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VariousDusty Fingers The Complete Collection

Label:Strictly Breaks Records – DF 1975
Series:Dusty Fingers – Volumes 1-16, School Yard Breaks – Volumes 1-3
DVD, Compilation, Promo, Unofficial Release, MP3
DVD, Compilation, Promo, Unofficial Release, Wave Files
Genre:Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Funk / Soul, Pop, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen


Disk 1 MP3s
School Yard Breaks Volume 1
1-1In Search Of OrchestraPhenomena Theme (Instrumental Version)9:52
1-2Sweet Daddy Floyde*I Just Can't Help Myself4:19
1-3Original Tropicana Steel BandCalypso Rock3:30
1-4William StuckeyDisco Fly3:31
1-5Edwin StarrI Just Wanna Do My Thang5:19
1-6All Directions*On Top Of It3:19
1-7Gerson King ComboMandamentos Black4:00
1-8Makonde Soseme*Manzara3:57
1-9Nico Gomez*La Lupita3:42
1-10Bobby Franklyn's Insanity*Bring It On Down3:52
1-11Melvin SparksGet Ya Some4:24
1-12The Lovers (5)Discomania6:26
1-13Pleasure (4)Celebrate The Good Things3:29
School Yard Breaks Volume 2
1-14Denton & Cook*Quiller2:58
1-15Bongo RockersApache4:06
1-16John G. PerryEtude3:32
1-18Bjame Rostvold* And Perry KnudsenMagonde2:46
1-19Karma (9)Funk De Mambo6:34
1-20Charley Antolini*Uela Uela3:54
1-21B. Stoller*Design2:33
1-22Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc.*Ritual3:53
1-23Keith Popworth*Hard Hitter2:57
1-24Peter RenoSilver Thrust3:59
1-25PleaseEgo Trippin5:39
1-26CanVitamin C4:45
1-27Dennis CoffeyBlack Belt Jones2:12
1-28Geno WashingtonDifferent Strokes2:20
1-29Grady TateBe Black Baby4:04
School Yard Breaks Volume 3
1-31Lefties Soul ConnectionOrgan Donor4:12
1-32CandidoI'm On My Way2:41
1-33Roger SimardMary Mary2:26
1-34Rock-Jazz RhythmMicelle2:21
1-35The Hip Huggers*Upstairs On Boston Road5:23
1-36East Of Eden (2)Jig A Jig3:46
1-37Larry Sanders*Story Of My Love2:27
1-38Jimmy CastorIt's Just Begun (Original 45)3:15
1-39Tempo 70Sing Sing Sing3:11
1-40Posmontier Bros. QuintetPott's Luck5:17
1-41Harold Robbins Presents The Ray Brown Orchestra* Arranged By Quincy JonesPolo Pony4:13
1-42Charles KynardIt's Too Late5:57
1-43Cocody's MenShako3:01
1-44Mikio Micky Musuda*Corazon5:10
School Yard Breaks Volume 3 (Wave Files)
1-45Lefties Soul ConnectionOrgan Donor4:12
1-46CandidoI'm On My Way2:41
1-47Roger SimardMary Mary2:26
1-48Rock-Jazz RhythmMicelle2:21
1-49The Hip Huggers*Upstairs On Boston Road5:23
1-50East Of Eden (2)Jig A Jig3:46
1-51Larry Sanders*Story Of My Love2:27
1-52Jimmy CastorIt's Just Begun (Original 45)3:15
1-53Tempo 70Sing Sing Sing3:11
1-54Posmontier Bros. QuintetPott's Luck5:17
1-55Harold Robbins Presents The Ray Brown Orchestra* Arranged By Quincy JonesPolo Pony4:13
1-56Charles KynardIt's Too Late5:57
1-57Cocody's MenShako3:01
1-58Mikio Micky Musuda*Corazon5:10
Dusty Fingers Volume One
