Midnite (2) - Unpolished as reviewed by H4YC0

May 28, 2020
edited 8 months ago
What a release, for me the BEST reggae album i know. Have listened to some but there's still a lot more to discover for sure, any ideas on albums that come close ;-) is welcome :-) ? And i would love to see a vinyl release of this amazin album as well , Blessingz !

Midnite (2) - Unpolished H4YC0

June 25, 2020
BIG Thanks, very nice one as well ! Any other reggae artists you would strongly recommend ?

Midnite (2) - Unpolished Z-Markovic

June 20, 2020
check this one by Midnite: https://www.discogs.com/de/Midnite-Seek-Knowledge-Before-Vengeance/release/3060937 "Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance" is at least as good as "Unpolished" ;)

Midnite (2) - Unpolished Z-Markovic

November 19, 2019
A vinyl release is long overdue for this gem. One of the best reggae albums ever!

Midnite (2) - Unpolished Gift79

November 16, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
Vinyl release please! Along with the albums Ras Mek Peace, Assini, and Nemozian Rasta this is one of the best Reggae albums of the modern era. And just like Ras Mek Peace you can't even find the CD anymore, much less a much needed vinyl release, nor is it on spotify, streaming platforms, or for purchase on itunes or anywhere - it's crazy. RIP Vaughn Benjamin

Midnite (2) - Unpolished benjamindoe

May 8, 2015
one of the best voices i ever heart!