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    In The Wake Of Memories (LP) album cover

    Wassim Mukdad, David Rothenberg, Volker LankowIn The Wake Of Memories

    Label:Clermont Music – CLE034
    Vinyl, LP
    Genre:Jazz, Folk, World, & Country


    A1In The Wake Of Memories
    A2Wait For Me
    A3Window In The Rain
    A4Pilgrimage With Snake
    B1Walking Among Ruins
    B2We Cannot Leave
    B3Next Time In Peace



    Mukdad Rothenberg Lankow translate years of experience into music that unfolds in a sense of hope.
    Says Volker Lankow, "It comes from everywhere and nowhere."
    First meeting at David Rothenberg's "Nightingales in Berlin" project, the three musicians recorded this
    improvised fusion of experiences with oud, clarinet and percussion. A meditation on survival and
    resilience, on empathy and love. Each musician, a master of his instrument, seamlessly interweaves
    phrases and nuance expressing pain and joy, expectation and relief. Wassim Mukdad is a refugee from
    Syria who escaped torture first to Istanbul now in Berlin. Volker Lankow worked with Medecins sans
    frontiere in crisis torn zones and now with mentally ill criminals. Rothenberg, an author and
    philosopher, brings his exploration of the idea of sound to this trio. This is an album of music from an
    entire region of the world, crossing cultural barriers and tribal sides.

    Liner Notes:
    After the fourth time he was tortured Wassim Mukdad realized he had to leave Syria.
    "I could see things getting much worse. Luckily, they never found out I was a musician. They knew I was
    a doctor and I kept my hands out of harms way." Trained in medicine, Wassim had volunteered to help
    the victims of the violence that had overtaken his homeland. An accomplished performer on the oud, he
    had put his love for music aside to help people.

    Wassim began his arduous journey north in 2014. After two years working with USAID in Istanbul, he
    made his way to Berlin. A student of musicology at Humboldt University, He is not recognized as one of
    the most creative and promising oud players in Europe. "I don't consider myself an Arab musician or a
    Turkish musician. I play music shaped by an entire region of the world, crossing cultural barriers and
    tribal sides. Here in Berlin now, I am studying all this and how it connects to the music of the West."

    Volker Lankow had worked for fourteen years as a nurse and project manager for Medecins sans
    Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, choosing to work in zones of tough conflict like the one from which
    Wassim was able to escape. Now back in Berlin he works with mentally ill criminals for the German
    state. An accomplished percussionist he performs on frame drums and tabla among other instruments.

    Wassim and Volker share years of rough experiences in conflict regions and in their playing together one
    hears a path toward clarity and beauty out of terrible shadows. "It is a delight to play with Volker, a
    percussionist who does not need to show off, who has nothing to prove."

    Wassim Mukdad met Volker Lankow as part of David Rothenberg's "Nightingales in Berlin" project which
    documented the group of musicians' attempts to play live with the birds in the dark parks of Germany's
    capital city. Clarinetist and author, Rothenberg was inspired by the rapport these two offered to each
    other and got the trio into Berlin's Studio Wong for one perfect day when all this music was improvised.

    Mukdad Rothenberg Lankow translate years of experience into music that unfolds with a worldwide
    sense of hope. Says Volker, "It comes from everywhere and nowhere."

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 71157490891