BBC Radiophonic WorkshopEssential Science Fiction Sound Effects Vol 1

Label:BBC Records – BBCCD 847
Series:BBC Sound Effects – 26
CD, Album, Reissue
Style:Special Effects


The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy (Sound Effects From The Radio Dramatisation)
1Dick MillsThe Book's Activating Code0:04
2Dick MillsSlartibartfast's Aircar - Takeoff0:18
3Dick MillsSlartibartfast's Aircar - Constant Run0:39
4Dick MillsSlartibartfast's Aircar - Lands0:31
5Dick MillsMagrathea Alarm0:25
6Dick MillsMagrathea Police Guns0:36
7Dick MillsSpace Car Park Outside The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe0:49
8Dick MillsThe End Of The Universe0:32
9Dick MillsBlack Spaceship Oscillates0:47
10Dick MillsBugblatter Beast Of Traal - Eats0:09
11Dick MillsBugblatter Beast Of Traal - Walks0:32
12Dick MillsBugblatter Beast Of Traal - Roars0:43
13Dick MillsPenargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive Engaged0:11
14Dick MillsPenargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive Disengaged0:13
15Dick MillsGolgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship 'E' Bridge Background1:11
Dr Who (Sound Effect From The 1980 Series)
16Dick MillsEarth Shuttle Arriving On Argolis1:10
17Dick MillsPlanet Exterior Atmosphere On Argolis1:43
18Dick MillsFlock Of Bats (From 'State Of Decay')1:08
19Dick MillsLaboratory Descends, Gaztak Spaceship Takes Off1:09
20Dick MillsDodecahedron Energy Beams (From 'Meglos')0:26
21Dick MillsMarshmen (From 'Full Circle')0:25
22Dick MillsRespirator Room Background In Spaceship0:48
23Dick MillsTime Winds (From 'Warriors' Gate')0:40
24Dick MillsAlarm0:23
25Dick MillsElectric Storm (From 'The Keeper Of Traken')1:19
26Dick MillsCloister Bell In The Tardis0:26
27Dick MillsThe Master's Tardis Lands0:22
28Dick MillsThe Master's Tardis Takes Off0:15
29Dick MillsTardis 'Out Of Time Slip'0:11
30Dick MillsTardis 'Into Time Slip' (From 'Logopolis')0:14
Blake's 7 (1981 Series)
31Elizabeth ParkerDawn Of Emptiness1:55
32Elizabeth ParkerSpace Bells Of Ceremonial Room1:24
33Elizabeth ParkerScorpio Spaceship Lands0:35
34Dick MillsDematerialisation0:10
35Elizabeth ParkerRematerialisation0:06
36Elizabeth ParkerScorpio Gun0:08
Blake's 7 (Sound Effects From The First Three Series)
37Richard Yeoman-ClarkOrac Switch On0:04
38Richard Yeoman-ClarkOrac Working0:31
39Richard Yeoman-ClarkOrac Switch Off0:04
40Richard Yeoman-ClarkLiberator Computer Malfunction0:35
41Elizabeth ParkerLiberator Plasma Bolt Explosions0:10
42Elizabeth ParkerLiberator Laser0:25
43Elizabeth ParkerFederation Ship Laser Explosions0:26
44Elizabeth ParkerLiberator Life Capsule Ready To Be Launched0:40
45Richard Yeoman-ClarkLiberator Ship Background1:36
46Richard Yeoman-ClarkLiberator Guns X 30:13
47Richard Yeoman-ClarkAvon's Communicator Bracelet Transportation Sounds0:09
48Richard Yeoman-ClarkDisappearance0:11
49Richard Yeoman-ClarkReappearance0:14
50Elizabeth ParkerMysterious 'Being' Disappears In A Flame0:05
51Elizabeth ParkerAlien Gun0:06
52Elizabeth ParkerAppearance Of The Ovoid (A Stone Surrounded In Mystery And Magic)0:35
53Elizabeth ParkerHeavy Voltage Force0:09
54Elizabeth ParkerGlow From A Mysterious Ghost Who Haunts The Liberator0:27
55Elizabeth ParkerThe Core, A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain Which Rules From The Centre Of Ultraworld0:32
56Elizabeth ParkerInterior Of Federation Patrol Ship1:15
57Elizabeth ParkerGoing Through A Black Hole In The Liberator1:22
58Elizabeth ParkerSpace Centre Medical Unit Hum0:45
59Elizabeth ParkerMachine Monster With A Black Sense Of Humour! (Who Chases Our Heroes Around, Winking)0:38
60Elizabeth ParkerBreak Down Of Machine Monster0:12
61Elizabeth ParkerExtra Terrestrial Heavenly Choir1:27
Earth Search (Sound Effects From The 1980 Dramatisation)
62Lloyd SilverthorneUFO Landing0:11
63Lloyd SilverthorneComputer Touch Panel Bleeps0:43
64Lloyd SilverthorneWarbles0:26
65Lloyd SilverthorneAlarm0:08
66Lloyd SilverthorneMeteorite Alert Station0:32
67Lloyd SilverthorneRumbling Gurgle0:37
68Lloyd SilverthorneHand Held Ray Guns0:15
69Lloyd SilverthorneSpace Bombs0:20
70Lloyd SilverthorneSpace Police0:17
71Lloyd SilverthorneOuter Airlock Door Open And Close0:11
72Lloyd SilverthorneInner Airlock Door Open And Close0:11
73Lloyd SilverthornePlasma Discharge Weapons0:12
74Lloyd SilverthorneUnderworld Animation Chamber0:40
75Lloyd SilverthorneBleeps For Suspended Animation Chamber0:30
76Lloyd SilverthorneElectric Warning Gong0:23
77Lloyd SilverthorneThree Harmonic Strings Followed By Explosion0:09
78Lloyd SilverthorneSharp Hum With Trail Out0:21
79Lloyd SilverthorneRapid Fire Laser Guns0:27
80Lloyd SilverthorneSpace Hurricane1:11
81Lloyd SilverthorneSpacecraft Crashes Into Sea0:34

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Sci-Fi Sound Effects - Science Fiction Sound Effects No.26 (LP, Compilation)BBC RecordsREC 420UK1981




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