Stevie Wonder - Talking Book ljrgoahead

December 4, 2017
what is difference T-319L and T319L?
cover is same thing...
who know that??

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book jasonsouza77

August 6, 2017
I have got 2 copies of this. both have the cat no T319L. one of them has a black(instead of brown) sleeve. tamla motown black label, gramophone co ltd on the rim of the label. the other has a brown sleeve, tamla motown black label and emi on the bottom rim of the label. also there is a blue insert regarding joining stevie's fan club with a US address enclosed. I'm wondering where are these from. finally, both copies have the same matrices.. hmmmmm

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book shawncalhoun

January 18, 2016
Original pressings contain Braille lettering of Wonder's name and the album title, along with a message not transcribed until the 2000 pressing:

Here is my music. It is all I have to tell you how I feel. Know that your love keeps my love strong.
— Stevie

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Stevie Wonder - Talking Book isaacmusicman

January 11, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
After "Music Of The Mind", nobody knew what to expect from Stevie. Then came, "Talking Book".......What Can You Say!!! This album had everthing!! The Hummungest Hits (Superstition, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life), great uncut Funk (Maybe Your Baby), lovely ballads (You And I, Lookin' For Another Pure Love), even songs for your mind (Big Brother). It was nothing like he ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, released before, and it started for him what I like to call: The Album Revolution! This was the start of nothing but possibilities for Stevie, and like I said before, a gift to us.

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book as reviewed by bartdog

March 21, 2009

Third in line of masterpieces, Talking Book introduced the world to ulitmate creativity. Stevie makes synthetic instruments sound like real insrtuments. Giving them life and sound like never possesed before. The sound sings, as does Stevie. What's more important, his messages of social awareness, and love are ever present. You & I served as my wedding song ( and countless other people ), and Big Brother gave the world a view into Black America and government's rocky relationship. If you do not have this, you are depriving your brain much needed oxygen.