Yello - On Track (The Mixes) Gongor

November 16, 2018
One the best track of my life!!! At disco Dsigual in Catalonia

Yello - On Track (The Mixes) gunner323

December 2, 2018
Ya te digo! Cómo sonaba en la mítica sala....Buff! Poca broma!

Yello - On Track (The Mixes) xavdek

October 11, 2016

Great track from "La Bush" a great club in Belgium 90' - 2000
A masterpiece of trance , must have !!

Yello - On Track (The Mixes) as reviewed by Makara

March 13, 2005
edited over 16 years ago

I first heard this track on Paul Van Dyk's Essential Mix from 1997, and then made it my mission to track down a copy. Mission accomplished several years later with two of these (beautifully presented) records, one of which is locked away for my grandchildren :)

Doug Laurent's First Journey Dub is the mix you want - an unmistakable riff, galloping baseline and a sweet breakdown. True classic.