VariousOccii Compilation Deluxe Edition

Various - Occii Compilation Deluxe Edition album cover


1OCCii Soundcheck
3Floris VanhoofHoofdvogel
4Little MoviesLil' Flicks
5James PantsWant You
6Design A WaveJockie At The Occii
7Peaking LightsThe Other Side
8Janet PaxoA Flat Tyre In Springtime
9Nadja (5)OCCii Drones - Live 2011-09-15
10Jordan GCZMy Fretless Also Plays A Fretless
11Davy KehoeNight Drift
12SK U KnoJune
13Fizzy VeinsDarts Champ
14Tapes (2)Buchla Funk (Dubplate Mix)
15Spuk DiskPowercut
16YPYNeko Mad
17Steven WarwickDo You Know
19Young DruidWolfgang Club
20Robert BergmanElectrified Fence
21Pool (9)Studio Alex
22TBZ (2)Practice
ProducerTBZ (2)
ToastingJaywalker (8)
23Lieven MartensPure
24∆D∆E∆W∆Pyse Pldte
25Ron MorelliTrue Psych Rock
Edited ByPissflaps
26Lolina (2)WTS
Recorded By, ProducerLolina (2)
27Rabih BeainiOCCii-O
28Kraus (2)Sugar Ice
29ManisdronHikari To Tsuba
30Torn HawkReturn To Innocence
31Palaces (2)Bruises
OrganMonica Tormell
Written ByLisa Germano
32AardvarckMonkey See Nothing
33Knalpot Dub*Kom Terug Mike (Supertje Speciaal Edit) Live
DrumsGerri Jäger
Edited BySandor Caron
EffectsCarlos Dalla-Fiore
Electric GuitarRaphael Vanoli
Mixed BySandor Caron



This is a charity fundraiser release for Amsterdam's OCCii - an independent music venue situated in a building complex that was squatted in 1984 then legalized in 1992. OCCii has since developed into a unique social centre for alternative music and other arts.

All music is exclusive to this compilation (at the time of release, May 2021), and was kindly donated by the artists featured to show their support for the venue and it's activities. Most have played at the venue (some numerous times and in various formations), while others remain high on the list of booking dreams that we are now even more obliged to make come true. A huge thank you to all of them.

The entire compilation was generously mastered by The Bastard and the artwork comes courtesy of Johann Kauth (Stenze Quo)

All profits (after bandcamp and paypal have taken their bit) will go directly to OCCii to assist them during this troubling time.



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