TR-909 - Bass Drum Ken-Nova

December 21, 2019
Don't pay the silly prices, 2020 remaster on its way

TR-909 - Bass Drum ijustspeak

November 24, 2019
It was released in conjunction with an art exhibition.. . .

TR-909 - Bass Drum GiorgioKallax

September 27, 2018
Very complex song. Interesting. This is really the essence of techno music. A must have.

TR-909 - Bass Drum martindepp

May 3, 2017
Fantastic tune, any chance on vo.2 with cowbell sound (extended mix)?

TR-909 - Bass Drum knuxfighter

February 19, 2017
wtf . . . . . . . . .

TR-909 - Bass Drum juancs

July 24, 2014
Lowest: €9.99
Median: €15.00
Highest: €49.99

who bought this at 49.99, or even 15, or even 9.99!!!! why?!?!?

TR-909 - Bass Drum foolsfoolsfools

October 30, 2019
it's for DJs.. meant to assist with timing tracks or transitions/adding a nice round kick to other tracks

TR-909 - Bass Drum orax699

May 26, 2019
yeah, its fun, its ironic, humor broder. nothin with this hipstershit youre talking about.

TR-909 - Bass Drum TZHF

August 13, 2016
hipsters would buy that. I have to admit i laughed a lot

TR-909 - Bass Drum good_foot

July 19, 2016
it's very cool for mixing with old music or pop music

TR-909 - Bass Drum red5

January 13, 2014
edited over 7 years ago

anyone who wants to have a frisby competition with this record let me know....I'm assuming this was just made as a joke. someone selling it for over $130...well why not see how far the joke can go.


TR-909 - Bass Drum red5

March 29, 2014

I don't doubt it makes sense in the context of the installation, out of it no sense at all...taking 'art' a bit far on this one.

TR-909 - Bass Drum miramar.sound

January 27, 2014
edited over 7 years ago
I believe it was part of an art installation originally. I wouldn't take it as anything less than a DJ tool to be honest. The person trying to sell this for for $130 is obviously crossing his or her fingers.