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HijokaidanThe Noise ザ・ノイズ - 30th Anniversary - 1979-2009

Label:Alchemy Records (2) – ARCD-187 / 216
30 x CD, Compilation, Remastered
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Abstract, Noise, Experimental


1979.10.2 At 京都・十字屋太秦スタジオ
1-1オリジナル非常階段*Track 111:15
1-2オリジナル非常階段*Track 216:53
1979.11.16 At 京都・十字屋太秦スタジオ
1-3オリジナル非常階段*Track 18:41
1-4オリジナル非常階段*Track 212:01
1-5オリジナル非常階段*Track 311:29
1979.11.18 At 京都・どらっぐすとうあ
3-1オリジナル非常階段*1979.11.27 At 京都・同志社大学至誠館38:44
1980 At 京都・十字屋太秦スタジオ
4-1HijokaidanTrack 16:34
4-2HijokaidanTrack 25:08
4-3HijokaidanTrack 39:42
4-4HijokaidanTrack 43:04
4-5HijokaidanTrack 59:24
4-6HijokaidanTrack 63:13
4-7HijokaidanTrack 79:39
蔵六の奇病 (創造道場完全版)
5-1Hijokaidanマントヒヒ(大阪)Apr.26 19811:22
5-2Hijokaidan磔磔(京都)Apr.19, 19816:05
5-3Hijokaidan創造道場(大阪)Nov.3, 1980 (完全版)20:01
5-4Hijokaidan新宿ロフト(東京)Aug.28, 19818:39
5-5Hijokaidan慶応大学日吉315教室(神奈川)Jun.27, 19817:47
5-6Hijokaidan同士社大学至誠館24教室(京都)Nov.27 198116:21
6-1Hijokaidan1984.11.18 At 大阪・エッグプラント37:48
1985.2.10 At 東京・池辺楽器スタジオ
7-1HijokaidanTrack 19:09
7-2HijokaidanTrack 28:49
7-3HijokaidanTrack 327:23
7-4HijokaidanTrack 410:45
7-5HijokaidanTrack 513:06
1985.3.24 At 大阪・エッグプラント・スタジオ
8-1HijokaidanTrack 17:19
8-2HijokaidanTrack 215:56
8-3HijokaidanTrack 39:02
8-4HijokaidanTrack 413:27
8-5HijokaidanTrack 516:39
8-6HijokaidanTrack 64:06
9-1Hijokaidan1985.4.25 At 東京渋谷・東横劇場13:01
9-2Hijokaidan1985.8.9 At ジョン・ダンカン・セッション10:18
9-3Hijokaidan1985.12.29 At 東京・都立家政スーパーロフト32:41
10-1Hijokaidan1986.1.4 At 大阪・エッグプラント18:52
10-2Hijokaidan1986.10.2 At 渋谷・ラママ21:47
11-1Hijokaidan1987.1.3 At 大阪・エッグプラント13:41
11-2Hijokaidan1987.7.5 At 東京・新宿ロフト23:12
11-3Hijokaidan1987.8.16 At 大阪・エッグプラント23:14
12-1Hijokaidan1987.8.17 At 京都・鬼市場3:08
12-2Hijokaidan1987.9.11 At 大阪・エッグプラント15:33
12-3Hijokaidan1987.11.21 At 大阪・アウトクラブ24:40
12-4Hijokaidan1987.11.22 At 京都・工業繊維大学10:56
13-1Hijokaidan1988.1.11 At 東京・新宿ロフト26:33
13-2Hijokaidan1988.3.12 At 東京・新宿アンティノック19:58
14-1Hijokaidan1989.2.18 At 大阪・エッグプラント30:43
14-2Hijokaidan1989.9.2 At 大阪・エッグプラント15:00
15-1Hijokaidan1990.3.18 At 東京・新宿アンティノック31:20
15-2Hijokaidan1990.11.25 At 大阪・ファンダンゴ16:00
15-3Hijokaidan1990.12.26 At 東京・ヘブンズドア21:50
16-1Hijokaidan1991.6.1 At 東京・原宿クロコダイル22:19
16-2Hijokaidan1991.9.21 At 大阪・ファンダンゴ27:48
1992 雑音伝説 DISK3
17-1HijokaidanWe've Gone Upstream29:42
1992 雑音伝説 DISK4
18-1HijokaidanBacic Policy4:54
18-2HijokaidanKept Waited So Lomg-Live At Antiknock 92061330:53
19-1Hijokaidan1992.11.17 At 東京・インクスティックスズエファクトリー34:58
19-2Hijokaidan1993.9.23 At 東京・高円寺屋根裏Ⅱ20:31
20-1Hijokaidan1994.7.9 At 神奈川・川崎クラブチッタ25:42
20-2Hijokaidan1994.11.6 At 東京・早稲田大学11:09
20-3Hijokaidan1995.4.11 At 東京・渋谷ラママ18:24
21-1Hijokaidan1996.9.9 At 東京・高円寺ショーボート17:01
21-2Hijokaidan1996.12.1 At 東京・高円寺20000V27:36
22-1Hijokaidan1998.8.1 At 名古屋・クラブクアトロ36:36
22-2Hijokaidan1999.3.28 At 盛岡・ペルソナホール23:54
22-3Hijokaidan1999.10.30 At 東京・新宿ロフト13:03
23-1Hijokaidan2000.11.17 At アメリカ・コネチカット31:32
23-2Hijokaidan2002.3.31 At 東京・吉祥寺スターパインズカフェ36:15
24-1Hijokaidan2003.11.22 At 東京・池袋手刀19:06
24-2Hijokaidan2004.10.23 At 札幌・スピリチュアル・ラウンジ28:49
25-1Hijokaidan2005.10.15 At スコットランド・インスタール0535:26
25-2Hijokaidan2006.4.25 At 東京・秋葉原グッドマン25:11
26-1Hijokaidan2007.6.27 At 東京・新大久保アースダム37:13
26-2Hijokaidan2008.2.10 At 福岡・グラーフ31:02
27-1Hijokaidan2009.4.25 At 東京・明大前スタジオ テイク124:13
27-2Hijokaidan2009.4.25 At 東京・明大前スタジオ テイク218:27
27-3Hijokaidan2009.4.25 At 東京・明大前スタジオ テイク630:25
28-1T ・ 美川*We Buy N?14:21
28-4コサカイフミオ*心臓抜き、 冷たく(“L'Arrache-Coeur”, Frozen)6:39
28-5JunkoSleeping Beauty15:20

