CoilLive Box

Label:Threshold House – none
6 x CD
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, "Beast Box" Edition


Live One [2xCD]
01 - 01Everything Keeps Dissolving15:14
01 - 02Queens Of The Circulating Library13:50
01 - 03Chasms21:39
02 - 01Everything Keeps Dissolving5:28
02 - 02Amethyst Deceivers6:23
02 - 03Circulating12:48
02 - 04The Universe Is A Haunted House/Chasms18:09
02 - 05Elves8:17
Live Two [CD]
03 - 01Something / Higher Beings Command8:45
03 - 02Amethyst Deceivers6:32
03 - 03What Kind Of Animal Are You?8:53
03 - 04Blood From The Air5:25
03 - 05The Green Child7:56
03 - 06Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil17:11
Live Three [CD]
04 - 01Anarcadia: All Horned Animals6:54
04 - 02Amethyst Deceivers7:46
04 - 03Slur5:48
04 - 04A Cold Cell6:25
04 - 05Broccoli9:15
04 - 06Paranoid Inlay8:08
04 - 07Sick Mirrors (Version)8:49
04 - 08A.Y.O.R.6:46
04 - 09Backwards15:22
Live Four [CD]
05 - 01I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)6:01
05 - 02Last Rites Of Spring10:44
05 - 03Are You Shivering?8:22
05 - 04Amethyst Deceivers8:26
05 - 05A Warning From The Sun6:21
05 - 06The Universe Is A Haunted House11:17
05 - 07Ostia8:15
05 - 08I Don't Want To Be The One5:12
05 - 09Bang Bang2:46
05 - 10An Unearthly Red12:23
06 - 01Untitled20:56
06 - 02Untitled25:39
06 - 03Untitled29:41
Megalithomania! [CDr]
07 - 01Megalithomania!40:24


The Edition consists of 23 copies of the COILLIVE cd boxsets. The boxes are decorated with hand drawn and illuminated designs by Ian Johnstone, in black pen, pencil, white line, pale blue enamel and gold thumbprint. No two are alike. The boxes are signed in pencil on the outside by Ian Johnstone and Peter Christopherson.

Each box is uniquely titled by Jhonn Balance on the outside, and the card signed by Jhonn Balance within the box also bares his title. The contents of the boxes is otherwise identical to the earlier public edition with printed cards, two 5cm perspex skrying discs, the four LIVE cds, and a CDR of the Megalithomania show.

Besides the discs, the box contains four prints , a plastic "scrying mirror" and a second plastic art object.
Some boxes came without the ANS CD.

Box titles:
* When sycophancy was in its infancy
* We cure the unacceptable
* Animals dream differently in winter
* Offending team north division
* The word that light unites is space
* A bigger bucket
* Sipping birdsong through bedsprings
* They all told lies beautifully
* A murder of crows
* Extraterrestrial antelope
* Anything with a shadow
* The one yew bury
* Lipstick eyes meat
* Arse doctor lense haircut
* Spilt guilt
* Decadent + symmetrical
* Fear of the bee means the honey is for me
* Foaming in the gloaming
* Why is a mouse when it spins
* It just is
* Lake big nay ions lays
* Feral evidence animal reverence
* I am here on the other side

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Live Box (6×CD, , CDr, , Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition)Threshold HousenoneUK2003



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    This probably needs to be split into two editions (addressing the previous comments of christianolson and wrongwrongwrong)--or the 'notes' section could be improved to be more clear--as there are two different versions of this release: the so-called "beast box" edition of twenty-three individually decorated boxes and the original box set, which seems to have been issued in an edition of one-hundred.

    Note that the "images" page of this release has pictures of both versions.
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      Wow! Only 23 copies, yet 48 people "have it!"
      Another Discogs LIARS' EDITION
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        27 have this, 1 for sale, hmmmmm...


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