UR* - Codebreaker as reviewed by Disco_Russ

March 15, 2017

i have been a UR fan going back to 1993 and this is still my favourite release, future machine music, awesome!!

UR* - Codebreaker stringz23

January 5, 2017
Still sounds like the future but could do with a louder pressing.

UR* - Codebreaker toloupe

June 21, 2014
B2 was a revelation for me..I entered electronic music via europe; around criminal justice time. Suddenly there was a deeper history, an origin, animal soul and Detroit.

UR* - Codebreaker as reviewed by SoulDancer

August 11, 2004
edited over 16 years ago

I don't know God's Secrets - I mean Mike's ones! - but I would say that this was the beginning of the High Tech Funk concept. But I also want to draw your attention on B2: the track fuses in its dark mood a Morse code which leads you to the name of the producer...

UR* - Codebreaker skullskullskull

February 24, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
I tried to write down the morse code, must have missed a few characters at the end of the track but basically the message I got was a redirection to a url:

" go to www dot submerged dot com "

and that's as far as I got