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    Wesley TuttleDetour

    Label:Bear Family Records – BCD16416EK
    4 x CD, Compilation
    DVD, DVD-Video
    Genre:Folk, World, & Country


    1-2I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine
    1-3Little You Cared
    1-4Why Do I Love You, Oh Why
    1-5I Know It's Wrong
    1-6With Tears In My Eyes
    1-7I Want To Be Wanted
    1-8Too Little Too Late
    1-9I Can't Forget You (Tho I Tried)
    1-10I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows
    1-11When You Cry (You Cry Alone)
    1-12Don't Play Around With My Heart
    1-13Until Dawn
    1-14A Broken Promise Means A Broken Heart
    1-15Let's Forget
    1-16Excess Baggage
    1-17If You Ever Need A Friend
    1-18I've Loved You Too Long To Forget
    1-19No Children Allowed
    1-20Old Shep
    1-21Mail Order Mama
    1-22Too Bad About You
    1-23You Can't Fool My Broken Heart
    1-24Please Write To Me Harva Lee
    1-25Cry Yourself To Sleep
    1-26I'm Writing A Letter To Heaven
    1-27Mom Understands
    2-1There's A Star Spangled Rainbow
    2-2Your Picture Of Love
    2-3Who Do You Spend Your Dreams With?
    2-4Before I'm Through
    2-5Lonely Trail Of Memory
    2-6The Time And The Place
    2-7Need You (& Marilyn Tuttle)
    2-8Bitin' My Fingernails (& Mariyn Tuttle)
    2-9Hold Me, Hold Me (& Marllyn Tuttle)
    2-10When You Lose The One You Love
    2-11This Cold War With You (& Marilyn Tuttle)
    2-12Yodelin' Boogie
    2-13A Picture In A Frame
    2-14Texas Yodel
    2-15Devil's Heart
    2-16(Heartsick Soldier On) Heartbreak Ridge
    2-17Tennessee Rose
    2-18I Stopped Living
    2-19I've Got A Round Trip Ticket (From Here...)
    2-20The Flying Enterprise
    2-21Love's Call Of The Mountain
    2-22 They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain
    2-23Gathering Home
    2-24Fill The Cup To Overflowing
    2-25Hillbilly Heaven
    2-26I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
    2-27Never (& Marilyn Tuttle)
    2-28Higher And Higher
    2-29Jim, Johnny And Jonas
    3-1Cimarron, Roll On
    3-2Tomorrow Never Comes
    3-3Love Gone Cold
    3-4You Don't Care
    3-5I Want To Be Wanted
    3-6Long Time Gone
    3-7Love Me Now
    3-8Why Do I Love You, Oh Why
    3-9Little You Cared
    3-10Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
    3-11Be Honest With Me
    3-12Don't Live A Lie
    3-13No One Will Ever Know
    3-14Cattle Call
    3-15I Guess I've Been Asleep All These Years
    3-16Steel Guitar Rag
    3-17I Hang My Head And Cry
    3-18You Can't Break My Heart
    3-19You Brought Sorrow To My Heart
    3-20The End Of The World
    3-21You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often
    3-22There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
    3-23Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
    3-24Born To Lose
    3-25We Live In Two Different Worlds Now
    3-26That Pioneer Mother Of Mine
    3-27No Letter Today
    3-28Christmas Carols By The Old Corral
    3-29Pins And Needles In My Heart
    3-30Home In San Antone
    3-31Darling What More Can I Do
    3-32Try Me One More Time
    3-33Jealous Heart
    4-1Yesterday's Roses
    4-2I'll Wait For You, Dear
    4-3This Lonely World
    4-4Triflin' Gal
    4-5I'll Never Do It Again
    4-6I'm Lost Without You
    4-7Headin' Down The Wrong Road
    4-8Back In The Saddle Again
    4-9I'll Be Back
    4-10There's A Rainbow On The Rio Colorado
    4-11A Year Ago Tonight
    4-12You'll Be Sorry
    4-13Silver Spurs (On The Golden Stairs)
    4-14Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
    4-15My Red River Rose
    4-16Don't You Weep Anymore Darlin'
    4-17I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
    4-18Roly Poly
    4-19Everytime I Dream, You're My Darlin'
    4-20Divorce Me C.O.C.
    4-21Rose Of The Alamo
    4-22I'm Tellin' You
    4-23Chained To A Memory Of You
    4-25Just Hangin' On
    4-26Playin' Games With Me
    4-27You Only Want Me When You're Lonely
    4-28Ages And Ages Ago
    4-29The Last Mile
    4-30Teardrops On My Heart
    4-31Sweethearts On Parade
    4-32Foggy River
    DVD 1Red River Valley (& Marilyn Tuttle)
    DVD 2When Pay Day Rolls Around
    DVD 3Strawberry Roan
    DVD 4Yodelin' Boogie
    DVD 5Song of the Sierras:
    DVD 6Texas Tornado
    DVD 7(I Miss You) Since You've Been Gone
    DVD 8Detour
    DVD 9Song Of The Sierras
    DVD 10Texas Tornado (instr.)
    DVD 11Camptown Races
    DVD 12Song Of The Sierras (reprise)


    4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 83-page book, CD 121 tracks, playing time approx. 309 mns. DVD 11 tracks, playing time approx. 23 mns.

    Wesley Tuttle is one of the unjustly forgotten giants of West Coast country music. In 1944, he was the second country artist signed to Capitol Records, and his second record, With Tears In My Eyes, topped the country charts the following year. Detour, I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine, and Tho' I Tried (I Can't Forget You) were all Top 5 songs for him within the next six months. He was one of the most popular radio and television stars, as well as one of the top West Coast session musicians, and a western B-movie star, supporting Tex Ritter, Charles Starrett and Jimmy Wakely, among others.

    This long-overdue 4 CD/1 DVD anthology collates of Wesley Tuttle’s Capitol recordings as well as his exceptionally rare radio transcriptions. The DVD features the Western movie, 'Song Of The Sierras', featuring Wesley Tuttle in a supporting role. Also on the DVD are several Snader film transcriptions featuring such songs as Red River Valley, When Payday Rolls Around and Yodeling Boogie. Retired from secular music since 1957, Wesley Tuttle can finally take his place among the true giants of both Country and Western music.

    This exclusive boxed set also includes a newly researched biography by Packy Smith as well as a full discography and many previously unpublished photographs.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 4000127164162