Hitoshi Sakimoto, John Pee, Masaharu Iwata, Toshiki Sakoda, Tomoko Matsui, Yoko Takada & Akiko GotoTreasure Hunter G Original Sound Track

Hitoshi Sakimoto - Treasure Hunter G Original Sound Track album cover
Label:NTT Publishing – PSCN-5051~2
2 x CD, Album
Genre:Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style:Soundtrack, Video Game Music


1-1Gemini Wing0:57
1-2Hamarira Hahihi2:12
1-3There Goes That Shameful Daizaburou1:56
1-4My Rural Town1:56
1-5Well, Let's Get Out There And Fight1:00
1-6The World's Cavern 12:08
1-7Somehow, Something Doesn't Look Quite Right1:51
1-8The Absence Of My Father From My Childhood (Preview)0:36
1-9Go! Go! Kids2:46
1-10A Drink To Victory0:42
1-11An Enticing Town1:55
1-12Hey You, What Time Is It0:47
1-13Piano Skill Level 10:08
1-14Piano Skill Level 20:13
1-15Piano Skill Level 30:09
1-16Piano Skill Level 40:15
1-17Theme From Mountain-San0:28
1-18Urgently, Get There In A Hurry1:35
1-19Come Here! I Defend You1:56
1-20Ponga's Violin Performance0:14
1-21Surround By Forest 12:10
1-22The Absence Of My Father From My Childhood2:26
1-23What Thoughts Do You Have In The Treasure Room1:11
1-24Conquer The World!1:38
1-25The Teacher's Elegy0:55
1-26Just Like The Mountain, He Will Not Move1:57
1-27This Is Also Training1:38
1-28I Memorized My Multiplication0:07
1-29It Has Been A Long Time Since Someone Called Me A Magician1:29
1-30Peaceful Sleep0:11
1-31Yearning For Love (Preview)1:12
1-32Defeated Treasure Hunters0:15
1-33Upscale Harbor Town2:45
1-34Hey Darlin', Aren't You Gonna Come Any Closer1:18
1-35Go Red Team! Go White Team! Rah Rah Rah!!1:21
1-36A Women, Huh. Remember, It's Important To Set The Right Mood0:55
1-37The World's Cavern 21:34
1-38Found A OOPART (Out-Of-Place-Artifact)0:07
1-39Surrounded By Forest 20:52
1-40Whose Cat Is This2:18
1-43Dance! Dance! Dance!0:21
1-44Bossa Nova Of Love2:26
1-45Can't Screw Up The Order2:15
1-46Of My Life, I Regret Nothing2:23
1-47Mad Science2:37
1-48Psycho Beasts1:03
1-49The World's Cavern 31:18
1-50A Hearty Welcom To The Pyramid Investigation Group1:38
2-1Demi Human Battle1:27
2-2There Is Nothing Else We Can Do Except Sing1:51
2-3Relax, Relax1:23
2-4The Queen Says Wait0:06
2-5Wow, What A Story3:02
2-6The Turtle Samurai Appears0:06
2-7Heading West To Escape My Past1:54
2-8Dead Town2:01
2-9The Attack Of Rising Water On Bichuu2:03
2-10The World's Cavern 42:05
2-11The Road To Survival2:02
2-12Sad Freedom2:40
2-13Winged Maiden1:04
2-14Love's Escape3:18
2-15An Illicit Fishing Boat And A Russian Patrol Ship1:52
2-16A Position Of Total Control1:49
2-17A Former Kagonari1:35
2-18I Might Die1:54
2-19Apprentice Of Balladry1:42
2-20Emperor Of Balladry2:23
2-21It Is Raining On The Peninsula Of Magahama1:53
2-22Around The World3:01
Exclusive Bonus Tracks - Arranged MIDI Versions
2-23Gemini Wing0:59
2-24Hamarira Hahihi2:09
2-25There Goes That Shameful Daizaborou2:49
2-26Go! Go! Kids2:55
2-29Demi Human Battle2:38
2-30An Illicit Fishing Boat And A Russian Patrol Ship2:18
2-31A Former Kagonari3:04
2-32I Might Die2:37
2-33Apprentice Of Balladry1:37
2-34Emperor Of Balladry3:24
2-35It Is Raining On The Peninsula Of Magahama2:13


Soundtrack to the video game "Treasure Hunter G" released in Japan by Squaresoft for the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo).



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