Jaïa - Blue Energy SpiritualZombie

February 18, 2016

This is an amazing album full of love and light :)

I had to check out who gave it 1 rating. Looks like it's the same old story of jealousy and childish nonsense. Sad.

Jaïa - Blue Energy Andromeda-LSD

August 31, 2015

Jaia - Mai Mai, the best goa tracks ever.

Jaïa - Blue Energy raver1990

November 25, 2012
edited over 7 years ago

when i listened to this album, all my reaction was "wooooow". it is such a great album in a mixed form. it takes us to go on an incredible musical journey: rhythmic, melodic, powerful, speedy, spacey, trippy, hypnotic, progressive. the starting and ending were just peaceful. I like the album as a whole piece, but my favorite track is Maï Maï, very trippy sound and intensively progressive. i wish i could live in the music and dance forever.

Jaïa - Blue Energy jagrwin

June 27, 2008
edited over 10 years ago

Great CD. Definitely a must own!

Jaïa - Blue Energy as reviewed by bolle88

June 2, 2005
edited over 14 years ago

The two ambient tracks (#1 and #8) are masterpieces for sure...Especially #8: After the Rain...Music doesn't get any more beautiful than that...It's hard to describe, you have hear it yourselves...

But the cd has more than two of the greatest ambient-tracks ever, it also have some really great full-on goa/trance-tracks...Anawa's Paradise, Breathing Ocean, Brainstorm, Nasty Angel and especially Maï Maï are some really great tracks, with a quality few producers have capacity to achieve...

If you want more brilliant ambient from Jaïa, check out his works on the Sky Dancing: Nada Masala-compilations from Dakini Records...It wont dissapoint you who love lush, dreamy, hypnotic and most of all, beautiful ambient...