1-59Unknown ArtistIntro0:13
1-60Nick IngmanTense Preparation1:46
1-61Ferrante & TeicherLady Love3:30
1-62Dorothy AshbyThe Windmills Of Your Mind3:18
1-63Billy BrooksFourty Days6:16
1-64DonovanGet Thy Bearings2:45
1-65Les BaxterHogin' Machine1:52
1-66Amon Duul*Kismet1:36
1-67David AxelrodThe Warnings2:49
1-68Oliver SainOn The Hill5:27
1-69Ryo KawasakiBamboo Child3:33
1-70Don BlackmanHolding You, Loving You4:10
1-71The Overton Berry TrioHey Jude4:03
1-72Annette PeacockSurvival1:00
1-73Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Drums0:17
1-74Unknown ArtistOutro0:10
1-75Placebo (2)Humpty Dumpty2:35
1-76Small FacesThe Journey (Drum Skit)0:30
Dusty Fingers Volume Two
1-77Charles BernsteinLaying The Trap3:36
1-78Les McCannGo On And Cry3:05
1-79Quincy JonesSnow Creatures3:13
1-80Hysear Don WalkerChildren Of The Night3:56
1-81Bola SeteBettina2:09
1-82Brother Jack McDuffElectric Surfboard2:33
1-83Bullet (7)Smokey Joe The Dreamer1:45
1-84Art FarmerSoul Sides4:19
1-85Galt MacDermotRipped Open By Metal Explosions5:21
1-86David AxelrodHoly Thursday5:30
1-87Sammy NesticoShore Line Drive3:30
1-88Harvey AverneYou're No Good2:49
1-89Passport (2)Puzzle (Skit)0:51
1-90S.S.O.*Faded Lady (Skit)3:26
1-91Les DeMerleA Day InThe Life6:14
1-92Monty AlexanderInner City Blues2:31
Dusty Fingers Volume Three
1-93François De RoubaixDernier Domicile Connu4:02
1-94Lee Mason & His OrchestraShady Blues3:26
1-95The Phoenix AuthorityCome Together3:31
1-96Bill ContiPacking Up2:49
1-97Lyn ChristopherTake Me With You3:13
1-98Steve GrayPulp1:18
1-99Ronald SteinGo Home Pigs0:43
1-100David AxelrodA Divine Image4:36
1-101Jimmy PonderWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps3:41
1-102John DankworthReturn From The Ashes3:28
1-103Lafayette Afro Rock BandDarkest Light6:21
1-104Frank WaltonSafari2:06
1-105WarA Day In The Life2:37
1-106Bullet (7)The Spic1:43
Dusty Fingers Volume Four
1-107Alain GoraguerLe Bracelet1:24
1-108Jean-Claude Petit Et Son OrchestrePsychedelic Portrait2:06
1-109George SaxonGoing Out Of My Head2:48
1-110The Bubble Gum MachineI Wonder2:07
1-111Wet WillieBeggar Song (Skit)1:10
1-112Patchwork (7)Night Moves2:59
1-113Francis CoppietersSales Talk3:09
1-114ArawakAccadde A Bali2:24
1-115Medeski Martin & WoodNight Marchers2:38
1-116Dorthy Ashby*The Moving Finger5:49
1-117Sven LibaekMisty Canyon2:33
1-118Manfred Krug / Günther Fischer-QuintettWenn Der Urlaub Kommt4:13
1-119Hardys Jet Band*Selected Sound0:59
1-120The John Schroeder OrchestraLovin' You Girl2:40
Dusty Fingers Volume Five
1-121Brian BennettSolstice6:12
1-123Klaus WeissSignals2:53
1-124Andy LooreMixed Drums2:50
1-125Intimate StrangersLove Sounds1:08
1-126Monk HigginsRailroad4:58
1-127Franco MicalizziCaccia Al Cinese2:04
1-128Gary Pacific Orchestra*Soft Wind0:43
1-129Head WestAttention (Drum Skit)3:01
1-130Jane BirkinJane B3:18
