Max Underson, StekkeUniversal Law

Label:Sketches Records – SKT015
2 x Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Stereo


A1The Messenger12:31
B1The Overriding11:14
C1The Overriding (Melchior Productions Ltd. Remix)13:01
D2Guidance (XDB Remix)

Companies, etc.



Limited Pressing - 300 Copies



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    Considering the context of the label, and what "Sketches" represents sonically, this is a very fine micro-house/minimal release. The original tracks fit right in on Sketches and treat you to really nice warm bass, percussion, and tracks that will stand the test of time. I know they will stand the test because micro house peaked a long time ago. There's no new fad to ride here, no wave to fall off of. The collectors buying this material know exactly what they are signing up for.

    I follow Melchior pretty hard, as I find his productions and sample choices to be absolutely professional. The creativity and chance-taking seems endless. His patented Melchior formula never gets old to me, which is why I probably have 25 of his original titles and remixes at this point. Sometimes I flip through them and think that its too much, but then my better senses take over. (Obviously there is no such thing).

    A1 through D1 are all on the same energy level. Let's call it 5 out of 10. If you need something with more busy-ness and peak hour "pop" to it the XDB is the only track here that offers that increase. Sometimes a dj set needs an impetus to move the electrons up to a higher energy orbital. XBD's slick rolling version is up for the challenge.
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      After staring at this release in the marketplace for 18 months, and clearly knowing it wasn't officially released yet, I happily received my copy of this in the mail today. For the record, it does need to be said that this record was released in June, 2023, not in 2022. It looks like Sketches and Stekke themselves have been the ones updating this in the DB, and while i'm sure they've had their copies for 18 months now, the rest of the world is finally just now getting theirs.

      Most of this release is really really good thankfully, so the wait was worth it. Getting the mediocre out of the way first, the XDB remix doesn't flow with the rest of the record at all, and seems tacked on at the end. It's a shorter abbreviated mix of the track before it, and really doesn't offer much at all in comparison with the rest. Luckily it's the shortest track and at the end, so it can be easily skipped. The three original Stekke/Underson tracks are very good indeed, and the artists are extending what they so gracefully do: produce long and warm minimal techno. My favorite of the three originals is "The Messenger", slowly building into a a nice melody but not pulling back on the beats and groove.

      The real gem here, though, is the Melchior remix. We all know that he's a total pro and has been for a long time now, but he turns in one of his greatest ever remixes here. He does what he normally does with his remix: slowly builds the groove and beats until a hint of melody starts trickling in before it starts to take over. He also uses an irresistible vocal sample that sounds more like a euphoric "chirp!" than anything else. I can see dance floors really starting to move when this song comes on. I deeply respect Melchior, and this is one of his finest productions in some time.

      It's easy to recommend this release for the Stekke/Underson originals, and the Melchior remix upgrades that recommendation to a must-buy.
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        where can i listen to it? is it released ?


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