No ArtistSound Effects No. 1

Label:BBC Radio Enterprises – RED 47M
Series:BBC Sound Effects – 1
Vinyl, Mono, LP
Style:Field Recording, Special Effects


A1.aThunder - Rumbling Roll0:17
A1.bThunder - Booming Roll0:10
A1.cThunder - Sharp Clap0:10
A1.dThunder - Long, Booming Roll0:35
A1.eRain - Heavy, In Street0:50
A1.fWind - Eerie Or Sinister0:50
Seaside Atmosphere
A2.bHeavy Seawash (On Shingle)0:44
A2.cWater Lapping (Shore Of Loch Broom)0:45
A2.dBathing - Diving (Springboard & Splash)0:10
A2.eBathing - Diving (1 Splash)0:11
A2.fBathing - Diving (Double Splash)0:08
A2.gBathing - Threshing Water0:25
Country Atmosphere
A3.aBirds - Cockerel0:15
A3.bBirds - Chickens0:24
A3.cBirds - A Summer Day0:48
A3.eAnimals - Dog Barking (Bull Mastiff)0:20
A3.fAnimals - Dog Howling (Gordon Setter)0:22
A3.gAnimals - Horse Moves Off, Trots, Stops0:40
A4.aChurch - Evercreech: Ringing To End Of Grandsire Caters0:55
A4.bChurch - St. Nicholas, Hamburg: Tolling0:25
A4.cAlarm - Fire Station Alarm0:14
A5.a1Merton College, Oxford (Quarter)0:15
A5.a2Merton College, Oxford (Half)0:22
A5.a3Merton College, Oxford (Three-Quarters)0:29
A5.bMerton College, Oxford (Chiming & Striking)1:15
A5.c1Domestic - Westminster Chimes (Quarter)0:15
A5.c2Domestic - Westminster Chimes (Half)0:15
A5.c3Domestic - Westminster Chimes (Three Quarters)0:20
A5.dDomestic - Westminster Chimes (Chiming & Striking)0:50
A5.eGreenwich Pips0:05
A6.aCrying - 26 Weeks Old0:30
A6.bPlaying - 36 Weeks Old0:30
A7.aCocktail Party - Animated Background Chatter0:45
A7.bLaughter - Hearty, 30 People0:32
A7.cApplause - Enthusiastic, In Theatre0:29
A7.dCheering - Single Cheer, 100 Men0:05
A7.eCheering - Continuous, Large Crowd0:30
Outdoor Events
A8.aMotor Racing - Start Of Le Mans Race0:40
A8.bMotor Racing - Cars Passing At Le Mans0:40
A8.cPoint-To-Point Meeting - Background, With Bookmakers0:40
A8.dPoint-To-Point Meeting - Horses Passing At The Gallop0:25
A8.eStadium Crowd - Atmosphere During League Match0:45
Special Effects
A9.aExplosions - Close, Sharp Explosion0:06
A9.bExplosions - More Distant, Rumbling0:13
A9.cFireworks - General Display0:43
A9.dFootsteps On Gravel - Man Starts Off, Walks, Stops0:36
A9.e1Door Creaks0:08
A9.e2Door Creaks0:06
A9.e3Door Creaks0:06
Aircraft (Jet) - Trident (3 Jet Engines)
B1.b(Interior) Constant Flight0:46
B1.cPassing Overhead0:54
B1.dLanding & Taxi0:50
B1.eAirport Activity0:36
Aircraft (Propeller) - (De Havilland Dove Twin-Propeller Engine)
B2.b(Interior) Constant Flight0:46
B2.cPassing Overhead0:30
B2.e(Interior) Start Engines, Rev.1:09
B3.aSirens - Liner0:10
B3.bSirens - Tug - Going Astern0:05
B3.cSirens - Ship Answered By Tug0:11
B3.dSirens - Liner (Queen Mary)0:05
B3.eCross-Channel Ferry - Departure Preparations1:10
B3.fCross-Channel Ferry - Seawash At Stern0:26
B3.gCross-Channel Ferry - Engines Running At 18 Knots0:44
B3.hCross-Channel Ferry - Vessel Berthing0:44
Trains (Diesel - English Electric Vulcan 2000 B.H.P.)
B4.aSiren, Train Departs1:00
B4.b(Interior) Constant Run0:45
B4.cPassing At Speed0:25
B4.dArrival In Station1:06
Trains (Steam - British Rail Southern Region)
B5.aWhistle, Train Departs0:30
B5.b(Interior) Constant Run0:45
B5.cPassing With Whistle0:40
B5.dArrival In Station0:42
Motorcar (Wolseley 1660)
B6.aStarts & Departs0:30
B6.b(Interior) Moves Off To Constant Run0:45
B6.cPasses At 60mph0:21
B6.dArrives, Stops, Tick-Over0:26
B6.eDoor Opens & Slams (1 & 2)0:15
B6.fVarious Horns0:19
Police And Fire Service
B7.aPolice Car With 2-Tone Horn - Approaches & Stops0:22
B7.bPolice Car With 2-Tone Horn - Departs0:20
B7.cFire Engine With Siren - Approaches & Stops0:42
B8.aMiddle East - Busy Side Street0:47
B8.bLondon - Oxford Circus0:50
Big Ben
B9Striking 12 O'clock1:25



Original Sleeve Design

The BBC Sound Effects Library is generally acknowledged to be the most comprehensive of its kind in the world, comprising approximately 6,000 recorded sounds. Now, for the first time, a selection of these high-quality recordings - used in BBC Radio and Television productions - has been published and made available to professional and amateur theatrical companies and film-makers. The selection has been edited to present those effects most frequently required in plays and home-movies.

Side I is 26' 39".
Side 2 is 26' 37".

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    Are these effects royalty free
    I have tried to find out but get lost in threads



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