1-131Toni Rubio*Bass In Action N°14:10
1-132H. Thieme*Dirty Drugs3:07
Dusty Fingers Volume Six
1-133Standard School BroadcastMichael Shrieve On Drums1:07
1-134Nick IngmanUnder Pressure2:00
1-135Danielle Patucci*La Dimostrazione2:19
1-136Dick WalterSilhouttes1:58
1-137I Marc 4Compression2:31
1-138Jerry Gold Smith*Border Crossing3:07
1-139Eric Delaney's Big Beat SixBig Noise From Winnetka5:07
1-140Absolute ElsewhereFuture Past3:35
1-141Churchill (4)Here We Are1:55
1-142Travis BiggsTibetian Serenity4:11
1-143Tatsuro YamashitaDancer4:33
1-144Joe Ki * Peter Thomas Sound Group*Mao3:22
1-145Cesar Mariano & Cia.Metrópole (Drum Skit)0:18
1-146Unknown ArtistDrum Skit0:11
Dusty Fingers Volume Seven
1-147Madelaine (2)Who Is She And What Is She To You4:08
1-148Lennie HibbertRose Len3:27
1-149Janne Schatter*Atlanta Inn 24192:33
1-151Alain GoraguerL'Oiseau1:04
1-152Dorothy AshbyCome Live With Me2:37
1-153Jimmy Gordon And His Jazznpops BandWalter L2:10
1-154Fat Albert And The Cosby KidsThe Mudfoot0:40
1-155The Tubby Hayes OrchestraHey Jude2:47
1-156Wally RichardsonMonday Monday3:03
1-157Mike Curb CongregationMickey Mouse Club2:16
1-158The Professionals (14)The Godfather4:10
1-159Gian Franco Plenizio*Grigio Perla3:13
1-160Grant GreenWe've Only Just Begun3:41
Dusty Fingers Volume Eight
1-161Sun (7)Time Is Passing1:29
1-162Maleditus Sound*Kriminal Theme2:37
1-163Paul KassThe Climb1:31
1-164Francois De Roubaix*Les Caïds2:38
1-165Daly-Wilson Big Band Featuring Kerrie BiddellIn Necessity2:39
1-166Ajija Myrayebe*Сонет3:45
1-167Daniel JaninFat, Fat Fellow3:09
1-168Ian Carr's Nucleus*Roots2:25
1-170Ludovic Decosne / Pierre DaubresseGloaming3:19
1-171Alan Hawshaw*The Tense Scene0:57
1-173Waters*Trying Hard To Look Inside3:12
1-174The Adacement*Stone Folk3:07
1-175Sight & Sound*Fragment Of Fear3:38
Dusty Fingers Volume Nine
1-176Simon HaseleyHogan's Thing2:05
1-177Fred Merrett & Friends*Who's Who
1-178Bernard Wystraete*Daydream
1-179Barry UngarLightly Salted
1-180TavaresBad Times
1-181Harnell*Jamie's Theme
1-182Flash FearlessSuper Snatch
1-183J.J. JohnsonPull Jabal Pull
1-184Brand New FunkInterlude
1-185Roy BuddBeing Tailed
1-186Bill NearDrumin
1-187Head BandWar On The Streets
1-188Ed ArieteLa Morte Accareza A Mezzanotte
1-189Ron Tutt & Jim KeltnerImprov
Dusty Fingers Volume Ten
Dusty Fingers Volume Eleven
Dusty Fingers Volume Twelve
Dusty Fingers Volume Thirteen
Dusty Fingers Volume Fourteen
Dusty Fingers Volume Fifteen
Dusty Fingers Volume Sixteen
Disk 2 Wave Files
School Yard Breaks Volume 1
2-1In Search Of OrchestraPhenomena Theme (Instrumental Version)9:52
2-2Sweet Daddy Floyde*I Just Can't Help Myself4:19
2-3Original Tropicana Steel BandCalypso Rock3:30
2-4William StuckeyDisco Fly3:31
2-5Edwin StarrI Just Wanna Do My Thang5:19
2-6All Directions*On Top Of It3:19
2-7Gerson King ComboMandamentos Black3:59
