Damian Hirst*, Kate MossUse Money Cheat Death

Label:White Cube – DHKM 99
Vinyl, 12", Single Sided, Limited Edition, Numbered, White
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Spoken Word, Experimental


AUse Money Cheat Death


Numbered on small silver sticker inside sleeve out of 666.

"[edition number]/666, EBUC ETIHW"


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    Edited one year ago
    I have just the sleeve to this release. If you are a collector and want just the sleeve, feel free to get in touch.
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      I bought this record in Sept. 2009 from ebay and it was exactly as described. Re Damien vs Damian, by the way, I think the typo might not be a typo at all: as a perfectionist, and with the money I would have being Hirst, I would just send to be repressed a record bearing a mistake. But think of the fact that it was released in 666 copies: the name Damian has been famously associated with the figure of the child son of the devil: , so he probably did that intentionally to rise our attention to his pun. Sure, also Damien has the same association (even more popularly, see The Omen) but probably without this "misprint" we wouldn't have noticed it...
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        British artist Damien (please note spelling - Damien NOT Damian) Hirst published his iconic picture of Kate Moss' dissected face on the cover of TAR magazine. Then had the brilliant (from a marketing point of view) idea of issuing a limited edition 12 inch single with the picture on the cover. The record is a one-sided, white vinyl disc with a mainly monotonous beeping interrupted by what is purported to be Kate Moss' voice in telephone call mode for about 30 seconds, then more beeping and finally Damien Hirst himself telling us that it's okay for artists to earn money. The record is complete rubbish. I rate it 0.5 only for the cheek of releasing it at all. However, it's already a collectors' item, so what do I know?


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