (Cat. # info the LP1 sleeve): R1 556692 / 603497846443 • BMGCAT401DLP-1 / 4050538619652 • 1
  • Other (Cat. # info the LP2 sleeve): R1 556692 / 603497846443 • BMGCAT401DLP-2 / 4050538619669 • 2
  • Other (Cat. # info the LP3/4/5 sleeve): R1 556692 / 603497846463 • BMGCAT401TLP / 4050538619676 • 3
  • Other (ID # LP1, rim text): BMGCAT401DLP-1 / 4050538619652
  • Other (ID # LP2, rim text): BMGCAT401DLP-2 / 4050538619669
  • Other (ID # LP3, rim text): BMGCAT401TLP-1 / 4050538619683
  • Other (ID # LP4, rim text): BMGCAT401TLP-2 / 4050538619690
  • Other (ID # LP5, rim text): BMGCAT401TLP-3 / 4050538619706
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side A, variant 1): BMGCAT401BOX-A1 R1-556692-A-1 BAZZA ALCHEMY BK07571-01-A1 6603497846443-01 VT
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side B, variant 1): BMGCAT401BOX-B1 R1-556692-B1 BK0757^-01 B1 0603497846443-01 v^
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side C, variant 1): BMGCAT401BOX-C1 R1-556692-C1 BK07577^-02 C1 0603497846443-02 ^=
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side D, variant 1): BMGCAT401BOX-D1 R1-556692-D1 BK07571^-02 D1 0603497846443-02 VX
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side E, variant 1): BMGCAT401BOX-E1 R1-556692 E1 BK0757^-03 E1 060349784644 *3
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side F, variant 1): BMGCAT401BOX-F1 R1-556692 F1 BK0757^-03 F^ 0603497846443
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side A, etched, '1 .Λ' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX-A¹ R1-556692-A-1 BAZZA ALCHEMY BK07571-01 A1 '1 .Λ' 0603497846443-01
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side B, etched, '1Λ' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX-B1 R1-556692-B1 BK07571-01 B1 '1Λ' 0603497846443-01
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side C, etched, '1I' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401 BOX -C¹ R1-556692-C1 BK07571-02 C1 '1I' 0603497846443-02
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side D, etched, '1=' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX-D-¹ R1-556692-D1 BK07571-02 D1 '1=' 0603497846443-02
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side E, etched, '1△' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX E ¹ R1-556692-E1 BK07571-03 E1 '1△' 0603497846440̷ 3-03
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side F, etched, '1x' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX F ¹ R1-556692 F1 BK07571-03 F1 '1x' 0603497846443-03
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side G, etched, 'x .1' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX-G-1 R1-556692 G-1 BK07571-04 G1 'x .1' 0603497846443-04
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side H, etched, 'X .1' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX-H-1 R1-556692-H-1 BK07571-04 H1 'X .1' 0603497846443-04
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side I, etched, '1 I̲ ' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX I 1 R1-556692 I-1 0603497846443-05 '1 I̲ ' BK07571-05 I1
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout, side J, etched, '2I' mirrored, variant 2): BMGCAT401BOX-J2 R1-556692-J2 '2I' BK09166-01 J1 0603497846443-05

