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    Arnau Sala Saez*Déficit de Atención y Distracción Profunda


    1Déficit de Atención y Distracción Profunda
    SpeechVioleta Mayoral



    Recorded, processed and arranged in Barcelona, October 2020.

    "The sound pieces that accompany this text are the beginning of a study around the creative potentials of distraction as a tool for self-knowledge and active listening. This sound exercise is based on the characteristics of attention defined by psychology (amplitude, intensity, oscillation, control), as well as on the factors that influence it. I focuses specifically on external determinants and the theories like the distraction conflict by Glenn S. Sanders, Robert S. Baron, and Danny Moore, or Gordon Allport's social facilitation, since these carry values ​​that I can apply a priori to sound manipulation tools.

    To process the sound source I assign values and compare or search for those with the highest absolute value. The results are short samples, examples with which I have worked under a wide freedom of decision in terms of dynamics, probabilities or aesthetic decisions. In this first phase of the project, I have preferred not to pursue analytical rigor and leave room for more open and less rigid possibilities from a creative point of view. I am interested in observing the behaviors that occur when the properties of attention are translated into coordinates or define dynamics in the sound and visual composition.

    This research also outlines some first questions in a more political dimension which ask about how different pathologies such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD) are defined as dysfunctional within a capitalist productive environment. I also intended to reflect on our capacity and processes of managing attention in a period defined by over-information and new forms of communication based on constant and immediate stimuli, thus questioning the idea of ​​success or failure in a productivist context. In the same way, it explores the opposite poles of some recurring practices of the last decades in experimental music or sound art, by contrasting, for example, concepts such as "deep listening" or "sonic awareness" by Pauline Oliveros, and techniques like meditation or Buddhist philosophies, with some distracting phenomena. In this way, I intend to explore the limits of attention and investigate new paths close to intuition or unconscious decision-making as a possible phenomenon capable of generating new consciences."