VariousThe Frog Peak Collaborations Project

Label:Frog Peak Music – FP007
2 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Noise, Spoken Word, Abstract, Poetry, Musique Concrète, Speech, Experimental


1Roger AlsopIsm
2Roger AlsopChasm
3Rick Rue*Carillon
4Rick Rue*Mapmaking
5Rick Rue*Drums
6Dennis Báthory-KitszZeyu
7Dennis Báthory-KitszQuânh
8Dennis Báthory-KitszSweeh
9Han-Earl ParkElectronic Study For Limited Resources 3
10Adam SilvermanCredit Is The History Of Words Without History
11John PhillipsIt Was?
12Warren BurtMann-gling #1
13Warren BurtMann-gling #2
14Ebony HackFrippet Frippet, Fripped, Zrppd
15Rainer LinzPiano
16Lulu OngGribbit
17Lulu OngAlley Cat
18Lulu OngNot Enough Coffee
19Carter ScholzManagram
20Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 1) Heather
21Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 2) Isabella
22Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 3) Tara
23Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 4) Caat
24Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 5) Amanda
25Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 6) Elena
26Kent ClellandSeven Sisters Under A Full Moon: 7) Gwenivere
27Ashley ScottConsciousnessed
28Tim PrezzanoQuestionable
29Tim PrezzanoHush Hush, Eye To Eye
30Elizabeth Hinkle-TurnerSaliva
31Doug MichaelRadio Sky Part II
32David WardleChopper Squad
33Paul DoornbuschIceberg
34Lawrence FrittsMinute Variations 1-4
35Ernie Althoff & Graeme DavisBest Intentions
36Fernando IazzettaCrowd
37Nick FortunatoFilter: MANN (sense)
38Nick FortunatoFilter: MANN (eeee^ip!)
39Nick FortunatoFilter: MANN (hyper)
40Petri KuljuntaustaHow Many Does It Take To Define A Problem?
41Petri KuljuntaustaReplica In Drag III
42Roger DeanDust (The Scientist Speaks)
43Steven Miller*Interruptions
44Jon NelsonA Chris Mann Mambo
45Steven Miller*Free Rain
46Steven Miller*Firecrackers/Far Apart
47Trojan TheatreBasho
48Trojan TheatreTungba
49Brian BeletDifference (No Doubt It Queues)
50Brian BeletAn Abstract (Difference (Queues)
51Mickey HelmsTechnicolor
52Mickey HelmsGalactic Bar
53Mickey HelmsPhantom
54Paul RosasDepth Perception
55Bob PearsonAdaptive Parasites
1aPaul LuevanoSitarbirds
2aTed ApelLay Investiture
3aPaul DibleyA Question?
4aRicardo Dal FarraWords Through The Worlds
5aPhilo T. Farnsworthmann.00
6aPhilo T. Farnsworthmann.01
7aPhilo T. Farnsworthmann.02
8aHuk Don PhunOne
9aHuk Don PhunTwo
10aMaggi PayneChris Mann Piece
11aJames BohnBABYlon
12aJohn RicheyGibber
13aJoseph R. DeFazioFour Studies On The Word Is: I. Blacklight
14aJoseph R. DeFazioFour Studies On The Word Is: II. Phasing Tree
15aJoseph R. DeFazioFour Studies On The Word Is: III. Metal Reeds
16aJoseph R. DeFazioFour Studies On The Word Is: V. Time Passes
17aArun ChandraMann In The Middle
18aArun ChandraMann Over All
19aHerbert Brün(Untitled)
20aHerb JercherDAGS
21aMark PorcaroQuestions: 1
22aMark PorcaroQuestions: 2
23aMark PorcaroQuestions: 3
24aMark PorcaroQuestions: 4
25aLarry PolanskyChris Choir
26aCharles Grafton HawthorneFour Boys Mannin' #10
27aTyler Speedboy KingdomTime Studies: 1. Chris Trio
28aTyler Speedboy KingdomTime Studies: 4. Chris Crowd
29aTyler Speedboy KingdomTime Studies: 5. Chris Solo
30aTyler Speedboy KingdomTime Studies: 6. Chris Quartet 2
31aTyler Speedboy KingdomTime Studies: 7. Chris Mob
32aLarry PolanskyChris Morphs: 1
33aLarry PolanskyChris Morphs: 3
34aLarry PolanskyChris Morphs: 4
35aLarry PolanskyChris Morphs: 5
36aD'Arcy Philip GraytheReason: Crying
37aD'Arcy Philip Grayimean/is: Intermezzo
38aD'Arcy Philip Graytautology: Clouds
39aD'Arcy Philip GraytheReason: Epilogue
40aSteven CurtinLeapfrog
41aKristine BurnsFrogPeace
42aDavid FenechSelf Evident (A Judgement Is A Perfect Rule)
43aDavid FenechLike A Tautology
44aPeggy MaddenCirce
45aPeggy MaddenAdnawat
46aPeggy MaddenNada
47aAlessandro FogarInner Winds
48aCarter ScholzAn Economy of Virtual Knowns
49aDennis Miller1
50aDennis Miller2
51aDennis Miller3
52aDennis Miller4
53aDennis Miller5
54aTimothy Horrigan(Untitled)
55aDouglas Repettoairbugmachine
56aDavid HirstMann Project
57aAkira RabelaisThree Minutes of Fifteen Seconds
58aAndrew BucksbargAutonomic
59aEric LyonConversations I: A Micro-Oratorio
60aChris MannOriginal Soundfile



In a two-year collaborative internet project, Frog Peak Music (A Composer's Collective) invited composers to compose a short piece based on a 66 second soundfile of a text written and read by Chris Mann. This 2-CD set is a massive and varied sound voyage through the voice and its transformations.



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