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  • guilala's avatar
    Edited 2 months ago
    was able to get just the "Quad In Stereo" LP. fine by me as i have no use for the other records in the set as i have all of that already, including truly lossless versions of the 2 live shows. and knowing that these specific live recordings were sourced from mp3 rips and then were further tampered with, well, um, No thank you.
    nice to hear a different mix of this LP thats not some modern revisionist remastered garbage. the down side is that theres a NASTY scratch almost all the way across the track "Paranoid" that clicks at a very loud level for the majority of the track. theres also a couple of ear-shattering repeating pops/clicks in "Planet Caravan". scratch in the last verse of 'Iron Man" which pretty much ruins that one. and the entire record has far more surface noise than a newly pressed LP should have. extremely disappointing. Quality control at wherever this was pressed should be fired over stuff like this, or at least get called into the office and get yelled at for a really long time. im afraid to flip it over and see how badly pressed side 2 is.
    • Bpietrok's avatar
      I have the 2015 Kevin Grey cut. How does this sound compared to the KG??
      • GT_'s avatar
        The live at Brussels is mono. Everything is dumped from the AUX monitoring - no need to be Einstein to hear that everything is centred (mono). The Montreux on the other hand is definitely stereo, and Ozzy sounds amazing here - loud and clear.
        • b1ll1's avatar
          How in blazes can you have quad in stereo ???
          • VegasJaws's avatar
            I'd like to give a more detailed review in the future, but just wanted to chime in that I love the quad mix. Like, really love. I've been listening to the original album for decades and it's very cool to get a different take on it. There's lots more going on than just the vocals pushed back. You also get the original mix LP sounding as good as ever if you're not into the quad.
            Why are people coming here to complain about product shipment times or damaged products they can't even review? This section is for reviews.
            This is an awesome set that's totally worth it.
            • Vinylrecordgeek's avatar
              Edited 11 months ago
              So I ordered this box set online, waiting for a really long time until it arrived. When I finally got it, ALL of the records had lots of scratches, so many that I asked for a replacement, sounded terrible. This friday, I got a new one. And it was even worse!! So bad that I did not even wanted to try the records on my turntable, it was one huge scratch that went over one of the records like someone had taken a knife on the record. I really want this box set, but now I am not sure what to do...

              Update 2 years later: I found a still sealed copy of this box set at my local record store which had been on the shelf for a really long time and watch me each time I entered. I was unsure to buy it because of the bad luck I have had with this box set earlier, but yesterday I bought it finally (for like the 3rd time) and it seems I was lucky this time! I am sitting and enjoying the first live show right now. It was a small finger print on one of the records on the inner groove, but I could remove that.
              • noodles666's avatar
                the best re-issue for me in 2020. I have bought a few hundred records and a few boxes new this year, but this box rocks in every way.
                therefore that it is a digital file pressed to vinyl release, the sound is amazing. my records are flat, clean, not one issue with noise, no non fill issues, the book is amzaing too. The quad mix fold down sounds great. all in all a 5 star release for me...I got mine for 82 EURO.
                • natrontheape's avatar
                  This boxed set is a 5/5 to me. I've now listened to all the LPs and read through all the extras. The vinyl is all perfectly flat and dead silent in the quiet passages. Everything comes in a poly-lined sleeve, and the LP jackets are pristine. It is true that the quad/stereo mix has vocals that are a bit further back in the mix, but I think it sounds fantastic otherwise. The new remaster is great too. I have the original LP to compare it to and they both sound wonderful. The real gem here is the 3xLP of live material from 1970. Other than Live at Last!, which has a terrible mix, this is the only live recording with the original line-up that I've ever heard. I listened to both of the live concerns from this boxed set last night and they sound fantastic. I'm so happy with them. Cannot wait to listen again. The hardback book is also pretty amazing. I read the entire thing last night while listening to the live LPs. There is so much great information in there, so many awesome photos, and reading through it really enriches the experience. I would RUN to buy this if you love Sabbath. It really is worth every penny.
                  • recordpirate's avatar
                    this is by far the best box set I bought in 2020; price & quality (IMHO)! I am super (deluxe) happy with my purchase
                    • CNTRL_SCRUTINIZER's avatar
                      So I agree with the reviews that say the quad mix fold down is not great. It sounds bizarre and the vocals are washed out - it's also a quiet mix. However, the bass is just fine through my sub. I *was* looking forward to comparing it to the 2012 remaster disc but to my surprise my box set is missing that disc! Instead, in the 2012 remaster sleeve, I received an extra copy of LP 5 Live in Brussels part two...which is just fucking bizarre because the box set was sealed so this is a manufacturing screw up. Has anyone else had this issue?? I am bummed and asked Rhino for a replacement disc but have no idea if they will honor that or not. :/


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