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    Label:Hardcore Mafia – HM8
    Vinyl, 12"
    Style:Hardcore, Gabber


    AHardcore Gabba5:40
    B1Techno Trip5:18

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    Untitled (12", White Label)Hardcore MafiaHM8UKUnknown


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    Edited one year ago
    If anybody has this in VG+ (official release or white label, i don't care) or better condition and is willing to sell it, please let me know.
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    Whilst Deathchant Records became the high standard of Hardcore Techno from England, there were a few British records that went under the radar and are simply astounding, this record is one of them.

    With a rather obvious title, Hardcore Gabba gets the record started at a cracking pace with a kick that's punchy but with a distorted tail. What becomes apparent quickly is Karl Montgomery has a lot of ideas bubbling away and is probably too good to be on Hardcore Mafia. The wonderfully different and exciting synth melodies, hair raising breakdowns and awesome sound effects going in and out of the track. Cutting up the melodies and slicing melodies together like a DJ on the crossfader. On top of that, he seems to be having fun with the kickdrum/drum patterns throughout the track in particular deep in the third act of the track. The track also uses the term "Gabba" and not the more correct "Gabber", I kinda liked this because The Gabba is a sports stadium in my home town of Brisbane. A fantastic start to the vinyl and 200 BPM nonetheless.

    Now I have to describe Techno Trip ....... (not going to do this justice), Techno Trip is one of the greatest Hardcore tracks I've ever heard in my life, its an emotional journey and masterpiece of electronic music. The track starts with the famous beat from N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton but quickly morphs into the classic kickdrum of Chosen Few's Name Of The DJ. In case you thought the exquisite production of Hardcore Gabba was a one off, you'll be proven wrong within 30 seconds. The throbbing synth line and amazing synth work both pleasing your ears and working in the background plus the excellent Eric B and Rakim rap sample, awesome! Probably the cherry on top is the sublime breakdown and entire middle section of the track which still evokes amazing feelings for me 20 years later. Very uplifting, in some ways reminds me of Lenny Dee's Forgotten Moments. I found it amusing that at the same time UK Happy Hardcore producers were making extremely cheesy music consisting of stomach churning breakdowns, yet Monty beat all those producers at their own game. The last breakdown is similar to the first breakdown but once again he's playing around with it like a faithful remix, listening to those Chosen Few beats at the end of the track, I always have a smile on my face. Buy this record for Techno Trip alone.

    Dance is final track on the record and similar in productions terms to Hardcore Gabba. The title comes from "party people let me see if you can dance " from LL Cool J's classic Jack The Ripper. The first synth breakdown sounds like something from a Sci-Fi movie but Monty adding his unique pattern to it, it sounds good. The second synth breakdown sounds like techno going up and down, I'm sure there's a better description of the production technique, it's silly, simple and effective. Even the final breakdown shows Monty still has interesting ideas, it's a shame it's not explored further or ideally added earlier in the track. The only downside is the flat kickdrum used throughout. Regardless, a nice track to finish off the record.

    It's a shame Karl Montgomery didn't write more music like this, similar to Diplomat from Deathchant Records, didn't make that many tracks, but what they did will always be remembered.