2-8Makonde Soseme*Manzara3:57
2-9Nico Gomez*La Lupita3:42
2-10Bobby Franklyn's Insanity*Bring It On Down3:51
2-11Melvin SparksGet Ya Some4:24
2-12The Lovers (5)Discomania6:26
2-13Pleasure (4)Celebrate The Good Things3:29
School Yard Breaks Volume 2
2-14Denton & Cook*Quiller2:58
2-15Bongo RockersApache4:06
2-16John G. PerryEtude3:32
2-18Bjame Rostvold* And Perry KnudsenMagonde2:46
2-19Karma (9)Funk De Mambo6:34
2-20Charley Antolini*Uela Uela3:54
2-21B. Stoller*Design2:33
2-22Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc.*Ritual3:53
2-23Keith Popworth*Hard Hitter2:57
2-24Peter RenoSilver Thrust3:59
2-25PleaseEgo Trippin5:34
2-26CanVitamin C4:45
2-27Dennis CoffeyBlack Belt Jones2:12
2-28Geno WashingtonDifferent Strokes2:20
2-29Grady TateBe Black Baby4:03
Dusty Fingers Volume One
2-31Unknown ArtistIntro0:13
2-32Nick IngmanTense Preparation1:46
2-33Ferrante & TeicherLady Love3:30
2-34Dorothy AshbyThe Windmills Of Your Mind3:18
2-35Billy BrooksFourty Days6:16
2-36DonovanGet Thy Bearings2:45
2-37Les BaxterHogin' Machine1:52
2-38Amon Duul*Kismet1:36
2-39Oliver SainOn The Hill5:27
2-40Ryo KawasakiBamboo Child3:33
2-41Don BlackmanHolding You, Loving You4:10
2-42The Overton Berry TrioHey Jude4:03
2-43Annette PeacockSurvival1:00
2-44Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Drums0:17
2-45Unknown ArtistOutro0:10
2-46Placebo (2)Humpty Dumpty2:35
2-47Small FacesThe Journey0:30
2-48David AxelrodThe Warnings2:49
Dusty Fingers Volume Two
2-49Charles BernsteinLaying The Trap3:36
2-50Les McCannGo On And Cry3:05
2-51Quincy JonesSnow Creatures3:13
2-52Hysear Don WalkerChildren Of The Night3:56
2-53Bola SeteBettina2:09
2-54Brother Jack McDuffElectric Surfboard2:33
2-55Bullet (7)Smokey Joe The Dreamer1:45
2-56Art FarmerSoul Sides4:19
2-57Galt MacDermotRipped Open By Metal Explosions5:21
2-58David AxelrodHoly Thursday5:30
2-59Sammy NesticoShore Line Drive3:30
2-60Harvey AverneYou're No Good2:49
2-61Passport (2)Puzzle (Skit)0:49
2-62S.S.O.*Faded Lady (Skit)3:26
2-63Les DeMerleA Day InThe Life6:14
2-64Monty AlexanderInner City Blues2:31
Dusty Fingers Volume Three
2-65François De RoubaixDernier Domicile Connu4:02
2-66Lee Mason & His OrchestraShady Blues3:26
2-67The Phoenix AuthorityCome Together3:31
2-68Bill ContiPacking Up2:49
2-69Lyn ChristopherTake Me With You3:13
2-70Steve GrayPulp1:18
2-71Ronald SteinGo Home Pigs0:43
2-72David AxelrodA Divine Image4:36
2-73Jimmy PonderWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps3:41
2-74John DankworthReturn From The Ashes3:27
2-75Lafayette Afro Rock BandDarkest Light6:21
2-76Frank WaltonSafari2:06
2-77WarA Day In The Life2:37
2-78Bullet (7)The Spic1:43
Dusty Fingers Volume Four
2-79Alain GoraguerLe Bracelet1:23
2-80Jean-Claude Petit Et Son OrchestrePsychedelic Portrait2:06
2-81George SaxonGoing Out Of My Head2:48
