VariousPardon Me For Barging In Like This... (M Squared: Rare Recordings 1979-1983)

Label:Vinyl-on-demand – VOD 62
5 x Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, 10"
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:New Wave, Industrial, Experimental, Minimal, Synth-pop


Waiting For You To Come Home
A1Scattered OrderTanks
Drums [Drum Track]Vidale*
A2Scattered OrderViolent 4
A3Scattered OrderFun
Written-ByThought Criminals*
A4Scattered OrderUntitled
PerformerMichael Prowse
A5Scattered OrderStill Happily
VocalsDru Johnson*
A6Scattered OrderWhat / Not Now
A7Scattered OrderGreek Airport 80
VocalsDru Johnson*
A8Scattered OrderThis Is A Song About Love
Drums [Drum Track]Vidale*
A9Scattered OrderCount Your Blessings
PerformerRobertson*, Filewood*, Prowse*
B1Scattered OrderHold My Cold Hand
B2Scattered OrderGiant
B3Scattered OrderWaiting For You To Come Home
Drums [Drum Track]Simon Vidale
B4Scattered OrderTeenage Romance
B5Scattered OrderBecause They Are More Difficult
Lyrics ByMichael Prowse
PerformerProwse*, Scott Holmes*, Fahey*
B6Scattered OrderLast One / Another Song
B7Scattered OrderMotionless
B8Scattered OrderBlood Is Your Blood
Lyrics ByMichael Prowse
PerformerProwse*, Fahey*
B9Scattered OrderStar Star Delta
PerformerProwse*, Fahey*
Tsk! Not Another Bloody World!
C1Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Modra Inara
Drums [Drum Track]Simon Vidale
C2Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*When A Band Of Men
C3Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Yellow Suit Weighing Machine
Recorded ByShane Fahey
C4Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Put Your Trust In God
C5Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Swimming
Drums [Drumming]Michael Prowse
C6Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*New Zealand
C7Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*I Need The Oven!
C8Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Hydrobes
D1Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*5/4 Fisted Tales Of The Holy Trinity
D2Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*The Master Plan Ain't Worth It
D3Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Corner
D4Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Children
D5Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*Drowning Men
D6Patrick Gibson / The Systematics*We, Him And Us Three (Instrumental)
Style Noodle
E1The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastJacinto
E2The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastUrchin
E3The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastBrooding Buffalo
E4The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastSea Heads 1
E5The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastSea Heads 2
E6The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastIndustrial Baby
F1The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastTournament
F2The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastBroken Down Mission
F3The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastSlo Wasser
F4The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastSloop
F5The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastOld Shoe
F6The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastVexing Questions
F7The Makers Of The Dead Travel FastEveryone A Winner
G1A Cloakroom AssemblyTom
G2A Cloakroom AssemblyClock Tom Snare
G3A Cloakroom AssemblySnaregrrr
G4A Cloakroom AssemblyKeeping Apprehension Time
G5A Cloakroom AssemblyDrolling Rolling
G6A Cloakroom AssemblyTom Tom Tom
G7A Cloakroom AssemblyOver Head Whoop
G8A Cloakroom AssemblyThe Airside
G9A Cloakroom AssemblyThe Swing Box
G10A Cloakroom AssemblyRaft
H1A Cloakroom AssemblyRetreat 1.10
H2A Cloakroom AssemblyRetreat 1.08
H3A Cloakroom AssemblyLast Tuesday Night
H4A Cloakroom AssemblyRetreat 1.11
H5A Cloakroom AssemblyRetreat 1.04
Selection: Your Company's Logo Here*
I1Prod (3) / Michael ProwseKnife On Top
PerformerDrusilla Johnson
I3East End ButchersEating Paper
I4Prod (3) / Michael ProwseDay Glo
I5Jonathan DunsheaA Minute Later The Judge Fell Over The Edge
PerformerMartin Farrington
I6Prod (3)Jet Boy Survives The Fall
J1A Volatile T ShirtMaking Babies In Heaven
J2Height/DismayBlood Pressure In The Sand
PerformerDrusilla Johnson
J3East End ButchersThe Elephant Freak
J4Pleasant PeasantsIranian Rockabilly
J5Shane FaheyCrack In The Radiator Head
PerformerDrusilla Johnson
J7A Volatile T ShirtNautical Engineering
J8Shane FaheyA Run For Your Parlour
What We Did In The Evenings
K1The Systematics*Suicide Beach
K2The Systematics*Vanessa Terratology
K3The Systematics*Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach
K4The Systematics*Die For My House
L1The Systematics*When I'm Older
L2The Systematics*Bovine
L3The Systematics*Look At My Body

