Q Tex*Into The Light

Label:23rd Precinct Recordings Ltd – THIRD 11CD, 23rd Precinct Recordings Ltd – THIRD11CD
CD, Album
CD, Mixed
Style:Eurodance, Happy Hardcore, Trance, Downtempo


Into The Light
1-1Intro / Do You Want Me4:56
1-2Natural High4:56
1-3Heart Of Asia5:01
1-6The Water Of Life5:13
1-7The Power Of Love3:45
1-10Promise Me4:09
1-11Into The Light4:50
1-12Let The Love3:32
Scott Brown Exclusive Mixed CD
2-1Trip To The Hyperdome4:17
2-2Power Of Love 97 (Digital Boy Italian Rave Mix)
RemixDigital Boy
2-3Let The Love (SB Mix)
RemixScott Brown
2-4Can't Get Enough3:18
2-5I Love You (Baby)2:55
2-6Do You Want Me (Q-Tex Hardcore Mix)2:55
2-7Equazion 4 (Remix)3:38
2-8Equazion 84:55

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CD1 is unmixed, CD2 is a mix by Scott Brown.

Track 9 ℗ 1994
Tracks 1 & 12 ℗ 1996

CD1: Recorded at The Roundhouse, London except 5, 10, 13, 14 & 15 recorded at Interact Studios, Glasgow.

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  • Barcode: 5 025499 751160

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Into The Light (CD, Album, CD, Mixed)Orange RecordsORCD 54208Scandinavia1997


  • Jarren's avatar
    Edited 5 years ago
    The early 90's rave scene in Scotland produced many great bands (such as The Time Frequency, QFX, Ultra-Sonic & The Rhythmic State).

    All these bands made their own albums, and on the whole they were excellent efforts.

    Q-Tex's Into The Light is no exception to this excellence.

    Starting with the fantastic Eurodance single Do You Want Me, you are introduced instantly to the songwriting flair of Scott Brown with the vocal splendor of Gillian Tennant. Uplifting riffs & catchy choruses were the order of the day for Q-Tex, and Do You Want Me is a fitting intro for the album.

    Natural High is a song that pre-dated Gillian's involvement in the band, but on this album cut she replaces the previous vocalist to predictably stunning effect. She adds extra lyrics to the track, and it's a truly fantastic track that evokes similarities with JX & TTF.

    Heart Of Asia is a much faster paced instrumental trance track, with a very mysterious & catchy melody. It is similar to the German trance sound of the mid-90's, such as early Scooter & Sunbeam.

    Lies is a pop song, produced at Happy Hardcore tempo. Gillian sings about love that turned sour with such sadness that it mixes perfectly with the saccharine music behind her. It's a perfect combination of sweet & sour, and a wonderful song.

    Deliverance is a clubby track, in that late 90's Red 5 / Sash! vibe (that's not a bad thing, there's nothing wrong with that scene!). It's instrumental, and a solid track. Maybe one to play when playing a video game.

    The Water Of Life is a radical departure. Okay, most dance bands have a downtempo / ambient track on their albums, but this is actually GOOD. Gillian's lyrics are soulful and so enchanting, and so is the music. It's never cheesy or overpowering, it's just beautiful.

    Next is the big one, the 1997 remix of Q-Tex's biggest hit The Power Of Love. To be honest you can't go wrong with this track whatever mix you play, and this version is no exception. Gillian's vocals are still at the front, and the music is simply a '97 update. It's Q-Tex's biggest hit, and the track you must investigate first if you are new to the band (newcomers go to the 1993 Euro mix on Youtube now).

    Symphonic is, I have to admit, a bit of a filler. Scott has put some effort into it but essentially it goes nowhere and feels rather rushed (both in tempo and production).

    And then there is Believe.

    Believe is one of Q-Tex's best songs. After The Power Of Love you have got to check out this song. Definitely the most similar in production to The Time Frequency, Believe is a powerful Eurodance song with a great melody and truly uplifting vocals from Gillian. I love Mary Kiani's voice when she sings with TTF, but when Gillian sings Believe I have to admit that she is the BEST singer from the Scottish dance scene.

    Promise Me will be familiar to anyone who's heard Amen UK's Passion. The bassline is virtually identical, but thankfully there's more to it than that. Gillian delivers a decent performance on top of this, and the song is strong enough to carry along.

    Into The Light, the title song of the album, is rather poor. It's an instrumental track at Happy Hardcore tempo but in a trance style. Again, it's got that 1995 German sound going on. Maybe good for a Scooter / Final Fantasy b-side.

    Not to worry, because next is Let The Love. This was a single, and understandably so. With vocoder backing and a vocal delivery from Gillian that pre-dates Lasgo by 4 years, it's a powerful song that is very memorable.

    Pressure appears to be trying to catch on to The Prodigy's Poison, in every way possible. Scott Brown does not usually rip ideas off, but it has to be said that sometimes he can and in this case it's painfully obvious. This is a Q-Tex remix of The Prodigy's Poison.

    Tonight is a solid album track, again in the style of Red 5 / Sash. It's very trancey and Gillian delivers the goods as usual.

    Dreams ends the album, and it's another mid-90's instrumental German trancer. Not bad, but nothing special.

    That's the end of Into The Light, but check out disc 2!

    I won't go into detail as you'll be bored of reading by now, but it's AWESOME!

    It's a 30 minute mix CD by Scott, with absolutely amazing bouncy hardcore all the way!

    As if the Into The Light album wasn't worth purchase on its own (it's very decent as I have described), you get this second disc as well.

    Q-Tex, legends of the 90's Scottish dance music scene. :)



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