Companies, etc.



Released in a sturdy gloss laminated cardboard box (13,5 × 15,0 × 11,5 cm), CDs are housed in triple jewel cases, all 10 jewel cases packaged in a box together with 32-page b/w booklet, which contains liner notes in Japanese and English, photos, discography and live events data.

New boxes comes sealed, with info-sheet attached to the back side. Jewel cases sealed with small stickers.

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

All material is previously unreleased, except:
CD 5 which is a the whole 蔵六の奇病 album from 1982. Except for track 3, which is the full-length version.
CD 17 & CD 18 which are disc 3 and 4 from 雑音伝説 (The Neverending Story Of The King Of Noise) box set from 1992.
CD 28, track 5 which is the A-side of the Sleeping Beauty LP from 2002.

Digital remastered, LM Studio 2009.

©Hijokaidan ℗Alchemy Records 2009

Special Thanks: THE 原爆オナニーズ、ザ・スターリン、S.O.B, Subvert Blaze, Acid Mothers Temple, とうめいロボ、須原敬三、Yuichi Zibiki, Masaki Nakatani, Yusen Kuroda ......

"Occasional lack of clarity in sound is included intentionally by the artist. Hope you enjoy."

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Box, Text): 4 580294 300063
  • Barcode (Box, Scanned): 4580294300063
  • Other (Price (Tax Included)): 52500円
  • Other (Price (Excluding Tax)): 50000円
  • Other (CD1 Catalog Number): ARCD-187
  • Other (CD2 Catalog Number): ARCD-188
  • Other (CD3 Catalog Number): ARCD-189
  • Other (CD4 Catalog Number): ARCD-190
  • Other (CD5 Catalog Number): ARCD-191
  • Other (CD6 Catalog Number): ARCD-192
  • Other (CD7 Catalog Number): ARCD-193
  • Other (CD8 Catalog Number): ARCD-194
  • Other (CD9 Catalog Number): ARCD-195
  • Other (CD10 Catalog Number): ARCD-196
  • Other (CD11 Catalog Number): ARCD-197
  • Other (CD12 Catalog Number): ARCD-198
  • Other (CD13 Catalog Number): ARCD-199
  • Other (CD14 Catalog Number): ARCD-200
  • Other (CD15 Catalog Number): ARCD-201
  • Other (CD16 Catalog Number): ARCD-202
  • Other (CD17 Catalog Number): ARCD-203
  • Other (CD18 Catalog Number): ARCD-204
  • Other (CD19 Catalog Number): ARCD-205
  • Other (CD20 Catalog Number): ARCD-206
  • Other (CD21 Catalog Number): ARCD-207
  • Other (CD22 Catalog Number): ARCD-208
  • Other (CD23 Catalog Number): ARCD-209
  • Other (CD24 Catalog Number): ARCD-210
  • Other (CD25 Catalog Number): ARCD-211
  • Other (CD26 Catalog Number): ARCD-212
  • Other (CD27 Catalog Number): ARCD-213
  • Other (CD28 Catalog Number): ARCD-214
  • Other (CD29 Catalog Number): ARCD-215
  • Other (CD30 Catalog Number): ARCD-216
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): YMC_09_05_29_01
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): YMC_09_05_29_02
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3): YMC_09_05_29_03
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4): YMC_09_05_29_04
  • Matrix / Runout (CD5): YMC_09_05_29_05
  • Matrix / Runout (CD6): YMC_09_05_29_06
  • Matrix / Runout (CD7): YMC_09_05_29_07
  • Matrix / Runout (CD8): YMC_09_05_29_08
  • Matrix / Runout (CD9): YMC_09_05_29_09
