VariousMiniatures, Vol. 1

Various - Miniatures, Vol. 1 album cover
Label:Interpret Null – {min}001
50 x File, FLAC, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Classical
Style:Ambient, IDM, Modern Classical, Neo-Classical, Minimal, Drone


1In Morbid ColoursBefore 1:00
2In Morbid ColoursDuty0:57
3In Morbid ColoursSlough0:59
4In Morbid ColoursAtrophy0:59
5In Morbid ColoursEpitaph1:02
6Peter BroderickWhat Is Natural: Part 1, Swirling Matter0:59
7Peter BroderickWhat Is Natural: Part 2, Incarnation Battle0:53
8Peter BroderickWhat Is Natural: Part 3, Consciousness Imbued0:56
9Peter BroderickWhat Is Natural: Part 4, Impermanence Revealed0:58
10Peter BroderickWhat Is Natural: Part 5: Harmony Acceptance0:58
11GrabekAerial Xperimental0:59
12GrabekEverything Will Be Fine0:59
13GrabekFlaws And Imperfections0:41
15GrabekSnakes Vipers and Ladders0:59
16David AllredPart 1, Breathing0:59
17David AllredPart 2, Reflection0:58
18David AllredPart 3, Dream0:59
19David AllredPart 4, Consciouness0:59
20David AllredFeeling1:02
21Saigon Would Be SeoulThree Act Tragedy0:59
22Saigon Would Be SeoulA Quiet Revolution And A Goodbye0:59
23Saigon Would Be SeoulDead Man's Mirror0:59
24Saigon Would Be SeoulCat Among The Pigeons0:59
25Saigon Would Be SeoulThe Underdog1:01
26Taz ModiAlms For The Poor0:59
27Taz ModiCleansed0:58
28Taz ModiCompletion1:00
29Taz ModiLlyn Peris0:56
30Taz ModiSomeone's Independence Day1:01
31B. FleischmannUnderwater Movie0:57
32B. FleischmannAutumn Movie0:59
33B. FleischmannLate 80's Movie0:59
34B. FleischmannAnimated Movie1:00
35B. FleischmannEnd Titles Of A Short Movie0:58
36A LilyFirst1:00
37A LilyThird1:00
38A LilyFifth1:00
39A LilySixth1:00
40A LilyEighth1:02
41Arms And SleepersMany Moons Ago0:59
42Arms And SleepersSomewhere Between Human1:00
43Arms And SleepersThe Grave Between The Tears1:00
44Arms And SleepersJustice0:59
45Arms And SleepersWhich Is No Longer1:02
46Aidan BakerDrones For A Summer Day (Dawn)1:00
47Aidan BakerDrones For A Summer Day (Impending Rain))1:00
48Aidan BakerDrones For A Summer Day (Clouds Amassing)1:00
49Aidan BakerDrones For A Summer Day (Windstorm)1:00
50Aidan BakerDrones For A Summer Day (When The Sky Clears))1:02


Label Notes:

{int}erpret null is a repository for post-classical and experimental music, founded by Mark McGlinchey (In Morbid Colours) and Mirza Ramic (Arms and Sleepers, Saigon Would Be Seoul) in 2019.

'miniatures vol. 1' is the first label compilation featuring contributions from In Morbid Colours, Peter Broderick, Grabek, David Allred, Saigon Would Be Seoul, Taz Modi, B. Fleischmann, A Lily, Arms and Sleepers, and Aidan Baker.

One of the core concepts of {int}erpret null is the miniatures series, based on the miniature music manifesto. The manifesto asks composers to 1) complete a musical thought; 2) express it in any medium; 3) reuse, reinterpret, redevelop; and 4) not exceed one minute in duration.

'miniatures vol. 1' is made up of 50 miniature compositions, five from each contributing artist.



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