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Kate BushHounds Of Love

Label:EMI – KAB1, EMI – EJ 24 0384 1, EMI – EJ2403841
Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo, Townhouse Mastering
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style:Art Rock, Experimental, Pop Rock


Hounds Of Love
A1Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
BalalaikaPaddy Bush
BassDel Palmer
DrumsStuart Elliott
A2Hounds Of Love3:01
A3The Big Sky
Didgeridoo [Dijeridu]Paddy Bush
DrumsCharlie Morgan
Handclaps [Handclapping]Charlie*, Del*
PercussionMorris Pert
A4Mother Stands For Comfort
DrumsStuart Elliott
Arranged By [Arranged For Strings By]Dave Lawson
StringsThe Medicci Sextet
The Ninth Wave
B1And Dream Of Sheep
BouzoukiDonal Lunny
Whistle [Whistles]John Sheahan
B2Under Ice
Harmony Vocals [Harmonic Vocals]Paddy Bush
B3Waking The Witch
DrumsCharlie Morgan
Sequenced By [Synthesiser Sequences]Kevin McAlea
Synthesizer [Fairlight Bass]Del Palmer
B4Watching You Without Me
Double BassDanny Thompson
DrumsStuart Elliott
B5Jig Of Life
Bouzouki, BodhránDonal Lunny
Didgeridoo [Dijeridu]Paddy Bush
Fiddle [Fiddles], Whistle [Whistles]John Sheahan
Narrator [Narration By]John Carder Bush
Uilleann PipesLiam O'Flynn
VocalsJohn Carder Bush
B6Hello Earth
Arranged By [Arranged For Voices By]Michael Berkeley
BouzoukiDonal Lunny
Directed By [Choir Directed By]Richard Hickox
DrumsStuart Elliott
GuitarBrian Bath
Uilleann PipesLiam O'Flynn
B7The Morning Fog
BassDel Palmer
SynthesizerKevin McAlea
Violin [Violins], Fujara [Fujare]Paddy Bush

Companies, etc.



Side B "The Ninth Wave" is a concept piece with all tracks segued into each other to appear as 'continuous audio'. Total duration of this track is 26:10.

Printed inner sleeve of lyrics, credits and photographs.
Some copies included an inner merchandise leaflet.
Matrix runout strings stamped. 'TOWNHOUSE' mastering signature etched.

Catalogue numbers:
KAB1 and EJ 24 0384 1 can be found on the rear sleeve and spine.
EJ2403841 can be found on the inner sleeve and labels.

Engineer at Windmill Lane : Bill Somerville-Large.
John Williams appears courtesy of CBS Records.
Youth appears with kind permission of WEA Records.
Helicopter on "Waking The Witch" by kind permission of Pink Floyd "The Wall".
"Jig Of Life": original music discovered by Paddy Bush.
"Hello Earth" contains elements of 'Tsintskaro', a Georgian folk song.

℗ 1985 Original Sound Recordings made by Noverica Ltd.
© 1985 Noverica Ltd.
© Kate Bush Music Ltd. EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Manufactured in the UK by EMI Records Limited.

[Inner sleeve]
© Kate Bush Music Ltd. EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Lyrics used by Permission.

[Rear sleeve]:
℗ 1985 Original Sound Recordings made by Noverica Ltd.
© 1985 Noverica Ltd.

Durations do not appear on this release.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 5 099924 038416
  • Barcode (Scanned): 5099924038416
  • Other (Sleeve, printer's code, variants 1, 2): RS 8509 JU
  • Other (Sleeve, printer's code, variant 3 to 8, 10, 11): RB 8509 JU
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A label): EJ2403841 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B label): EJ2403841 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 1): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-1 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 1): EJ 2403841 B-5U-1-1-1 TOWNHOUSE CU
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 2): EJ 2403841 A-1-1-1 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 2): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-3 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 3): EJ 2403841 A-1-1-1-21 TOWNHOUSE D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 3): EJ 2403841 B-5U-1-1-1 ED TOWNHOUSE CU
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 4): EJ 2403841 A-1-1-1 D TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 4): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-2 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 5): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-1 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 5): EJ 2403841 B-7-1-4- TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 6): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-4- TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 6): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-3- TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 7): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-2 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 7): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-1-2 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 8): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-2 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 8): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-3- TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 9): EJ 2403841 A-1-1-1 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 9): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-9 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 10): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-1-35 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 10): EJ 2403841 B-7-1-5-9 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 11): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-1⥛ TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 11): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-9⥛ : : TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 12): EJ 2403841 A-4U-1-1⥛19 TOWNHOUSE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 12): EJ 2403841 B-6U-1-7⥛ : TOWNHOUSE