Companies, etc.



Limited edition of 600 copies including 16 page book, a numbered certificate and a t-shirt. Each LP comes in its own jacket.
Initial copies (this) include bonus 10".

For their assistance in this project, Jones, Tee and Gibson of M Squared would like to thank:
Phil Turnbull
John Blades
Frank Maier, Vinyl on Demand
Steve Hartmann, Vinyl on Demand
Tom Ellard

All material mastered at King Willy Sound from original cassettes.

For fundamental support in the original M Squared project, thank you:
Mark Tremlett
Fred the landlord
Roger Grierson
and all friends and family of M Squared

A1 recorded at M Squared 26th December 1979.
A2 recorded sometime in 1980. A different version with lyrics appeared on the M Squared Christmas cassette release More Songs That Will Never Be Released.
A3 recorded sometime in 1980.
A4 late 1981 recording.
A5 recorded sometime in 1980.
A6 1980 recording.
A7 recorded 1980. Not the 1984 "Dancing Foot" version.
A8 recorded sometime in 1980.
A9 March 1981 M Squared studio recording.
B1 live in Melbourne, 13th Feb. 1982.
B2 recorded sometime in 1980.
B4 was originally released on the M Squared Christmas cassette release More Songs That Will Never Be Released.
B5 dateline 1983. Recorded in the "I Feel So Relaxed With You" sessions.
B7 grew into the song "Bent Up". Recorded early 1980.
B8 "I Feel So Relaxed With You" out-take from 1983.
B9 late 1983.
C1 recorded 1982.
C2 originally made available on one side of the limited edition cassette release Two Separate / Is The Truck On Fire?. Recorded 1982.
C3 recorded c. 1983.
C4 recorded 1982.
C5 recorded 1981.
C6 recorded 1982.
C7 recorded 1982.
C8 recorded c. 1983.
D1 recorded c. 1983
D2 recorded c. 1983. Intended for the follow up to the "One Stop Shopping" compilation on Terse.
D3 recorded c. 1983.
D4 recorded 1982.
D5 and D6 recorded 1983.
E1 to E3 and E6 to F7 recorded at Pete's Mum & Dads, Shane's flat at Pymble & house at Fairlight, Sydney between 1979 & 1982.
E4 and E5 recorded live at 2MBS FM Radio Station in 1981, thanks to Alessio Cavallaro.
G1 to H5 assembled at M Squared Studio 1981-83. Refitted October 2008.
G1 to G7 from Too Seperate & Tom Tom Tom (1981).
G8 to G10 and H3 from Trace And Rumble / When My Antenna Won't Start (1982).
H1, H2, H4 and H5 from "Retreat" (1983) [never officially released].
I1 and I4 released on the M Squared shared cassette Two Separate / Is The Truck On Fire?.
I2 appeared on the Fast Forward cassette magazine Fast Forward 008/009: Annual Report released December 1981.
I3, I5, J1, J3, J4 and J7 appeared on the 1980 Christmas cassette release More Songs That Will Never Be Released.
I6 an unreleased track from mid 1981.
J2 and J6 are unreleased tracks from 1981.
J5 and J8 are from the shared cassette Two Separate / Is The Truck On Fire?.
K and L recorded live at the Capital Theatre

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