Roger RogerGags À Gogo

Roger Roger - Gags À Gogo album cover
Label:Crea Sound Ltd. – MC 8018
Vinyl, LP
Genre:Electronic, Pop, Children's, Stage & Screen
Style:Synth-pop, Experimental, Parody, Novelty


A1Gags À Gogo2:11
A2Bobby Dog2:28
A3Yogi Bear2:20
A4Puppets Ballet2:07
A5Ghost Romp2:08
A6Funfair Waltz2:18
A7Merry Goose Walk2:25
B1Hen Party2:42
B3Jimmy Jalopy2:03
B4Oh Karina2:21
B5Plouk Polka2:31
B6Beggars Serenade2:06
B7La Cantatrice2:05

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  • ragazzodoro's avatar
    Edited 12 years ago
    I find myself costantly mesmerized and absorbed by this record from day to day that I listen to it.
    I (and maybe you)started feeling in a first approach that this is "that Roger boring all electronic side where he only make comic music" (similar error with "chatta mooga" "funny moogy" etc... all marvellous stuff!)
    But a continuos listening pleasure at high clean volume (put that bass and treble all max up !)I found a magical treasure of HOW THESE "Gags Tracks" makes fun in a retro style.(Lp came from approx year 1976).
    For example if you listen close to "Kookie" you will find how this song makes a parody of "the all time ringing mobile phones" that are always around us !
    How Roger could do that Trip into time to see this actual thing!
    The first side tracks are also one better the other in the gag comic genre: in "Bobby dog" the electronic metallic effects are inter filled that you think some hard piece of metal has landed in the industry outside the window!
    Again in "Yogi Bear" you find consecutive animal-like voicing sounds and plastic like sound music bits that twists&bursts out like flowing water.
    Then "Ghost Romp" is That Absolute Masterpiece Song with flying
    effects and cheesy trippy moog compiled with that magic details care where hyper metallic sounds counterpoints fills songs dynamic into the higher register.
    Second side has more Gags trickery effects patchworks as in "Jimmy Jalopy (or valse dans le vent)" and "Oh Karina" with comic distorted voices & metallic clacsons, wind blowing and warm synths,or in "La Cantatrice" where there's a Soprano voice wrong singing parody wich ends the Lp side with falling down cracking glass noises!
    Among goose & hen animal-like voices,interfilled windy/metallic effects for childrens we find always something that surprise us and every track has a development feel wich change the listening mood, like "Hen party" where relax enter at that warming synth entry at 01:24.
    This is the only Roger Nardini album where multiple amount of sound effects have the purpose to build up song form.
    So the greatness of this album reflects the Roger most known ability: to make a traditional song (polka, waltz, ballet,serenade) or imitative musical gesture(walk,party,animals,children) and innovating it with his personal modern avant feel and attention to minimum details.
    So you can figure it out that I use this lp to relax myself after dinner or late evening!
    You should not be baby enough to love this !
    A pure gem !


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