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Hounds Of Love (LP, Album, Stereo)EMI, EMI, EMI062-24 0384 1, 1C 062 24 0384 1, 2403841Europe1985
Hounds Of Love (CD, Album)EMI, EMICDP 7 46164 2, CDP7461642UK1985
Recently Edited
Hounds Of Love (LP, Album, Jacksonville Pressing)EMI AmericaST-17171US1985
Hounds Of Love (LP, Album)EMI, EMI, EMI, EMI1C 062-24 0384 1, 062 24 0 3841, 062 24 03841 , 24 03841Europe1985
Recently Edited
Hounds Of Love (LP, Album)EMIEMC.240384Australia & New Zealand1985
  • nicholasapeart's avatar
    It's a great album, but fundamentally I don't think one should be paying more than £10-15 for an original copy in really nice condition. It is a best selling album so hardly scarce.
    • Eirikstim's avatar
      Hah! Just picked up a real nice original copy in my local thrift store for $1.50. With the lyrics sheet. No, I’m not gonna sell it 😂
      • BlackiceLORD's avatar
        Payed 5€ eight years ago. I hate these silly hypes and over-pricing.
        • lauren.perkins's avatar
          my copy:

          side one:
          EJ 2403841 A-1-1-1 ⥛ 12 TOWNHOUSE D
          side two:
          : EJ 2403841 B-7-1-1 ⥛

          does the info match with this particular release? it says townhouse, however the other info doesn’t match.
          • tobymessy's avatar
            Edited one month ago
            I remember being on a family holiday in the mid 80s and my older brother was listening to this incessantly over his Walkman headphones - that distinctive sound rattling out of the side … Put be off for a good while tbh 😆

            Interestingly Running up that Hill was originally titled - deal with god but Kate bush was forced to change it for fear of alienating god fearing market - a choice she still regrets
            • mega_2122's avatar
              Am i misremembering or werent original pressings of this like $40 not too long ago? Almost bought a copy on impulse since i love the cover art, really wishing i did
              • biilyedwards's avatar
                Don't pay silly prices for this cause of Stranger Things - it sold bucketloads, I got a nice copy earlier this year for £8. Wait and they will come.
                • Murray5465's avatar
                  Holy crap I can't get over how big of a run on this vinyl there's been from stranger things. 50+ in a week when itd sell 1 a month before that. I've been a US lover of kate bush for years as a hippie dude(listening to David Gilmour lead to me wuthering heights, still one of my favorite songs of all time, that guitar outro! I have the Japanese on stage and kick inside framed looking at me right now.) I couldn't get a single person to like her. People thought she was weird and dated. When I said listen to running up that hill they said placebo was so much better. When id play wuthering heights people joked about her shrill singing. Even my 70-80s rock loving parents thought i was crazy for liking her. Now her song shows up in one show and everyone's suddenly her biggest fan. She was just snubbed from the rock and roll hall of fame and no one cared. At all. Now she's everyone's favorite artist. It's so wild what one show can do.

                  I'm not saying this negatively, I'm so incredibly happy she's getting the recognition she deserves but I fear most of it is a fad and way more about stranger things than kate bush. I really hope im wrong. Either way I'm happy cuz that means they'll make more releases of her stuff. And my vast collection is now worth double the price lol. Too bad this coulda happened a year ago so she could have gotten in the hall of fame. It's just a bit cringe that now people think everyone who likes her likes her because of stranger things(now I know what the hipsters feel like liking people before they were popular) but if even 1/10 of these people become actual fans I'm happy. She's getting the recognition she's deserved all these years.

