Dr. OctopusDr. Octopus

Label:Millennium Records – MILL 036-TW
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Trance, Acid


ADr. Octopus9:10
BDr. Octopus (Quazar Mix)9:18



Mastered at The Exchange.


  • MagnificientMusic's avatar
    I finally put my hand on a copy. As was already superbly put together by my fellow acid heads below, this is the finest. My favorite.
    • miccloarch's avatar
      Edited 3 years ago
      The main motif is somewhat of a ripoff of Confusion A - Last Train to Acid (1993), while other clear influences include "Nostrum - True Blue," and "Mega Lo Mania - Moonsign." Even so it's masterfully wrought into a piece of post-1995 Acid Trance brilliance that has its own spirit and creates its own compositional logic, a logic and aesthetic that many would come to copy.
      • pengyone's avatar
        TOP ACID! Way before its time. No cheese at all and a proper build up. Played this recently and got asked where it was from. Got told off when I mentioned it was from '96. Always the sign of a good tune.
        • maroko's avatar
          Indeed this is one of the finest slices of acid induced music ever, in my opinion. The most remarkable aspect of this track is the patient build up. The timing. The music actually sounds like it has a determined goal to achieve, taking time to fully develop. During the initial minutes, a funky beat is dropped, with playful acid synths, but nothing is over the top - no 303 abuse or rabid multi layered climaxes, just amazingly hypnotic party music.
          Then, halfway through the track, we have a grand break down, from which arises a melody with such ferocity, yet so much funk and harmony. Incredible, I tell you! You need to hear this, as it is no "fry your brain with torrents of acid" random explosion, but a skillfully produced TB303 lead, which is just as hypnotic and instantly recognizible as it is complex, berserk and absolutely out of this world. The entire second part of the track is one of the finest moments in acid music history, from where I stand. Acid trance at its finest: constructive, well thought out, cerebral and damn hard. Absolutely classic tune!
          • neurodynamo's avatar
            Edited 15 years ago
            Possibly one of Henry Cullen's AKA D.A.V.E. the Drummer finest acid techno trance moments ! This really must be right out there. A blistering, pulsing underground journey with sick, energetic, adrenalin fuelled 303's and 909's and lots of sweet, twisting, tinkering sounds.

            It really does feel that a Dr. Octopus with all its arms and legs has psychically reached into your brain and squeezed it all about.

            Been lucky enough to hear it many years ago on a fat sound system and well, what a powder keg this tune really is !


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