VariousGuide To Bird Sounds

Label:National Geographic – none
4 x Flexi-disc, 9", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Field Recording


A1-iWestern Grebe: Calls; Dark And Light Phases
A1-iiTundra Swan: Call
A1-iiiTrumpeter Swan: Call, Wingbeat
A1-ivCanada Goose: Calls; Larger And Smaller Forms
A2-iKing Rail: Calls
A2-iiClapper Rail: Call
A2-iiiVirginia Rail: Calls
A2-ivSora: Calls, Whinny
A2-vYellow Rail: Call
A2-viBlack Rail: Calls
A3-iSemipalmated Plover: Call
A3-iiCommon Ringed Plover: Calls
A3-iiiBlack-Bellied Plover: Call
A3-ivLesser Golden-Plover: Call
A3-vGreater Golden-Plover: Call
A3-viGreater Yellowlegs: Call
A3-viiLesser Yellowlegs: Calls
A4-iWilson's Phalarope: Calls
A4-iiRed-Necked Phalarope: Calls
A4-iiiShort-Billed Dowticher: Call
A4-ivLong-Billed Dowticher: Calls
A4-vRuddy Turnstone: Calls
A4-viBlack Turnstone: Calls
B1-iSanderling: Calls
B1-iiDunlin: Calls
B1-iiiSemipalmated Sandpiper: Calls
B1-ivLeast Sandpiper: Call
B1-vTemminck's Stint: Call
B1-viBaird's Sandpiper: Calls
B1-viiPectoral Sandpiper: Call
B2-iArctic Tern: Calls
B2-iiCommon Tern: Calls
B2-iiiForster's Tern: Calls
B2-ivRoseate Tern: Calls
B2-vRoyal Tern: Calls
B2-viCaspian Tern: Calls; Adult And Juvenile
B3-iRed-Shouldered Hawk: Call
B3-iiBroad-Winged Hawk: Call
B3-iiiRed-Tailed Hawk: Call
B4-iRuffed Grouse: Drumming
B4-iiSpruce Grouse: Female Call, Male Flight Display With Wing Clap; "Franklin's"
B4-iiiBlue Grouse: Hooting
B4-ivMontezuma Quail: Call
B4-vScaled Quail: Calls
B4-viGambel's Quail: Calls
B4-viiCalifornia Quail: Calls
B4-viiiMountain Quail: Call
C1-iBlack-Billed Cuckoo: Song
C1-iiYellow-Billed Cuckoo: Songs, Call
C1-iiiMangrove Cuckoo: Song
C2-iLong-Eared Owl: Call
C2-iiGreat Horned Owl: Calls
C2-iiiBarred Owl: Calls
C2-ivGreat Gray Owl: Call
C2-vSpotted Owl: Calls
C2-viEastern Screech-Owl: Trill, Call
C2-viiWestern Screech-Owl: Calls, Trill
C2-viiiWhiskered Screech-Owl: Calls
C2-ixFlammulated Owl: Call
C3-iElf Owl: Calls
C3-iiFerruginous Pygmy-Owl: Call
C3-iiiNorthern Pygmy-Owl: Calls
C3-ivNorthern Saw-Whet Owl: Call
C3-vBoreal Owl: Call
C4-iChuck-Will's-Widow: Song, Call
C4-iiWhip-Poor-Will: Song, Call; Eastern. Song; Southwestern
C4-iiiBuff-Collared Nightjar: Song
C4-ivCommon Poorwill: Song
C4-vCommon Pauraque: Song
C4-viCommon Nighthawk: Call, Wing-Booming Sound
C4-viiAntillean Nighthawk: Call
C4-viiiLesser Nighthawk: Song
D1-iBroad-Billed Hummingbird: Calls
D1-iiWhite-Eared Hummingbird: Calls
D1-iiiBlack-Chinned Hummingbird: Call, Adult Male Wing Whistle, Wingbeat, Chase Notes
D1-ivAnna's Hummingbird: Male Song, Call, Wingbeat
D1-vBroad-Tailed Hummingbird: Adult Male Wing Whistle, Call, Wingbeat
D1-viAllen's Hummingbird: Adult Male Wing Whistle, Call, Chase Notes
D2-iDowny Woodpecker: Whinny, Call, Drumming
D2-iiHairy Woodpecker: Call, Whinny, Drumming
D2-iiiLadder-Backed Woodpecker: Whinny, Call
D2-ivNuttall's Woodpecker: Call, Tapping, Whinny, Drumming
D3-iCassin's Kingbird: Call, Song
D3-iiCouch's Kingbird: Songs, Calls
D3-iiiTropical Kingbird: Calls, Song
D4-iGreat Crested Flycather: Calls, Chatter
D4-iiBrown-Crested Flycatcher: Song, Chatter, Calls
D4-iiiAsh-Throated Flycatcher: Calls, Song
D4-ivDusky-Capped Flycatcher: Calls
D4-vEastern Wood-Peewee: Call, Songs, Chatter
D4-viWestern Wood-Peewee: Calls, Chatter, Songs
D4-viiGray Flycathcer: Song
D4-viiiDusky Flycatcher: Song, Call
D4-ixHammond's Flycatcher: Song
E1-iLeast Flycatcher: Song, Call
E1-iiAcadian Flycatcher: Song, Chatter, Calls
E1-iiiWillow Flycatcher: Song, Call
E1-ivAlder Flycatcher: Song, Calls
E1-vYellow-Bellied Flycatcher: Song, Calls
E1-viWestern Flycatcher: Songs, Call; Pacific Coast. Song, Chatter; Rockies
E1-viiNorthern Beardless-Tyrannulet: Song, Call
E2-iScrub Jay: Calls
