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    CiuciekThe Sound Of Acid E.P.

    Label:Triple A (3) – AAA 001
    Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Style:Acid, Techno


    A1Grab Your Acid
    A2Jungle Acid
    B1The Sound Of Acid

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    Mr.TomServo's avatar
    Edited 9 months ago
    One of my favorite acid-whisperers is back, and judging from the aural feast on offer, my man Ciuciek has been treading some dark and wicked roads recently. Granted, we had some hints of this, as his track with Pete on the last Getafix had a sinister, twisted vibe to it. Well this record features more of that shadowy atmosphere, plus a couple history lessons along the way.

    I'll start with "Pressure," because I had a sense of what it would be before putting the needle down. And yep, it is indeed a jet-fueled, acid-drenched remix of the old Acid Ted & Dynamic Intervention "Pressure" track. As soon as that withered alarm synth blared out---quickly followed by the telltale sample, "[PRESHA!]"---my feet were already tapping in anticipation. For the first two and a half minutes, Marcin's version pays homage to the original and hews closely to its sound. Heavier percussion, sharper vibe, but mostly the same ... and then my god, a dissonant synth of truly menacing character rushes in like a flash-hurricane of techno filth and forces your brain into submission. Truly, the drop that follows simply mandates fist-pumping and acid head-banging. It was always going to be hard to top the original, but Ciuciek just may have done it. 5/5, take a bow, son.

    Speaking of old-school homages and menacing remixes, in pops "Jungle Acid," and wouldn't you know, it's a wall-shaking, acid-burned reconfiguration of that classic DnB/Jungle track "Jungle Brothers" (quick shout-out to the film Blue Streak). OOOF, where has this version been my whole life?! Wouldn't have thought it after listening to the excellent "Pressure" remix, but this track just might be my favorite on the vinyl. Once again, the percussion absolutely smashes your brain and shakes the walls, kicks and bassline. The acid slithers about nefariously, melding with the chopped-up sample and police-siren synth to create a fantastically ominous atmosphere. The eclectic measure-end leading into the brilliant break-beat breakdown (say that three times fast) is just the corrosive icing on the demented techno cake. Consume and enjoy, 5/5.

    Plunging even deeper down the vortex of dark techno sonics, we find "Grab Your Acid," a proper muckraking affair, replete with fierce acid work, subterranean vibes, and one hell of an acid-charged, mind-curdling dynamic breakdown. And even if I say the main drop utterly DESTROYS (brain cells, expectations, dancing inhibitions), the all-caps emphasis hardly does it justice. This is heavy, mean, and f#cking top-shelf. Did I say "Jungle Acid" was my favorite? Because now I'm not so sure. 5/5.

    Finally, we finish our descent with "The Sound of Acid," a swirling tornado of evil, gurgly acid and forceful percussion. A tune to stomp to, this one. So put on an appropriate scowl, grab your techno hardhat, and let the dancefloor know how you feel (or your downstairs neighbors if you happen to be stomping at home). I particularly like the little drum-rolls that accentuate some of the measure transitions. Another dark masterpiece, 5/5.

    Again, take a bow, Marcin. And keep making tunes, my acid brother. Cheers!