2-82The Bubble Gum MachineI Wonder2:07
2-83Wet WillieBeggar Song (Skit)1:10
2-84Patchwork (7)Night Moves2:59
2-85Francis CoppietersSales Talk3:09
2-86ArawakAccadde A Bali2:25
2-87Medeski Martin & WoodNight Marchers2:38
2-88Dorthy Ashby*The Moving Finger5:50
2-89Sven LibaekMisty Canyon2:34
2-90Manfred Krug / Günther Fischer-QuintettWenn Der Urlaub Kommt4:13
2-91Hardys Jet Band*Selected Sound0:59
2-92The John Schroeder OrchestraLovin' You Girl2:41
Dusty Fingers Volume Five
2-93Brian BennettSolstice6:13
2-95Klaus WeissSignals1:25
2-96Andy LooreMixed Drums2:54
2-97Intimate StrangersLove Sounds2:50
2-98Monk HigginsRailroad1:09
2-99Franco MicalizziCaccia Al Cinese4:59
2-100Gary Pacific Orchestra*Soft Wind2:05
2-101Head WestAttention (Drum Skit)0:43
2-102Jane BirkinJane B3:02
2-103Toni Rubio*Bass In Action N°13:18
2-104H. Thieme*Dirty Drugs4:10
Dusty Fingers Volume Six
2-105Standard School BroadcastMichael Shrieve On Drums1:08
2-106Nick IngmanUnder Pressure2:01
2-107Danielle Patucci*La Dimostrazione2:20
2-108Dick WalterSilhouttes1:58
2-109I Marc 4Compression2:32
2-110Jerry Gold Smith*Border Crossing3:07
2-111Eric Delaney's Big Beat SixBig Noise From Winnetka5:07
2-112Absolute ElsewhereFuture Past3:36
2-113Churchill (4)Here We Are1:56
2-114Travis BiggsTibetian Serenity4:12
2-115Tatsuro YamashitaDancer4:34
2-116Joe Ki * Peter Thomas Sound Group*Mao3:23
2-117Cesar Mariano & Cia.Metrópole (Drum Skit)0:19
2-118Unknown ArtistDrum Skit0:12
Dusty Fingers Volume Seven
2-119Madelaine (2)Who Is She And What Is She To You4:09
2-120Lennie HibbertRose Len3:28
2-121Janne Schatter*Atlanta Inn 24192:33
2-123Alain GoraguerL'Oiseau1:05
2-124Dorothy AshbyCome Live With Me2:37
2-125Jimmy Gordon And His Jazznpops BandWalter L2:10
2-126Fat Albert And The Cosby KidsThe Mudfoot0:40
2-127The Tubby Hayes OrchestraHey Jude2:48
2-128Wally RichardsonMonday Monday3:04
2-129Mike Curb CongregationMickey Mouse Club2:16
2-130The Professionals (14)The Godfather4:11
2-131Gian Franco Plenizio*Grigio Perla3:14
2-132Grant GreenWe've Only Just Begun3:42
Dusty Fingers Volume Eight
2-133Sun (7)Time Is Passing1:29
2-134Maleditus Sound*Kriminal Theme2:37
2-135Paul KassThe Climb1:32
2-136Francois De Roubaix*Les Caïds2:38
2-137Daly-Wilson Big Band Featuring Kerrie BiddellIn Necessity2:40
2-138Ajija Myrayebe*Сонет3:45
2-139Daniel JaninFat, Fat Fellow3:10
2-140Ian Carr's Nucleus*Roots2:26
2-142Ludovic Decosne / Pierre DaubresseGloaming3:20
2-143Alan Hawshaw*The Tense Scene0:58
2-145Waters*Trying Hard To Look Inside3:13
2-146The Adacement*Stone Folk3:07
2-147Sight & Sound*Fragment Of Fear3:38
Dusty Fingers Volume Nine
Dusty Fingers Volume Ten
Dusty Fingers Volume Eleven
Dusty Fingers Volume Twelve
Dusty Fingers Volume Thirteen
Dusty Fingers Volume Fourteen
Dusty Fingers Volume Fifteen
Dusty Fingers Volume Sixteen



