Grace Jones - Nightclubbing REENO

February 25, 2020
I see many reviews praising the quality on this pressing. I don't have a copy to confirm, but I sure wish this were a "deluxe 2 disc" edition with all the full, uncut 12" mixes that came out at the time.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing tonyknezovic

February 24, 2020

Perfect pressing by all means!Dead quiet surface noise,centered,flat..
Sound stage is outstanding!Very warm and open.No sibilance,deep bass.Perhaps a little better than original pressing.
Kill me,that is my opinion,Really.Perfect job done here.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing as reviewed by Bittermandel

December 28, 2019
Very good pressing and sound quality. I also have the UK original pressing from 1981. This is way better.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing as reviewed by Big_Tabs

August 8, 2018

Sonically amazing remaster of a Grace Jones classic. You can easily hear this is a superb pressing - even on a modest system this will sound good. Well done the 'Back To Black' (sub) label, another class bit of vinyl. This record gets into my 'show off yer system' pile.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing as reviewed by hfillmore

January 21, 2018
Very dynamic and incredibly quiet pressing. Superb! No-frills single sleeve, nicely printed.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing pedrojoao

November 19, 2015
Any comment on the sound and packaging quality?

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing md178

December 17, 2016
Sound quality is excellent, plain white inner, cover art on labels.

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing Dronerivers

March 4, 2016
I would say very good to both, if not excellent

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing EnicioEleyes

December 7, 2015

I'vr received a brand new copy of this LP. The packaging is standard and comes with a download code. The sound quality is really good ;-)