E2-iiGray-Breasted Jay: Call
E2-iiiAmerican Crow: Call
E2-ivFish Crow: Call
E2-vMexican Crow: Bullfroglike Call
E2-viChihuahuan Raven: Call
E2-viiCommon Raven: Call
E3-iBlack-Capped Chickadee: Song, Calls
E3-iiCarolina Chickadee: Songs, Calls
E3-iiiChestnut-Backed Chickadee: Song, Call
E3-ivBoreal Chickadee: Calls
E3-vSiberian Tit: Calls
E3-viWhite-Breasted Nuthatch: Song, Call
E3-viiRed-Breasted Nuthatch: Calls
E3-viiiPygmy Nuthatch: Calls
E3-ixBrown-Headed Nuthatch: Calls
F1-iCarolina Wren: Calls, Songs
F1-iiMarsh Wren: Song
F1-iiiSedge Wren: Call, Song
F1-ivCanyon Wren: Song, Call
F2-iArctic Warbler: Song, Call
F2-iiBlue-Gray Gnatcatcher: Calls, Song
F2-iiiBlack-Tailed Gnatcatcher: Calls; Southwestern Desert. Mewing Call; California Coast
F3-iWood Thrush: Song, Call
F3-iiVeery: Song, Call
F3-iiiGray-Cheeked Thrush: Song, Call
F3-ivSwainson's Thrush: Song, Calls
F3-vHermit Thrush: Song, Calls
F3-viAmerican Robin: Song, Calls
F4-iNorthern Mockingbird: Song
F4-iiBrown Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-iiiCurve-Billed Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-ivBendire's Thrasher: Song
F4-vCalifornia Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-viCrissal Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-viiWater Pipit: Calls, Song
F4-viiiSprague's Pipit: Song, Call
G1-iBlack-Capped Vireo: Song
G1-iiWhite-Eyed Vireo: Songs
G1-iiiBell's Vireo: Song
G1-ivHutton's Vireo: Songs, Call
G1-vGray Vireo: Song
G1-viSolitary Vireo: Song; Pacific Coast. Song; Eastern
G1-viiRed-Eyed Vireo: Song
G1-viiiPhiladelphia Vireo: Song
G1-ixWarbling Vireo: Song
G2-iBachman's Warbler: Songs
G2-iiMourning Warbler: Songs, Call
G2-iiiConnecticut Warbler: Song
G2-ivKentucky Warbler: Song, Call
G2-vLouisiana Waterthrush: Song, Call
G2-viNorthern Waterthrush: Song, Call
G3-iBrown Towhee: Song, Call; Southwestern Interior. Call, Song; Pacific Coast
G3-iiAlbert's Towhee: Song, Call
G3-iiiGrasshopper Sparrow: Song, Call
G3-ivBaird's Sparrow: Song
H1-iBachman's Sparrow: Song
H1-iiBotteri's Sparrow: Song
H1-iiiCassin's Sparrow: Song
H1-ivChestnut-Collared Longspur: Song, Rattle Call
H1-vMcCown's Longspur: Song, Calls
H1-viSmith's Longspur: Song, Rattle Call
H1-viiLapland Longspur: Song, Calls
H2-iEastern Meadowlark: Song, Calls
H2-iiWestern Meadowlark: Song, Calls
H2-iiiRed-Winged Blackbird: Song, Calls
H2-ivTricolored Blackbird: Calls, Song
H3-iScott's Oriole: Song
H3-iiOrchard Oriole: Call, Song
H3-iiiHooded Oriole: Calls, Song
H3-ivScarlet Tanager: Song, Call
H3-vSummer Tanager: Song, Call
H3-viHepatic Tanager: Song, Call
H4-iRed Crossbill: Calls
H4-iiCommon Redpoll: Calls
H4-iiiPurple Finch: Calls, Song
H4-ivCassin's Finch: Song
H4-vHouse Finch: Song, Call

Companies, etc.


Released by National Georgraphic Society - Book Service Division

Manufactured by Eva-Tone Soundsheets, Inc., Clearwater, Florida.

Printed in U.S.A.
Copyright (C) 1983 National Geographic Society

Sleeve is a Unipack Gatefold style.

Included with the book The Wonder Of Birds. (First edition: 250,000 copies)

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): EV-A-831581AXST_ 1~2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): EV-A-831581BXST_ 1~6
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C): EV-831582AXST'_ 2-6
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D): EV-A-831582BXST_ 1~6
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E): EV-831583AXST'_ 1~3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F): EV-831583BXST'_ 1~4
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G): EV-831584AXST'_ 2~7
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H): EV-831584BXST'_ 1-6

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