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    FashionFabrique de luxe

    Label:Gonzo Multimedia – MMXX (HST563CD, HST564CD, HST565CD, HST566CD)
    Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered
    4 x CD, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
    Genre:Electronic, Funk / Soul


    Fabrique - Remastered
    CD1-1Move On3:53
    CD1-2Love Shadow3:40
    CD1-4Dressed To Kill4:15
    CD1-5You Only Left Your Picture4:57
    CD1-6Something In Your Picture3:37
    CD1-7It's Alright4:35
    CD1-8White Stuff (Short Cut)3:05
    CD1-9Do You Wanna Make Love5:51
    CD1-10Slow Blue4:48
    Fabrique - Extended Mixes From 12” Dance Singles
    CD2-1Mutant Dance Move5:47
    CD2-2Smokey Dialogue4:56
    CD2-3Mutant Mix Mechanik8:25
    CD2-4Dressed To Kill (Double Dub)2:51
    CD2-5You Only Left Your Picture (Reggae Reprise)1:04
    CD2-6Alternative Playback (Half Frame)3:06
    CD2-7White Stuff (The Unfinished)8:44
    CD2-8Do You Wanna Make Love (at 5.00 A.M.)6:47
    Fabrique - Cassette Dub Tracks and Unreleased Mixes
    CD3-1Move On (Audio Extra)6:47
    CD3-2Streetplayer-Mechanik (Audio Extra)8:28
    CD3-3Love Shadow (Smokey Dialogue)8:06
    CD3-4Something In Your Picture (Motor Drive)7:32
    CD3-5Mutant Mechanik (7" Mix)3:35
    CD3-6Love Shadow (7" Mix)3:23
    CD3-7Alternative Playback (Full Frame)6:56
    CD3-8Let's Play Dirty (Centrefold)7:45
    CD3-9Love Shadow (US 12" Promo Mix)7:13
    CD3-10Something In Your Picture (Alternative Album Mix)4:16
    MMXIX Extended Remixes
    CD4-1Dressed To Kill (Extended Remix)
    CD4-2Something In Your Picture (Extended Remix)
    CD4-3Do You Wanna Make Love (Extended Remix)
    CD4-4Love Shadow (Extended Remix)
    CD4-5Streetplayer (Extended Remix)
    CD4-6Move On (Extended Remix)
    CD4-7You Only Left Your Picture (Extended Remix)


    A limited numbered box-set (of 1000) containing;

    4 CD's, 60 Page Colour Booklet,
    Signed & Numbered Certificate of Authenticity,
    4 Photos/Prints (8"x10"), A3 Poster,
    Reprint of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens Ticket.

    CD2-3 is mistitled Mutant Mix Mechanik; it is actually a duplicate of CD3-2 Streetplayer - Mechanik (Audiø Extra) with different equalisation.
    CD2-4 Dressed To Kill (Double Dub) fades approximately 3 seconds early.
    CD3-4 & CD3-5 There is a 1 second cross-fade between these tracks.
    CD3-6 & CD3-7 There is a 2 second cross-fade between these tracks.
    CD3-7 There is a small transient click at 1:22 on this track.


    Marky.p's profile picture
    This incarnation of Fashiøn was one of the most cutting edge acts of the early 80’s. Fabrique is one of my all time top 10 albums. It’s criminal that this album stands alone as that line-ups only long player.
    Such a great blend of disco electronic beats and that groovy bass. Dave Harris has written some great catchy tunes and the titles of each track perfectly describe the kind of music you get here.
    Everyone of these should have been a hit single. These songs are made to sing along to.
    Nicely packaged with the book and other elements in a dual layer box with foam cut outs keeping everything safe.
    It’s a little pricey but you have consider that this is essentially a boutique release. If there was a guarantee bigger numbers would sell, then the cost would have, I’m sure, come down.
    I’d love a vinyl box set of this era’s 12” singles reproduced and of course the album in there too.
    That would be just amazing.
    yello99's profile picture
    Being a big Fashion fan for years and seeing them twice perform ‘live’ this review will make complete sense. The only thing I agree with the other reviews is that the sound quality is superb. The 4 c.d. total playing time is disgraceful.The total playing time on all compact discs available is 79’ 59”. The LONGEST playing time on this set is 61’ 14”. Could easily have been released as a double C.D. As for the lavish book. Could easily be condensed to 20 pages at most. The ‘lavish’ box doesn’t even look that good at all. Very basic - Very cheap. As for it being ‘worth every cent’ you are either very rich or totally misguided. At best, this box set should have cost at least half of its going price and that’s at a push. Extremely disappointing.
    JNSO1266's profile picture
    Edited 7 months ago
    Absolutely worth every cent!
    Other box sets should take a cue from this. Vast difference in the sound compared to previous reissues.
    Wonder why the site superdeluxe edition missed out on highlighting this superb set.
    postpunkmonk's profile picture
    There are 1000 sets of his box. Buy in haste or regret in leisure.
    Wadfish's profile picture
    Great album, taking me back to my youth. Fashiøn Fabrique Deluxe Box Set. is Well worth the money.
    johnnychrome's profile picture
    Finally It's fanastic Fashiøn Fabrique Deluxe Box Set <3 Fabrique Global : )~