The Rolling Stones ‎– Loose Talk

LaserLight Digital ‎– 12 791
CD, Unofficial Release

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1 Geoffrey Giuliano Introduction By Author 6:00
2 Brian Jones (5) and Mick Jagger Trip Over One Another To Be The First To Answer A Wayward Question Tossed At Them By A Reporter, Circa 1964 0:24
3 Tony Mansfield (2) Drummer Of Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas Recalls Working With The Stones In The Early 1960's 0:31
4 Mick Jagger Goes Toe To Toe With A Particularly Dour Member Of The British Media During The Summer Of Love, 1967 0:48
5 Mick Jagger Meets The Press To Discuss The Stones Recent Appearance On The Ed Sullivan Show In The Mid Sixties 1:10
6 Fred Seaman John Lennon's Former Personal Assistant Comments On His Famous Employer's Feelings On The Stones And The Imagined Rivalry Between The Groups 3:29
7 The Beatles Make A Rare Comment On The Rising Popularity Of The Rolling Stones, 1964 0:42
8 Fred Seaman Examines The Latter Day Relationship Between John Lennon And Mick Jagger 1:42
9 Mick Jagger Formally Announces The Ill-fated Altamonte Speedway 1969
Presenter [Announcer] – Michael Lang
10 John Lennon Recalls The So-called "Bad Scene" That Was Altamonte 1:09
11 Mick Jagger And Keith Richards Discuss The Sometimes Surprising Perks Of Touring 0:25
12 Ron Wood Clues Us In One One Of His Favorite Pastimes, While On The Road 0:17
13 Mick Jagger Presents A Prize To A Journalist For The Most Original Question Ever Asked At A Stones' Press Conferance 0:33
14 Keith Richards Gives His Take On The True Value Of Industry Awards 0:40
15 Mick Jagger Remarks On The Pros And Cons Of Performing In A Big Venue Vs A Small Club 0:39
16 Ron Wood Gives Opinion On Pulling Off A Big Show 0:20
17 The Rolling Stones Hold A Lively Press Conferance In New York To Mark The Offical Launch Of Their Super Succesful Steel Wheels Tour 5:51
18 Mick Jagger Standing In For The Other Stones At A European Press Conferance Held To Kick Off The Band's Urband Jungle Tour 8:43
19 Mick Jagger Comments On Bill Wyman's Uncerremonious Departure From The Band After Over Two Decades 0:20
20 Charlie Watts A Rare Word From 0:11
21 The Rolling Stones 1995 Australian Press Conference 4:02
22 Mick Jagger And Keith Richards Lash Out At Australian Government In Rare 1973 Clip 1:01
23 Mick Jagger Remembers Sharing A Drink With The Australian Prime Minister 0:18
24 Boy George Gives His View On The Musical Heritage Created By The Stones And Others Of Their Generation 0:43
25 Geoffrey Giuliano Closing Comments By The Author 3:06