Shemale (2) ‎– Supreme Beings

Vinyl, 12", Mini-Album, Limited Edition


A1 Hyborian 2:33
A2 Blood Ritual 6:04
A3 Evil Winds 5:10
B1 North Sea Funeral 5:27
B2 Supreme Beings 3:23



300 hand numbered copies. No repress
Written on the back cover: "Recorded at the atomic allotment"


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August 20, 2016
edited 10 months ago
Supreme Beings by the robotoid being called Shemale, brings another installment of dark futuristic klankly soundtrackish electro . You'll vividly imagine hooded humanoids forming a triangle at midnight on top of a spooky mountain on a stormy night. I can not emphasise enough how "cinematic" these tracks are, you really can almost see films being made just to complement each one. And to think that some people think electronic music is all fun and games (Edm ravers) , let a brave soul venture into this dark realms of Bunker and the Shemale synthoid.


April 26, 2011

And then there is "SHEMALE". who has composed four EP's of thee absolute darkest, sickest, & wickedest electro
industrial sounding wizardry ever put
to vinyl. In fact the word dark isn't even dark enough to describe the awesome creepiness that Shemale's music imbibes within your withering carcass. It's like the tormented soundtrack to a post apocalyptic environment of despair and nuclear fallout. It sounds disturbing but I can't get enough of it. Shemale is thee ultimate sickness!!!


November 24, 2009
Falco Invernale Records say it “focus on the exploration of various faces and interpretations of contemporary electronic music with artists displaying their own personal world” and with this second release they prove themselves right. After the rather italo-influenced electropop of the first FIR release (Tobias Bernstrup 12”, see below), SHEMALE is much more dark, with great reminiscence to Sleep Museum, using analog synths and drum machines (Roland TR-606). The tracks one here range from dark minimal to industrial soundscapes (“Evil Winds”) and psycho killer movie soundtracks à la John Carpenter (“North Sea Funeral”). SHEMALE has already released three 12”s on the well known Dutch label Bunker Records, and its story is that “a failed laboratory experiment in the Bio-weapons division of the military-industrial complex known as ManCorp, mysteriously transformed mild-mannered lab technician Pete Plus+ into the SHEMALE a hybrid humanoid robot … SHEMALE retreated from the world into a parallel universe to create dark, dystopian machine-music, influenced by a synthetic dream of Hyperborea the land beyond the North Wind.” Alrighty then…