Back cover says: "The complete collection with the all new Dusty Fingers Volume 16 and School Yard Breaks Volume Three plus 2 Bonus LPs School Yard Breaks 1 ˙ 2."

Comes with 44 page booklet which reproduces all front and back covers of the original compilation albums and also contains a shot essay about the Dusty Fingers series and Danny Dan The Beat Mann as well as some Thank You notes from Danny Dan.

The release carries the "FBI Anti-Piracy Warning" logo and states: "Warning: All Rights Reserved Strictly Breaks Records" though the original Dusty Fingers compilations as well as this Complete Collection are bootlegs.

While disc number one is labeled as "Disk 1 MP3s" it containes 19 directory folders with the MP3 files of the relevant Dusty Fingers and School Yard Breaks compilations as well as one folder with the Wave files of School Yard Breaks Vol 3. When loading the disk in a player or player software the tracks appear in the order listed here.

While most tracks are full length versions some are edited. Mostly, but not always, this is highlighted by the track listing on the cover referring to the edited track as "skit".

The listings on the original album covers which are reproduced in the booklet of this release contain a number of mistakes which go beyond Artist Name Variations: Some are simply inaccuracies or spelling mistakes whereas others might possibly be deliberate. When accessing the discs in a media player the track IDs on the DVDs have a small number of the spellings corrected / altered; most remain as shown in the booklet. The following Notes clarify some of these cases:

1-9 / 2-9 is simply called "Lupita" instead of "La Lupita" on the original artist release.
1-15 / 2-15 is listed as by "Le Par Bongo Rockers" as the original artist album cover reads "Par Le Groupe 'Bongo Rockers'".
1-16 / 2-16 is listed as "Wading" by "Sunset" whereas it is called "Etude" by John G. Perry from his 1976 album called "Sunset Wading"
1-30 / 2-30 ("Overdose" by Lowrell) is listed on the release as "Bonus! (One Of The Biggest B-Boy Mystery Breaks)"
1-32 / 1-46 is listed as "Im On My Way" instead of "I'm On My Way" in the booklet and the CD index.
1-34 / 1-48 is listed as "Micelle" by "Rock-Jazz Rhythm" but the identity of the artist is uncertain. It seems to be the rhythm track of a drum practice records covering "Michelle" by the Beatles.
1-37 / 1-51 is listed as "Story Of Love" instead of "Story Of My Love".
1-38 / 1-52 is listed as "Just Begun" instead of "It's Just Begun"
1-41 / 1-55 is simply credited to Harold Robbins
1-43 / 1-57 is listed as "Shanko" instead of "Shako" by Cocodys Men instead of Cocody's Men
1-44 / 1-58 Masuda is misspelled as Musuda.
1-60 / 2-31 is incorrectly credited as "Abstractions" to the Artist "Projection". It is in fact called "Tense Preparation" from Nick Ingman's KPM 1189 library album "Destinctive Themes / Race To Achievement".
1-73 / 2-44 is taken from a Dee Dee Warwick track called "I'm Glad I'm A Woman".
1-75 and 1-76 respectively 2-46 and 2-47 are marked as Bonus Tracks.
The Drum Skit on 1-76 / 2-47 is taken from a track by the Small Faces with the full title "Happiness Stan - The Journey"
1-77 / 2-49 is credited to "Gator Soundtrack" instead of the artist Charles Bernstein.
1-90 / 2-60 are simply credited
1-93 / is credited to "Generique" instead of François De Roubaix, possibly as a theme tune is sometimes called "Thème Générique" on French soundtracks.
1-94 / is credited to "Pete Moore" instead of Lee Mason & His Orchestra. It originally is on the 1971 Chappell library release LPC 1045.
1-96 is called "Packed Up" on the sleeve instead of "Packing Up" on the original soundtrack from "An Unmarried Woman" (Une Femme Libre).
1-102 is called "Return From Ashes" on the cover instead of "Return From The Ashes".
1-108 / is credited to Jack Arel who is in fact the co-composer together with Jean-Claude Petit. The original Chappell library record "Dance And Mood Music Vol. 3" credits Jean-Claude Petit Et Son Orchestre as the artist.
1-111 / is misspelled as "The Begger Song (Skit)" and is actually called "Beggar Song" from the eponymously titled 1971 Wet Willie album on Capricorn Records.
1-112 / is credited here to F. McDonald. The original Writers are Chris Rae and Frank McDonald, the artist however is originally credited as Patchwork on the Music De Wolfe library release DWS/LP 3392 entitled "Mean & Dirty"
1-114 / A8 is credited to "Accadde A" but is actually from the album "Accade A" by Arawak on the Italian label Squirrel (SQLP 20014).
1-115 / is credited as "Scratch" by "Souflay" instead of "Night Marchers" by Medeski Martin & Wood
1-118 / is only credited to Manfred Krug on this release instead of Manfred Krug / Günther Fischer-Quintett on the original AMIGA album.
1-120 is listed as "Loving You Girl" by John Schroeder instead of "Lovin' You Girl" by The John Schroeder Orchestra.
1-122 group is misspelled as "Shoche" instead of "Sloche".
1-123- is credited to "Gerhard Trede And His Electronic Instruments". The track is actually by "Klaus Weiss" Sound Music 11 album on Golden Ring Records S 5111 21.
1-131 The track is only listed as "Bass In Action" instead of "Bass In Action N°1" on the original "Rhythms" album on Telemusic TM3034.

