Faith No MoreAngel Dust

Label:Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab – MFSL 2-310
Series:Original Master Recording, GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog LP 180g Series
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Numbered, Reissue, Remastered, Gatefold
Style:Alternative Rock, Funk Metal


A1Land Of Sunshine3:44
A3MidLife Crisis4:21
B1Smaller And Smaller5:11
B2Everything's Ruined4:33
C2Be Aggressive3:42
C3A Small Victory4:57
D1Crack Hitler4:39
D3Midnight Cowboy4:12



Two 180 gram half-speed mastered LPs from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's "Original Master Recording" series.

Numbered limited edition of 3000.

1/2" / 30 IPS analog master to analog console to lathe

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 821797231015
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 1): MFSL 2-310 A1 RML/2 3 17715.1 (3)..
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 2): MFSL 2-310 B1 RML/2 To Alli...their newest fan 17715.2 (3)...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 3): MFSL 2-310 C1 RML/2 GIANTS STADIUM - JULY 12, 1992 ROCK ON KEVIN! 17715.3 (3)..
  • Matrix / Runout (Side 4): MFSL 2-310 D1 RML/2 RECORD EXPLOSION! 17715.4 (3)...

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Angel Dust (CD, Album, Germany Hub)Slash, London Records828 321-2Europe1992
Angel Dust (LP, Album)Slash, London Records828 321-1Europe1992
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Angel Dust (LP, 12", 45 RPM, All Media, Album, Limited Edition)Slash, London Records828 326-1UK1992
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Angel Dust (CD, Album)Slash, Reprise Records9 26785-2US1992
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Angel Dust (CD, Album, Red Square Picture CD)Slash, Liberation Records, SlashTVD93363, RMD53363, D53363Australia1992



  • tristant19's avatar
    Overall I prefer the MOV version, but the MFSL puts up a good fight and it took a while spinning both records to figure out which one I preferred. Compared to the MOV, the MSFL:
    -Is more dynamic with stronger bass
    -Has better packaging (more sturdy, and the MOV cover looks hilariously over-saturated when they are next to each other)

    However, I find the mix to be a bit too warm tilted, the bass bleeds a bit into the mids making for slightly muffled vocals, and there is less top end compared to the original mix so that worsens the issue.

    The MOV is a more faithful mix and overall more neutral - this brings better clarity since everything is balanced nicely, and overall makes for a more engaging listen. Patton sounds like he's in the room on the MOV version, while on the MSFL he's simply in the mix. The MOV is generally cheaper as well, making it a better value.

    • wlosbo01's avatar
      Edited 10 months ago
      As confirmed from a mofi rep via Facebook, this pressing was mastered by the following:

      1/2" / 30 IPS analog master to analog console to lathe
      • JasperLagerburg's avatar
        If you are a big fan of this album, buy this pressing. Giant soundstage, great separation, deep and punchy bass and of course great music that never seems to bore you. It is a bit quiet so it does require you to crank the volume up quite a bit.

        Accuphase E-600 integrated amp,
        Transrotor zet-1 turntable with audiotechnica VM750SH cartridge,
        Selfbuilt 130L housing speakers with each 2x 16” scanspeak sub, 1x 8 inch woofer, 2x scanspeak tweeter.
        • pattonist's avatar
          I love this version too.

          The Music On Vinyl version is well-balanced, but hard and a bit thin, while the Mobile Fidelity version is thicker and has more three-dimensional depth. I also think the Mobile Fidelity version has a stronger driving bass.

          Both of them bring out the best of this album, so it's not that one is better than the other, but I personally feel more comfortable listening to the Mobile Fidelity version.
          • UneatenBrains's avatar
            I recommend this LP with great enthusiasm.
            I disagree with reviews stating that the remastering is flawed. (guitars to quiet and thin etc...)

            Being a long time fan of this album and having owned and loved it on cassette, cd, and now this MFSL remastered LP I can say that the remastering is very good. Not only the sound but the quality of the package, vinyl, sleeve. Money well spent in my opinion.

            There are people writing reviews who feel the guitar track has been quietened too much and sounds thin. Addressing this issue I can only state the obvious, that FNM were never a guitar driven band. Their excellence is in the overall feel of their songs. Not only that but when I listen to this remastering I can hear the guitar track well and if anything the overall sound of all the instruments have been balanced nicely.

            The sound is excellent. This will surely please anyone not dreaming of having heavier guitar tones as a focus in the remastering.

            Bloody brilliant. Get it, spin it, love it.
            • Eviltoastman's avatar
              Edited 12 years ago
              This is regarding the 2008 Remaster on vinyl:

              I'm a little bit disappointed and not just in the areas I expected. First of all, the remaster is not great. The guitars are thin and are noticeably quieter and the vocals are up way too much. Pitch is also increased, negatively affecting the dynamic of the album. However the album sounds a lot cleaner and a lot what was wrong with the originals muddy production has been addressed. I thought the latter would be a good thing but I'm afraid it's execution here is not great.

              I've listened to the CD version of this mix and the same is true.

              Though I'm happy with the quality of the vinyl itself, the fact that this mix has been committed and not the original (which was not great to begin with) is a gripe which I knew I'd have after hearing the above problems through CD first.

              The packaging is average. They could have taken a leaf out of Sony's book and taken a good look at how albums like Pearl Jam's Binaural and Manic Street Preacher's Lifeblood have been assembled with beautiful glossy artwork a decent booklet with a bit of effort would have been the least you'd expect at this price point.

              The artwork within the gatefold is a shockingly poor montage of the stills from the original album. These stills themselves not being the issue, just the crappy arrangement and stretched images which have lost their definition. Album specific liner notes would have been appreciated, and a little bio of the album would have been appreciated but instead we get gatefold adverts for Mobile Fidelity. Would it have been too much to ask to get the first verse of Jizzlobber included in the lyrics after the initial 1992 cock up has gone unaddressed yet again.

              If you like the new mix, this pressing is fanstastic - flawless even. As I prefer the original mix - which is not what I expected since I've been campaigning for a remaster for the last ten years - this version will find a lot of shelf time.

              Though I rate Angel Dust a 5/5, this version I'd score 3/5.


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