                  I just fear most won't like her other stuff due to its artistic avant garde nature, it's the opposite of mainstream which is what stranger things is. I hope people genuinely get into her and listen to the kick inside, the dreaming, never for ever, etc and not just hounds of love purely because it's now stranger things merchandise. It's her most accessible pop album but the dreaming is her best art and wuthering heights is one of the best songs of all time. I want to see those ones sell like crazy so that means people genuinely like her and not just the show. I want people to like her cuz she's their favorite artist, not because she's max's.

                  With that said yay kate bush! I'm so happy she's finally gotten recognition in the US! She better ne inducted next year and I'm just so happy she's still with us to see this.
                  • KintaroSol's avatar
                    Edited 2 months ago
                    Hello, dear Stranger Things nerds, let's listen to this masterpiece and iconic album, you won't regret it.
                    • southpawgrammar's avatar
                      Edited 5 months ago
                      Disjunctive, idiosyncratic and so very, very inventive, Kate Bush's 1985 magnum opus, "Hounds of Love", was the intentionally streamlined yet defiant response to complaints regarding her efficiency in the studio and detractors of the lyrical and structural esotericism inherent in her work. Greatly emboldened by the advances of the digital age, the ever-experimental Bush went one further, building a home studio and developing her latest new material to her satisfaction, subsequently dividing the end product into two distinctive sections. Even under contemporaneous scrutiny, both parts, replete with layered electronic instrumentation, sound effects, and expressive yet refined vocal acrobatics, successfully cohere, and, if persevered with, the full measure still holds up and works incredibly well despite its ambitious structure.

                      A consciously divergent, musically sensitive and balanced effort, "Hounds of Love" works its magic from the outset, with Fairlight-processed art-pop classics galore and memorable lyrical content vacillating between the literate and allegorical, emotive and dramatic to the introspective and verisimilar, illustrating Bush's personal and creative maturity and development before segueing seamlessly into "The Ninth Wave", an offbeat, hypnotic, highly ornate and atmospheric prog-like suite that will undoubtedly rouse, challenge and reward the listener. To those unfamiliar with Bush's unfocused '70s long-players, this unconventional approach and foray into dense, arty territory may be too daunting, but in order to fully appreciate its nuances and textures, one must experience the album in its totality, including its seemingly impenetrable moments. It is in these moments that Bush's essential qualities, not to mention her genius, are truly unfettered, unveiled and realized, which goes some way to explaining the album's enduring popularity.

                      Bush's star had inexplicably risen during a time when folky singer-songwriters were common but teenage girl piano prodigies were not. This was an artist whose musical and studio prowess, eccentric conceptions, artful persona and modern dance skills became increasingly honed and interdependent with each album, and by the 1980s, she had achieved considerable ascendency and chart success in the UK. In 1985, when MTV was reaching the peak of its viewership and veteran British acts were suddenly experiencing more pressure to adapt and take new directions, she finally broke the notoriously imperious American market. "Hounds of Love" arrived at a wonderfully opportune moment, and it was an easy sell: MTV were becoming inclusive of other genres and artists, and record labels more willing to spend vast sums on videos due to their established promotional advantages. Fortunately, Bush was afforded creative control over her immensely more abstract than necessary promo clips, which invariably accorded with, added new meaning to and translated her lyrics, inevitably showcasing her symbolised sensuality and sense of wonder in an overtly stylish and romantic manner. As a result of this promotional push and greater sophistication, Bush gained more exposure and expanded her audience.

                      "Hounds of Love" set the tone for Bush's extraordinary career, demarcating her as a true visionary. And though it may be her watershed moment, the album, its classic singles and accompanying videos are part of a conceptual cycle that would continue with her later, more underrated records, presenting further autobiographical subject matter, romantic imagery and studio wizardry.

                      RATING: 4.5/5