Label:Mute Song – CDSONG2
4 x CD, Sampler, Promo, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul, Classical, Stage & Screen
Style:Alternative Rock, Industrial, Abstract, Avantgarde, Contemporary, Score, Goth Rock


1MagazineShot By Both Sides4:00
2Inspiral CarpetsSaturn Five3:56
4Barry AdamsonWhat It Means3:58
5Renegade SoundwaveProbably A Robbery3:32
6RigsbyMystery Machine4:34
7Ian Dury And The BlockheadsMash It Up Harry4:41
8Peter BlegvadBride Of Fire2:14
9Simon BonneyRavenswood4:52
10Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsPeople Ain't No Good5:40
11Diamanda GalásLet My People Go4:57
12Anita LaneThe World's A Girl3:23
13Louis PhilippeAn Ordinary Girl4:56
14Miranda Sex GardenGush Forth My Tears2:14
16Mark StewartDream Kitchen6:26
17LaibachGod Is God3:45
1Luke SlaterAll Exhale3:58
2KomputerIntercom 24:36
3DJ RapGood To Be Alive4:18
4Planet PerfectoBullet In The Gun3:21
5Paul OakenfoldBunker7:06
6Juno ReactorPistolero3:37
7Nitzer EbbLet Your Body Learn2:08
8Shy FXOriginal Nuttah3:22
9T Power*Mutant Jazz4:35
10Art Of TranceMadagascar7:06
11Foul Play ProductionsDawn7:17
12OpticalTo Shape The Future5:50
142nd GenAnd Or3:47
1Barry AdamsonThe Big Bamboozle3:33
2Juno ReactorHule Lam4:01
3Slick SixtyRecliner Classic3:15
4Gerard PresencerBlah-De-Blah6:05
5Tony RemyReturn Of The Pork Pie4:45
6Jason RebelloJerusalem5:30
7LabradfordE Luxo So - 57:13
9Mick HarveyPink Elephants2:35
10Donna McKevittSweet Wisdom1:17
11Andrei Samsonov*Polusa4:36
12Diamanda GalásExeloume2:38
14PiquetAlone In Stone3:40
15Pan SonicJohto 24:38
16Bruce GilbertIn 3 Minds2:35
1Barry AdamsonRichard, It's Business As Usual (From The Beach)1:35
2Barry AdamsonMr. Eddy's Theme (From Lost Highway)1:53
3Barry AdamsonOdio Amor, Odio Amor (From Gas, Food, Lodging)1:10
4Barry AdamsonGo Johnny (From Delusion)1:28
5Michael GibbsYou're A Dog (From Gregory's 2 Girls)2:23
6Michael GibbsWong Loses It (From Hard Boiled)2:12
7Michael GibbsStrathblair Title Theme (From Strathblair)0:58
8Michael GibbsCharlie (From Whore)1:55
9Andrei Samsonov*Landscape 2 (From Darkness And Light)2:35
10Simon Fisher TurnerFly (From Lava)2:16
11Simon Fisher TurnerThe Pills (From Blue)2:12
12Simon Fisher TurnerMystery (From The Greeks)1:49
13Simon Fisher TurnerBuilding Up (From Gangster No. 1)1:26
14Mick HarveyChopper End Titles (From Chopper)3:35
15Mick HarveySleepy River Swoon (From And The Ass Saw The Angel)2:21
16Mick HarveyTo Have And To Hold End Titles (From To Have And To Hold)1:49
17Mick HarveyWaterland End Titles (From Waterland)2:06
18Alan WilderJezebel Instrumental (From The Monkey's Mask)1:45
19Alan WilderVertigen Instrumental (From Vertigen)2:07
20James JohnstonBlack Milk Theme (From Black Milk)1:56
21James JohnstonMr. Stinkys (From Underworld)1:47
22James JohnstonTravels With Pevsner Theme (From Travels With Pevsner)1:12
23James JohnstonJewess Tattooess Theme (From Jewess Tattooess)2:20
24Ben WatkinsPipes (From Beowulf)1:45
25Ben WatkinsBadumo (From Jet Moto 3)2:41
26Ben WatkinsConga Fury (From Mortal Combat)2:01
27Ben WatkinsI'm Here...Another Planet (From Lost In Space)2:21
28LabradfordWR (From Any Given Sunday)2:56
29Louis PhilippeNora (From The Eternal)2:16
30Louis PhilippeMillennium Minds Theme (From Millennium Minds)0:41
31Louis PhilippeCoctail With Mia (From The Nero Project)2:06
32Louis PhilippeLittle By Little (From Manuke No Kara)1:31
33Richard PrestonI Quite Like To Dream (From Loaded)1:57
34Richard PrestonBad News (From The Nero Project)2:06
35Richard PrestonMy Paula (From He Bounces)2:28
36Bruce GilbertMusic For Fruit (From Fruit)1:11
37Bruce GilbertInsiding (From Insiding)2:16


  • Artwork By [Design]Intro


Full color artwork promo-only release.
Each CD housed in cardboard 'Compac Stud' packaging.
The CDs are in turn house in an outer cardboard slipcase box with the Mute Song logo on the front, rear, and spine, along with the 'Sampler' title.
On rear of outer cardboard slip case:

"Mute Song is an independent music publisher based
in London representing a range of contemporary
recording artists and score composers. We are the
sister company of Mute Records.

This is our sampler.

The discs in this set titled 'Song', 'Dance' &
'Eclectic' cover our recording artists while the
'Score' disc provides you with an audio resume
for Mute Song's score composers.

We endeavour always to provide an efficient and
comprehensive licensing service, extending help
and guidance to licensees whenever needed.

This sampler has been designed with the media
professional in mind. We hope that it becomes a
useful tool for you."

For promo use only
Not for resale



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