The Cars - The Cars PressureChief

August 17, 2019
Was cleaning albums tonight and realized I have a unique copy of this variation. The runout on side A is 6E-135 - A6, but on the inner ring of the runout it reads "R 144 33A" but it is scratched out by the etcher (RTB). Interesting flaw.

The Cars - The Cars midnightrunner

June 10, 2019
I just love the front cover of this album, the lady looks so happy. I sometimes wonder what it is that she has seen, that has made her so happy. Maybe it is an adorable kitten playing with a ball of wool? Or a funny clown? I don’t know. If ever I need cheering up (if I have got into trouble or there has been a bereavement) I will look at this album cover. It never fails to put a smile on my face!! P.S. The music is good too, The Cars are one of my favourites!!

The Cars - The Cars zubzub66

September 25, 2019
This is Natalya Medvedeva, a wife of Russian writer Eduard Limonov. She was a model and singer in 70-80's. Died in Moscow about 15 years ago.

The Cars - The Cars shedshrine.

September 16, 2019
edited 2 months ago
From Wiki:
"Unlike many of the Cars' album covers, the cover for The Cars was designed by the record company, rather than drummer David Robinson.
The cover was not well liked by the members of the band, however.
Robinson said, "I thought that when the Elektra came out it was way too slick. The pictures of us I didn't like."
Guitarist Elliot Easton expressed dislike for "that big grinning face," saying, "Man, I got tired of that cover."

The cover model was Natalya Medvedeva, a Russian-born model, singer, writer, and journalist.

The Cars - The Cars Autoamerican81

July 17, 2019
I always assumed she was crashing the car or about to crash!

The Cars - The Cars aspiniou

June 10, 2017
on my record, the matrix says 6E-135-A-SP and than later on the matrix it says RTB. which one of the releases it could be?

The Cars - The Cars rorockll

September 12, 2017
Yeah, mine is similar. Matrix runout on side one is 6E-135-A-6-SP
Matrix runout on side two is 6E-135-B-7-SP

The Cars - The Cars dougiezero

May 17, 2017
My Matrix Run-outs on my record:
A: 6E-135-A1-RE-PRCW
B: 6E-135-B-1-PRCW 1 RTB

The Cars - The Cars system98

February 1, 2016
Агузарова на обложке - - - - - - -

The Cars - The Cars zubzub66

September 25, 2019
Малость обознался. Это Наталья Медведва, жена Э. Лимонова, в то время жила в США.

The Cars - The Cars frshaple

November 9, 2013
0I have 3 copies of this album and every time I listen to it I want ti dance.

The Cars - The Cars Dougkor

January 17, 2013
I have a copy of this record with 6E-135-A-6-SP and R-144033-1 scratched out in the runout on side one and 6E-135-A6 etched instead. Anyone else have this on their album?

The Cars - The Cars beatamazon

December 15, 2014
Looks like you have an RCA club edition reissue, indicated by the number preceded by an R.

The Cars - The Cars sukit

March 20, 2013
my copy has 6E-135-A-6-SP R-144033-A scratched out then 6E-135-A6 scratched out and R-144033A etched along with RTB. on side one.

6E-135-B-7-SP scratched out and R-144033-B etched along with RTB. on side two.

assuming its a repressing?