SlugnoidThe Revenge

Slugnoid - The Revenge album cover
Label:Mokum Records – FKH-LTD 026
Series:F**king Hardcore Limited – FKH-LTD 026
Vinyl, 10", Limited Edition
Style:Hardcore, Gabber


AThe Revenge5:06



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    Wow, lots to say here but I'll do my best to remain relatively concise.

    Let's start with 5AM. And in that regard, I notice the listing here does not include the category "happy hardcore," which I would argue 5AM definitely is. But in so classifying it as such, I will simultaneously declare the track to be the best happy hardcore tune I've heard. As I've mentioned elsewhere, that sub-genre has never been my favorite but because I dated a girl in the mid/late '90s who was really into it, I am familiar with several old-school anthems and legendary tracks in the genre. But this track here hits harder, seems a little nastier, and takes on a slightly more serious vibe than most of the old-school happy hardcore I know. It's like this track is the sonic answer to the question, "what would a happy hardcore track sound like with a more intense vibe and fuck-off kick-drum/bassline combo?" There's even some light acid sprinkles thrown in along the way. So in the wider context of hardcore/gabber more generally, maybe not my fave track ever, but again, the best happy hardcore I've ever heard, and not by a small margin, either. 4/5.

    "The Revenge" is closer to what I expected to hear when I learned of this release, rockin' hardcore in that "early"/gabber style. The hip-hop vibe in this one is high, not only because of the pitched-up sample, but also old-school style scratching sounds that pop in and out a couple times. Then an intriguingly dark breakdown pops in, with a lovely dribbling "melody" that is both sinister and delicate (if that makes any sense), after which the brain-thumping percussion returns with a vengeance (see what I did there? Sigh, I'll show myself out...). But before this track heads for the exit, it drops a tasty and tightly coiled acid segment right near the end, with the pitch and character of the acid work rapidly evolving through three schemes, the last one my favorite. Genius, fucking brilliant, and lots more superlative compliments. Take a bow, Slugnoid. 5+/5.


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