100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? fischio

June 5, 2018

one of the best rap albums of all times!
great lp!!!!!!!!!!!

100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? DziuraweSample

December 8, 2016
Do anyone have contact to one of member of 100x? I wanted to contact with them.

100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? djscaramanga

September 18, 2015

some of the best ,if not the best, unreleased projects ever.
no fillers, all bangers.
any track is as good,as the tracks on their first two 12"s or even better.
if you are fan of that hardcore,horrorcore, rugged and raw stuff,you'll gonna love it

100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? as reviewed by Goonz

January 22, 2015
It pretty good, but nit for everyone

100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? Goonz

January 22, 2015
This is Rasheed Wallace crew, fan of hardcore hip hop this is for you

100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? as reviewed by drewhuge

January 16, 2014

Some great production ruined by some terrible, terrible rapping. Not all the MC's are bad, but some of them ruin some great beats.

100X* - Whom Shall I Fear? Mr.Tibbs

March 5, 2012

This album is really really killer. I think maybe the initial high price tag may have put some people off but when you think about it, you're getting a 2LP full of unreleased hardcore Philly bangers. I never had a second thought about purchasing this at all, while i have regretted others. I would guess the resale value won't go up much but the price is worth it for all the slammers on here. Point is, I LOVE THIS ALBUM, lol.