  • Matrix / Runout (CD10): YMC_09_05_29_10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD11): YMC_09_05_29_11
  • Matrix / Runout (CD12): YMC_09_05_29_12
  • Matrix / Runout (CD13): YMC_09_05_29_13
  • Matrix / Runout (CD14): YMC_09_05_29_14
  • Matrix / Runout (CD15): YMC_09_05_29_15
  • Matrix / Runout (CD16): YMC_09_05_29_16
  • Matrix / Runout (CD17): YMC_09_05_29_17
  • Matrix / Runout (CD18): YMC_09_05_29_18
  • Matrix / Runout (CD19): YMC_09_05_29_19
  • Matrix / Runout (CD20): YMC_09_05_29_20
  • Matrix / Runout (CD21): YMC_09_05_29_21
  • Matrix / Runout (CD22): YMC_09_05_29_22
  • Matrix / Runout (CD23): YMC_09_05_29_23
  • Matrix / Runout (CD24): YMC_09_05_29_24
  • Matrix / Runout (CD25): YMC_09_05_29_25
  • Matrix / Runout (CD26): YMC_09_05_29_26
  • Matrix / Runout (CD27): YMC_09_05_29_27
  • Matrix / Runout (CD28): YMC_09_05_29_28
  • Matrix / Runout (CD29): YMC_09_05_29_29
  • Matrix / Runout (CD30): YMC_09_05_29_30
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI L491
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 8508


93wergo's avatar
Also previously released:
Disc 6: a short excerpt was included on 'The Neverending Story Of The King Of Noise' as "Live At Eggplant 841118."
93wergo's avatar
Also previously released:
Disc 9 track 2 is identical to "HK With John Duncan" from 'The Neverending Story Of The King Of Noise' box.
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I found it hard to try writing a single review of the whole box without trying to get into the depth of each disc, so I decided to write a little on each disc in this box before I came to a conclusion. I'm sorry to say that discogs does not allow you to use more than 1,000 words in a review, so I decided to jump straight to the conclusion here, but for those interested in reading about every individual disc, do a simple google search for "ambolthue reviews" to get the whole thing.

This box-set has shitloads of variation. Mainly noise, but touching into other genres as well. Distortion and purity goes hand in hand on these 30 discs. It's strange to say it, but it's not too much music put into one box. It's just the right amount actually.
If you want to get into noise and don't know where to start, and you're ready to put some money into a good investment, buy this box. It's a good introduction to the harsh noise scene and you'll get to know why Japanese noise has become the king amongst noise-nations, and of course, why Hijokaidan has become the "king of noise"! High-pitch and low-pitch, complicated and simple, trashy and beautiful, you'll get it all! It's inspiring, and sometimes just makes you want to get up and noise along with the band. I even managed to enjoy some discs at a low volume (wouldn't like to wake up the neighbours at 4AM) which always is a quality-proof in noise records. A very physical release, both in sounds and presentation. Comes in a very good looking box with a booklet stuffed with pictures and a very interesting story of the band written by the man himself, Jojo Hiroshige. I can't say enough good things about it, so I just stop here. My hat goes off for the one and only… Hijokaidan.