1-133 is only listed as "Power Of The Drums" without any artist being mentioned. It is an excerpt from "Michael Shrieve On Drums" on the 1974 "Standard School Broadcast - Music Makers Percussion" release on Chevron M21/22/23/24.
1-135 "La Dimostrazione" (originally on the CAM library album Cml 028 as well as on the CAM "Metralleta Stein" soundtrack) is misspelled "La Dimo Strzione" and credited to Danielle Patucci instead of Daniele Patucchi.
1-137 "Compression" is originally from the 1970 "I Marc 4" album on Nelson (GLP 1004). It is here credited to "Ed Scogillera" as the publisher for the I Marc 4 albums is Ed. Musicali Scogliera s.r.l.
1-138 is incorrectly called "Crossing The Border" and incorretly credited to Jerry Gold Smith instead of "Border Crossing" by Jerry Goldsmith from the 1971 The Last Run soundtrack on MGM Records 1SE-30ST.
1-139 is simply credited to Eric Delaney instead of Eric Delaney's Big Beat Six as on the original 1965 "Big Noise From Winnetka b/w Big Beat" single on Pye 7N.15782
1-143 / "Dancer" by Tatsuro Yamashita from the album Spacy is incorrectly credited to "Spacey".
1-144 is credited to "Joe Ki * Peter Thomas Sound Group" instead of "Joe Ki Und Die P.T.S.G." as on the original 1967 Polydor single.
1-145 is simply credited as "Drum Skit" without giving any artist credits.

1-149 / is only referred to as "Atlanta Inn" instead of "Atlanta Inn 2419" in the booklet and credited to Janne Schatter which is a misspelled version of Janne Schaffer.
1-150 is called "Space" credited to Tomorrow in the booklet when in actual fact it is called "Spaceport" by Toomorrow from their eponymously titled 1970 album on RCA Victor.
1-153 is only credited to Jimmy Gordon in the booklet but the original album "Hog Fat" on Flying Dutchman (FDS-109) is credited to Jimmy Gordon And His Jazznpops Band.
1-154 is called "The Mudfoot" and credited to Fat Albert in the booklet. It is in fact an excerpt from the 1980 "Haloween" album "by" Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids on Kid Stuff Records (KS-029).
1-155 is only credited to Tubby Hayes instead of The Tubby Hayes Orchestra.
1-159 is credited to Gian Franco Plenizio instead of Gianfranco Plenizio.

1-161 is only an approx 1:30 excerpt of the original 7+ minutes.
1-162 Artist name is misspelled on cover as Maleditus Sound instead of Les Maledictus Sound.
1-163 / The Artist is given on the cover as "Parry Music". It actually is Paul Kass, an alias for Johnny Hawksworth, on the 1977 Parry Music Ltd library record "Music For Dramas" (PML 04).
1-164 Artist is spelled Francois instead of François
Title is spelled Les Caids, instead of Les Caïds
1-165 is only credited to Kerrie Biddell on the cover instead of Daly-Wilson Big Band featuring Kerrie Biddell
1-166 / The title is incorrectly called "Cohet" on the cover. This seems to be an attempt to create a typographical likeness to the correct Russian title “Cонет” which means “sonnet”. The track is a version of a Shakespeare sonnet originally released on the 1977 Мелодия album Зеркало Души which was reissued by the label in 1978 under the English title "Mirror of the Soul". The artist's Russian name Алла Пугачева should correctly be transliterated as Alla Pugachova but is here misspelled as Ajija Myrayebe.
1-168 is only credited to Ian Carr instead of Ian Carr's Nucleus.
1-169 is credited to Niagra, instead of Niagara and the title is given as "Drums" instead of "Sangandongo". It is only an approx. 2:40 excerpt of the original 19+ minutes.
1-170 is only and incorrectly credited to L. Descone. The artists and writers are in fact Ludovic Decosne and Pierre Daubresse from the Music De Wolfe library album Little Bossa (DWLP 3224)
1-171 Artist Alan Hawkshaw is misspelled as Alan Hawshaw
1-172 / Artist Release Music Orchestra is abbreviated to R.M.O.
1-174 Artist The Advancement is misspelled as The Adacement.

1-176 / is misspelled as Hogans Thing instead of Hogan's Thing
1-180 / is credited to is credited on this release to "Gerard McManon"
1-181 is misspelled as "Jamies Theme" instead of "Jamie's Theme"

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5 2515-41912-2 5
  • Matrix / Runout: CA/-Dusty Fingers D1 32800
  • Matrix / Runout: CA/-Dusty Fingers D2 32801